Lifetime contracts – the contract of marriage to divorce

By marital agreement, which is also called "pre-marital" or "premarital agreement" is an agreement entered into by couples who plan to marry. Previous Party determines how to solve issues such as the division of marital property, alimony, and if the marriage should end in divorce.

Without marriage or after marriage property agreement divorced couples will be divided and awarded any of the content in accordance with the statutes and judicial nyavadskimi legislation. Any couple who wants to escape from the circus said, the court for a divorce, should suras & # 39; ozna consider the preparation of marriage. This agreement is particularly important if one or both parties enter into a second or subsequent marriage, if they have children from a previous marriage, or have significant personal assets, they do not want to be subject to the whims of family court judges.

Or apply corrective contract in court on divorce?

So, if only in their negotiations and the content of no defects. Initially, most states do not perform marriage contracts, because they believed that "deviate from marriage" such agreements, ie, agreements that work against the principle of marriage for life. However, in the early seventies, when other states, Nevada passed a marriage contract which is usually performed in Buettner against Buetnera, 1973 So, your agreement will be enforceable if it is properly implemented.

Why be Prenup project?

The most important reason for training in advance – it will save you time and money if your marriage ends in divorce. By agreeing to the terms, if you love one another, divorce usually lasts easier if you enjoy dry up. With the marriage contract you know how to share it. Giving you peace of mind and cost you a lot less money at the expense of lawyers.

Previous chickpeas is not romantic. Approaching the conversation – it kicks. Most couples is difficult to discuss the end of the marriage. You are in love and will be married forever. Why do you need a divorce to marry? Because, like life, is a divorce. You have less chance of finding a house fire, and yet you buy home insurance. The signing of the pre-marriage does not condemn your marriage. Many couples feel that staying in front of each other in marriage establishes marital obligations.

That in a large contract?

In 1989, Nevada passed the Law on common marriage contracts (UPAA), which can be found in the Revised Statutes of Nevada called 123A. According UPAA, a party to a marriage agreement is permitted to agree on:

1. The right to property, which the parties have or may acquire during the marriage;
2. Any right to buy, sell, lease or mortgage of such property;
3. The disposal of property at separation, divorce or death of one of the parties;
4. Child support; and
5. Any other rights and obligations of the parties, which can be controlled by private agreement, that is not regulated by statute.

Private property with the & # 39 is the basic foundation of most marriage contracts. If you marry a real estate accounts or cash, you can keep those assets separately from your community property. Ownership society is divided equally in case of divorce. Private property is not divided. Preparation often includes a refusal by both parties of the rights to the property, which acquired second husband before marriage. This is important if you want to keep the property, which they bring to the marriage.

Couples can also agree that the property acquired by one partner after marriage, which usually become the property of society, will remain the separate property of the spouse. For example, you could be half way to earn a huge bonus, stock options, or perhaps a future book. Agreeing that these assets should remain separate property, you limit this argument in court.

Previous spousal program may include language to limit alimony (aka the spousal support) in the case of divorce. We are even seeing an increase in the number of "true agreements" related to spousal support. If the wife is concerned, spousal support, you can limit or increase, depending on your wishes. However, if the elimination or modification of child support for the couple leads to the fact that the husband / wife in need of public assistance, the court may neglect this part of the agreement.

Two things that cause serious & # 39; a major concern to many couples who are considering marriage, can not be guided by the marriage contract: child custody and alimony. According to the law of the State of Nevada, the court must address these issues with the standards corresponding to the interests of the child and the specific factors at the time of the decision. Premarital agreement signed before the birth of children will not be able to consider the following factors. Thus, any private agreement of the parties on these issues will not be mandatory.

If the Pre-Nups are not met?

Marriage contracts – a contract between the spouses. As with all contracts, in order to be binding, both parties must enter into a contractual knowingly and without duress, coercion or fraud. Due to the closeness of the relationship between the stakeholders especially the courts scrutinize marriage contracts.

Firstly, the agreement must be voluntary. This means that the agreement is not valid if one of the parties to implement it under "duress", a legal term that means "pressure". Agreements are often carried out under any pressure; however, not every type of pressure will form compulsion.

While the threat of physical violence or intimidation are clearly compelling, the time between the signing of the agreement and the date of the wedding with the & # 39 is the main culprit. Courts annul pradprynyatstse because three days before the wedding, the bride feels pressured to sign a harbinger. A common cause with the & # 39 is the emotional stress from having to call off the wedding and explain the hundreds of visitors why the wedding was canceled. This is not a gun to the head, but just as scary for some.

Threats to reject the wedding is not always enough to be compelling. In most ships due to the fact that the party has a legal right to cancel the wedding at any time. The courts are looking at other factors, such as lack of access to legal counsel for one of the spouses, or one-sided deal. More examples of what constitutes abuse, see "The voluntary consent in the marriage contract."

Couples, it is desirable to give a lot of time to negotiate and development agreement. To avoid coercion in case of divorce, couples must again give the opportunity to negotiate and execute an agreement in a few weeks or even a month or so before the wedding day. Each party shall consult with his lawyer.

Secondly, the agreement must be "conscious". UPAA requires both parties to ensure "fair and reasonable disclosure of" property and financial obligations of the other party. This means that income, real estate, bank accounts, investments and all liabilities should be disclosed. This requirement underlines the desirability of providing adequate time to review the agreement.

The Supreme Court of Nevada found that if the husband did not disclose the information necessary to allow his wife to make an informed decision about pre-marital agreement, the agreement with the & # 39 is invalid, Fick v. Fick, 1993. The Court considered that it is incomplete. The list of property the husband, wife, issued shortly before the wedding, and on the basis of which his wife signed a prenuptial agreement, did not become a full disclosure.

Thirdly, the agreement should be concluded without the presence of fraud. Fraud occurs when a competitor willfully or recklessly misleads another direction. It is evident that deliberately wrong wrong concealment or disguise of the same financial information it would be fraud. However, as mentioned above, prenuptial agreements are carried out largely under control, than ordinary commercial contracts; courts require a high degree of integrity on the part of each party, which is called fiduciary duty to the other party. Thus, if the agreement is received is too one-sided, the courts will judge the presence of fraud and, if that presumption is not rebutted in court agreement invalid.

The State Bank of SBGS against the Nevada Supreme Court of Nevada has come to the conclusion that a prenuptial agreement is falsifikatsionnoy if in case of divorce is the woman without the resources and support, and when the wife is likely to get more property law have been in Nevada for premarital agreement.

The presumption may be overcome by pointing out that the party who asserts a nuisance, really was not a failure. Factors that should be considered include whether there was in the defective side (1) ample opportunity to consult independent legal counsel; (2) has not been forced to take a decision on the unreasonable circumstances; (3) has a significant business experience and waviness; (4) I was aware of the financial resources of the other side and understand the rights that have been denied.

SBGS court ruled that where premarital agreement was developed by her husband a lawyer, his wife had never given the opportunity to obtain legal counsel, were not given a copy of the agreement before the wedding morning, and business experience of his wife was miserable. The Court considered that the presumption of fraud has not been overcome, and the agreement was null and void.
Fair Pre-Nups

The contract with the & # 39 is "unreasonable" when it is so one-sided, that & # 39 is fundamentally unfair. In some states, a preliminary agreement will be maintained, even if it is one-sided and a & # 39 is a bad deal for one of the parties, if it is concluded voluntarily and with full disclosure of each of the parties. However, the Nevada Supreme Court does not involve this pathway. In fact Fick court took into account the results of the agreement. It is partially invalidated the agreement, because the agreement eliminated alimony for his wife, which she would have the right, and gave his wife a much smaller property than it would have received in accordance with the law on the property. It says that Nevada courts will consider the significant results of the agreement in determining the fairness and reasonableness.

Obviously, the reasons for marital agreements are unenforceable as a rule. In practice evidence of insufficient disclosure of the parties or indicating the presence of coercion, may also be used to search for fraud, etc. Overall nerassuddya lesson pairs thus: allows sufficient time for negotiation;. available to individual lawyers for divorce for both sides, disclose all assets, financial information, and anything else that might try to know the other side, and try to take another husband more fairly as possible.

Read more about the preliminary Numero can be found on the

Top West Coast School of Public Health

The west coast of the United States – is fertile ground for colleges and other educational institutions. This includes also many Allied Health Schools. West Coast includes states such as Alaska, Arizona, California, Oregon, Idaho, Nevada, Utah and Washington.

In Alaska, the best allied health schools, such as the Charter College in Anchorage and Vasile, offer a variety of degree programs in medical bills, coding and transcription, and the management of medical offices and administration, as well as the specialization of medical insurance. Apollo College in Tucson, Mesa and Phoenix, Arizona College Union allies Fortsis University Braymanskaya school, Western International University, Brown Mackay School, Brooklyn College, Lamsan, Kalibrski College in Phoenix, Tucson and the University of Kaplan College – Principal Allied Health college Arizona.

California is also known for its health care colleges, such as the Pacific College, Hirapraktyka Cleveland College car & # 39; EASURES the CSI, Imperial University, San Joaquin School, University of Mount Everest, the American Institute of car & # 39; EASURES and car & # 39; EASURES Concord. New Bridge College and Heald College also known in California.

Oregon attracts not only locals, but also students from all over the world. The Sate There are many colleges that offer degrees in health administration and dentistry. Pioneer Pacific University, which is located in towns around the state, Heald and Everest.

Most allied health college in Idaho – Stevens-Henager College and Brown Mackie. Both colleges have campuses in Boise and offer degree programs for the surgical technology and respiratory therapy.

Nevada has many good colleges to protect the health of allies such as car University & # 39; EASURES Northern Nevada in Reno, the Academy of Art of Healing in Las Vegas, Milan Institute, Institute of High Technology, Car & # 39; EPA Northwest Health in Las Vegas and the Institute for car & # 39; EASURES Nevada in Nevada. Most of these colleges offer degree programs for surgical technology, medical office administration, pharmaceutical technology, surgical technology and respiratory therapy.

University Eagle Gate, which has a campus in Laysan, Amerytehe, Colleges car & # 39; EASURES Utah West Jordan and Leytane, Chartered Institute of car & # 39; sphere in Kliryfilde, Law College and Stevens Henagera – higher health care colleges in Utah. Stevens-Henager College has many campuses that have passed through Utah in Salt Lake City, Logan, Ogden et al. car College & # 39; EASURES Utah also offers graduate programs in veterinary technology.

Pima Medical Institute – one of the best allied health colleges in Washington. It has campuses in Seattle and Rentane. It offers a variety of degree programs in the field of dentistry and hygiene, as well as the coding of medical transcription settlement. Other college in Washington – Everest College Bremertane and Rentane, Apollo College Spokene Carter College in Pasca and others. Everest Colleges in Washington is famous for its specialization programs for health insurance.

In addition, the University of Argos and DeVry University also has centers in Washington. Keller Graduate School of Management at the University DeVry campus is located in Bellevue, Federal Way, which offers a variety of degree programs on health management and health information technology. Argos University has a campus in Seattle only where the bachelor's degree is offered to students of health management.

What is the insurance body piercing?

Look at the title of this article. You've never heard the term & # 39; Insurance piercing veils & # 39; before? You should not. This is a term that is a & # 39 is new to the English language, but soon quickly find its way into common use. Thus, do not feel bad that you may have not seen it since in the next few minutes you will understand what it is and why it is the rather unusual title.

Let me begin where most stories (but not all) start from the beginning. Some time ago I attended a conference of about 1,000 people. During this conference, the gentleman got up and spoke, and using the normal sale procedure, he scared everyone who has acquired OOO "Nevada". His step was, and I'm only slightly exaggerating that nyavadskiya corporations can cure almost all diseases. At the end of his presentation, I made my way to the back of the room to see how many people are willing to pay about $ 2,500 for a corporation and a small support. I was amazed that it has signed about 300 people (750 000 dollars). I had quite an informative exchange with the gentleman who from this cohort I called selling snake oil. The reality is that the corporation "Nevada" and OOO "Nevada" – it's not something that you can believe. For a more detailed discussion of this issue, see The myth of Nevada Online corporate headquarters in America.

But back to the title. After watching the above gentleman involved in this behavior at two conventions and after quite a hot confrontation with him, I spent the next year studying and trying to determine how we will do all the promises of snake oil these gentlemen present reality regardless of the state of residence. Which product would provide asset protection; risk reduction; and risk management, helping the small business owner to participate in the accumulation of capital, to achieve their financial goals and, in the end, the desired financial abundance.

In this process, I saved the best legal services, risk management, banking, business administration, retirement accounts, marketing and many other areas. In the process I asked our head of risk, who has spent more than thirty years working in London, when he thinks that Lloyds will sign an insurance policy to protect business owners. We caught up with of Lloyds, we told them what we were interested, they were quite intrigued, and found that it's ever been before. About a week later we got excited call from London asking when we can come to London to discuss this topic.

Now keep in mind, and this is important, there are all kinds of insurance:

  • Overall responsibility protects against the part of the responsibility of business
  • Insurance of directors and officers to protect (and attraction) Directors and Officers
  • Errors and omissions insurance to protect against sub & # 39 facility management errors – usually a professional type of organization.

However, until now the correct day in London never had insurance that would protect the owners of corporations (and limited partnerships). Although there are many corporations and companies, most of which takes only a few people or a family friend. Until this very day, to this day, there was no insurance to protect them. Or if you feel strange that employees were protected; directors and officers have been protected; professional protected; but the same people, why risking (mortgage your house) to get the business going, did not have any protection? You must – we all need.

Thus, insurance Peeling Pierce gives business owners peace of mind with wealth and asset protection. Here's an example: If you purchased the policy level at $ 2 million and you were before & # 39; revealed by the claims, and part of this lawsuit sought to penetrate their veil and gain personal wealth and assets, you would protect the legal defense fund in the insurance policy ( Current policy pays legal fees) . I often ask small companies, could they afford to cover the legal costs of 300 thousand dollars? I still have to find a small business that could. However, this policy would cover these fees, as they tried to pierce your corporate veil.

If you are a business owner, you better check insurance piercing! Can you really afford to live without it?

Treasure hunt for turquoise

Turquoise, perhaps, the most valuable, opaque mineral that is used in jewelry. He mined by Europeans since at least 6000 BC Like other non-transparent, for example, coral, turquoise usually sold by the size in millimeters, and not by weight.

Turquoise is usually found sandstone layers and can be considered as a slit or as a network of brown or black veins passing through the sandstone. There are many small mining operating manual. Only one mine in California Apache works in commercial power.

With a hardness of slightly below 6, about the hardness of window glass, this gem is well effect. It comes in white, blue, green, brown, yellow and all shades in between. The value of turquoise, you will find, is determined by the color of wealth. Robin's egg is usually the most valuable. The more green hug or colored lights decrease the value. Turquoise should never be soft or chalky paint.

Turquoise is usually found in arid regions of the world, and some high quality gems have been found in the southwestern United States, such as Arizona, California, Colorado, New Mexico and Nevada.

More than 120 minutes produced a significant amount of high-quality turquoise stone in Nevada. Mines in Nevada are mainly run on a jewel, and is indicated for the other mining areas where turquoise is usually & # 39 is the result of side effects. Geological formation of Nevada turquoise is hard and dense and usually does not require treatment and improvement, to be used in jewelry.

In Roystan mining area located near TANAP, Nevada to spend on mining production tours from Wednesday to Saturday, excluding holidays. $ 100 per person you get a bucket to be filled, exhausting tails. You will need to take the gloves, hat, sunscreen, water and a good pair of shoes.

Mines in Roystane operating since 1902, and to 1915 on the mines were removed more than $ 5 million of turquoise. While America was considered the largest mining turquoise in America.

Ottesona Mine also offers mine tours Wednesday through Friday, excluding holidays. $ 50 per person you get a bucket that you want to fill up, prabirayuchy tails.

Turquoise is found in the southwest United States. Always refer to the state Bureau of Land Management for any fees or licensing requirements before treasure hunt on public lands. Also get permission to land owners before hunting on private property.

In Arizona turquoise was found near the mountains Albuquerque, Bisbee, Cave Creek, Globe, Kingman, turquoise and Byrd.

In California, the turquoise was found in the counties of San Bernardo, Imperial, and Inyo.

In Colorado, find Konehos District, Lake, El Paso and Saguache.

In Nevada find Clark County, Elka, Esmeralda, Eureka, Lander, Mineral County and New.

District of New Mexico, Eddy Grant, Otera and Santa Fe.

The tools that you'll need to hunt for turquoise; Pick up the ax, hammer, gloves, safety glasses, a bucket. Remember that you are looking for arid regions of the world, therefore, need the right clothes. Wear layers of clothing because the weather & # 39; e can change very fast in these places. Water, a hat and a good sunscreen – are required.

Happy treasure hunt.

Take advantage of auto auctions Reno

It's a good idea to use cars and auto auctions Reno, if you've been in Reno, Nevada, or lived there. In Reno there are many auction houses and neighborhoods who spend a lot of good auction, and many fine offerings of high-quality used cars. It is important to know where they are consistently pursuing car auctions.

Copart USA may be the best choice for those who just visit the Reno area or just passing by. This internet site car auction. In addition, Renault has one of its holdings. You can bet on their cars online from anywhere in the world. You can set the schedule reception at any time when you are in Reno. Copart consistently recognized as one of the most well-known Internet auction site car on earth. So far, it has sold more than one million cars. At one time there are more than five thousand cars, which are now at an auction. Cars – a party dealers, car rentals, credit unions, banks, etc.

Another good opportunity to take advantage of the auto auctions Reno – this auction TNT. He has more than twenty-three years of experience. He was awarded the contract of government, municipal and private parks. Make sure that the auction is really in the Reno area, before visiting it, because they work in Utah, Nevada and California. There Reno at the last auction held numerous bestsellers, including the Washoe County, Nevada, NV Energy, County Storey and some other government offices.

Baxtin auctions invariably conducted auctions of cars in Reno. It is also a great auction house. Baxtin Auctions service areas of Northern California and Nevada. Therefore, not all auctions in Reno, so keep in mind that you need to note where the auctions. In addition, it is important to find out what they spend in the auction. Make sure you are not from the & # 39 appear at auction, showing something else, as they send a lot more than just cars. Among other advantages, these types of auctions is that if they have only ten to twenty cars, which are not of the & # 39 are the main attraction, you will probably get a great deal, as you have fewer competitors.

To take advantage of the auto and auto auctions Reno, important to determine what you are looking for, and to ensure that the auction has the type of car that you want. The most common options, which constantly provides a very good machine, include TNT Auction Inc, Baxtin Auctions Copart and the United States. There are others, but they do not often offer the quality and flexibility that are popular with most people. In some auctions can participate only in person, while others are completely online. No matter what style of auction you like, there is always the auction, which will suit you and will provide you with a great offer at a very good car.

Magnificent Marvin Hagler and basketball fight in Las Vegas, Nevada with Uganda Mugabe John "The Beast"

Ugandanski boxer John "The Beast" professional opponents of Mugabe before the meeting with the legendary Afro-American world boxing champion moderate Marvel Marvin Hagler (formerly Nathaniel Marvin Hagler before he legalized his boxing nickname "the Great") were a mixture of weak, mediocre and praiseworthy fighters . Mugabe was born March 4, 1960 in the Ugandan Buganda region. Fortress Mugabe were speed, bullying, arrogance, strength and impact strength. Mugabe was the chief hunter of top speed than ammunition, and he was a strong advocate.

In its original professional Trend & # 39; EASURES boxing Mugabe gradually confronted a rival higher quality since he became a professional in Europe. Mugabe's first fight took place in Germany at the beginning of December 1980. Thus, he knocked the Turkish Karadenisa Emery, who had previously won only three and was knocked out in all three, which he lost. In February next year, Mugabe was again in Germany in the ring together with the Italian origin Zhampaola Piras. Piras record with 4 wins and 66 losses was extremely impressive! Until 1984. Mugabe met with opponents of the general boxes. Penultimate opponent in the fight against Hagler became Count of the USA Earl Hargrove, who a year ago lost a bid for the vacant IBF lightweight title in middleweight. Hargrove had a record of 26 wins and only loss to Mike medal from the US. The battle with Mugabe took place in Thamel in Florida, where Mugabe is now lived and studied. Hargrav was knocked out in the first round, and by the time as Mugabe had to fight with Hagler, Mugabe scored record with 26 wins, no losses and all opponents were knocked out.

But the record of Marvin Hagler was not a walk on the cake! On average, recording 61 win (51 by KO), 2 losses and 2 draws (one of the most outstanding professional records in the history of boxing) Hagler has long been a legend and American icon. And never in my long professional Trend & # 39; EASURES had not beaten! Hagler was the undisputed world champion in the middleweight champion, given that at the time he took the title in all the world of professional boxing sanction bodies: WBA (World Boxing Association), WBC (World Boxing Council) and IBF (International Boxing Federation).

It was in Las Vegas in April 1984, Hagler knocked out the legendary Thomas "Hitman" Hearns (whose only loss in 41 duel was "Sugar" Ray Leonard late ka, while Hearns was ahead in fights on points) in Las Vegas . The fight Hagler-Hearns, given the speed of hard exchanges, is regarded by many as the most important brutal first three rounds (the extent to which the fight took place) in the history of professional boxing.

In November 1983, a unanimous decision Hagler knocked signed Panamanian Roberto fool, also in Las Vegas. Hagler undoubtedly brought a great and terrible boxing resume. In September 1980, after the Hagler vyrvannya crown in the middle level with Alan Maytera in London after TKA monstrous cuts on much Miner killed, there was a riot, stimulated by supporters of Monterey, Hagler and vowed that never again will fight in London. Recently, there have been racist exchanges between the two adversaries. It was still an amazing victory Hagler, given the fact that after several years of deprivation of chances for the championship of the world he was refused, even though he was considered a premier & # 39; er minister for several years. Minter Englishman fought only three times, losing the last two and then retired from professional boxing.

Given the experience of Hagler and excellent record of the previous 10 of 11 successful defenses of his undisputed world middleweight title by knockout, Mugabe species statistically is difficult, but not one that would have beaten Hagler. But then, as we know in boxing, surprises happen. And for the big boxers usually occur with untrained and mediocre boxers. But Mugabe had the strength, speed and audacity to challenge any boxer with the same weight on the planet. "Beast" became popular (at least in Europe, USA and Africa) as undefeated boxer and destructive! Hagler most feared, and the opportunity to meet with Hagler was a large portion of the money that was put into the pocket of need.

On the other hand, even Mugabe's disputed any of the minor professional titles, such as the North American Boxing Federation (the NABF) title or American Boxing Association (the USBA), not even for a much mediocre African Boxing Union (ABU) title. Mugabe also competed mainly among juniors. Hagler was the world middleweight champion! Apparently, Mugabe could be more logical and less exhausting that he was gradually prepared and approached the World Title junior middleweight champion, than suddenly moved to the number one contender for the middle weight championship of all sanctions bodies: WBC, WBA and IBF ! But, apparently, as it should, on the match against Mugabe Hagler was a lot of money, boxing fans have been hungry for this fight! Hagler has filled up too much, including many living legends and champions. "The Beast", which has a 100% knockout record, it seemed, at that moment was a real man who defies Hagler for money!

In addition, Mugabe in a few months was mainly the young contender on the average WBC titlist and was even scheduled to fight WBC Thomas Hearns champion in December 1984, and later (after the fight Hagler-Hearns in April 1985) is scheduled to fight Hearns for the title in November 1985 it is apparent that the rout of Hearns and Hagger and the pursuit of another formidable challenger to meet with Hagler was one of the factors that led to the fight Hager-Mugabe. After that, as expected, will lead the winner of the fight Hagler, Mugabe. Things, again, do not go as foreseen! Beating the final winner will never come true! Neither fight Mugabe-Hearns, a second fight Hagler-Hearns never happen!

A few months before his meeting with Mugabe Hagler said about the readiness level: "I understand that Mugabe has a dream, but no one takes away from me, because I worked hard, I have been working" (in the "fight Mugabe should be very good "in the Lakeland Ledger, March 10, 1986).

Thomas Hearns, looking at the rematch with Hagler, said: "I would be very disappointed if Hagler lost (Mugabe) I would not be disappointed Hagler I would have been disappointed for myself.." … (The fight against Hagler Mugabe) will be "the war … It will be a disorderly They both will be there to fight It depends on who is connected first…" (in "listen entail Hagler": Mugabe, Schuler stands in the way of revenge, "in The Times- News, March 7, 1986)

During the fight Hagler was guaranteed amount of $ 2.5 million plus a percentage of other income, and John Mugabe – 750 000 dollars. Hearns would have earned from 200 000 to 600 000 dollars for the fight against the unbeaten African-American Olympians and specialists knocked James Schuler for the NABF middleweight title champion. Match Hagler-Hearns, in the light of an impressive fight in April 1985, where Hearns was knocked out in the third round was expected and planned to go fight Hager-Mugabe.

Hagler, a solid favorite to beat Mugabe, called himself a "man on a mission", which is close to the devastating Argentine Carlos monsana in 14 consecutive world defensive middleweight title. Duel with Mugabe will be the 12th defense undisputed title Hagler since his ousting from London Alana Mintera knockout in September 1980.

Wig-Hagler Mugabe was scheduled for November 14, 1985, but due to the rupture of a disc in his back and a broken nose Hagler, who was appointed on 10 March 1986.

The time has come to the ring! Comparatively, the 32-year-old Hagler was like starelaga and ill veteran in the face of hard and strong youth Mugabe. Determination on his face was there, but Hagler looked so firm and decisive, as in battle in April with Thomas Hearns. Maybe, in the end, Hagler was little affected by a back injury, which caused the transfer of the fight. But, after the loss of Willie Monroe in March 1976, Hagler was not defeated in the ring 10 years!

First round: in round Mugabe delivers Left seals that protect the face, while Hagler maintains a safe distance from time to time throwing a left-right combination. In the last 30 seconds Mugabe pursues Hagler and briefly applied to the short strokes. When the bell rings, Mugabe awful indicates Hagler. If Mugabe is coming to the corner, he raises his arms, as if declares that sure win – sooner rather than later.

Second round: Hagler, I seem to be more confident than before. The two trade blows Mugabe even rock Hagler, Hagler but retains its gladiatorial stance and does not work. At the end of the fight Mugabe gently shakes hands with Hagler like losing, "Man, you're tough!"

Third round: Mugabe is under pressure. Both are slower and calm appeared evenly round killed. But an exchange of blows was still significant, Mugabe seeks to deliver the killing blow. At the end of the round when Hagler is coming to the corner, he looks at Mugabe as if to say, "I love you, I gather you"!

Fourth round: as noted by Hagler, Mugabe has slowed the work. Hagler blow a hard and accurate. Although hard Mugabe does not fall, it is a turning point in the struggle with a round, obviously, much to the process Hagler.

Fifth round: Mugabe goes, earning up to the middle of the ring, with his signature deterrent. The two traded blows gently. Round calmly but firmly blows still there.

Sixth round: two tired. But Hagler inches from the body Mugabe seemed to sense that blows weaker Mugabe and Mugabe (hunter from afar on the head) is not very close, and hit the body. Boxing while referring to Mugabe Hagler also helps to relax during childbirth. Tactics and experience Hagler, and the fact that he – a boxer who can easily slide on the southern foot to orthodox boxer, all confused and driving force Mugabe. Mugabe eventually gets a thorough beating by Hagler combinations, although he bravely hangs and delivers some in the late rounds. In the flurry of Mugabe tried to detain Hager, which suggests that he is worn out and sore, and may fall. Mugabe has suffered greatly. This is another significant change, which is largely in favor of Hagler. Experience of the older fighters surpassed youth, strength and speed of the younger boxer!

Seventh round: Both are relatively relaxed, but Hagler confident of beating Mugabe in the previous round aggressively goes after Mugabe. Hagler to & # 39; e of Mugabe, but Mugabe – it's a tough nut. Mugabe parried a blow in response to the delivery of Hagler.

Round Eight: Mugabe looks tired, but several amalazhanym. He tries to strike the killer when Hagler still pull it off. Although Hagler Trample, his punches are not as stringent as in the previous two rounds – he seems to be easy in this round.

Round nine: the two go on the box, as if they were sparring partners. They exchange blows soft. In this round, not much action, except mainly Mugabe, who gave a few hard shots in the last half-minute. Mugabe seems to be back in the fight, but Hagler becomes him better if they are in the nearest proximity.

Tenth round: the two go on a tough fight. Hagler then leans closer to the body Mugabe, and now he is well aware that Mr Mugabe is not effective in close quarters, but quite powerful, if militants are within a distance of hands. Hagler is possible to put a thorough beating. Mugabe even trying to restrain Hagler when he releases it, Mugabe apparently sick and tired. Hagler even mocking with Mugabe at the end of the round. Mugabe menacing looking at Hagler, answering complex gestures, indicating that he had not seen the blows Hagler.

Eleven round. About halfway into the round, Hagler rocks Mugabe with a combination of punches. Sharp hook makes accurate head Mugabe to take off as a sign that Mugabe is finished. Hagler results from a combination that resets Mugabe. Shocked Mugabe sitting on the floor when the referee Mills Lane counts it.

Indeed, after a fight with Hagler young Mugabe nevertheless it became more like a dutiful soldier in February of his former health. Although Hagler also took a thorough beating, so that the fight against Mugabe would be his last victory. Hagler lost with anger in his next (and last ever professional) fight the resurrected "Sugar" Ray Leonard, who sought to return, intraspektyvna looked at the step-fighting Hagler Mugabe. Remember that just Leonard and Hagler defeated Thomas Hearns. Leonard, although a couple of years ago, the medical is not advised to fight again because of an injury to the eye, I felt confident enough to cope with Hagler. Many people believe that after a struggle with Mugabe Hagler was a shadow of his former health.

Hagler had to yield the characteristic elusive Ray Leonard in a split decision April 6, 1987. To date, the winner of the fight with Ray Leonard remains controversial. Dissatisfied Hagler, who said that he was robbed, he moved to Italy to pursue an acting car & # 39; career (one of the biggest dreams).

After a fight with Marvin Hagler knocked Mugabe will never be destructive terror, which he was known earlier. Many years later, Marvin Hagler commented: "… another huge moment … had a fight with Magabi … he did not respect me He had a large poster at a press conference, and he was going with this great cowboy hat. and then he punches a hole in my picture … I said to him, "punching a hole in the picture, it is not me, this picture is not you in the ring, I'm me. It really made me go for this fight, and you know that it was never the way I finished with him "(Aladdin Freeman," up close and personal with the legendary Marvin Hagler, "July 17, 2004, Dog Boxing).

Ironically, although the champion Marvin Hagler for years collected an excellent record in boxing, it was his last three fights (with Hearns, Leonard and Mugabe) really katapultuyuts his name immortal legend. It boxers who feared and avoided Hagler, so long reduced chances of glory that he deserves. For Mugabe, his fight with Hagler would have raised it up to the world of legendary status, but it is to a certain extent adab & # 39; etsya to death. Mugabe never got to one of the elite skilled and destructive forces of the world average weights of the 1980s, Roberto Duran, Marvin Hagler, Thomas Hearns and Ray Leonard.

After the fight with Hagler Mugabe would take more than six months of rest in his native Uganda, where it was seen as a national hero of sports. In December 1986, even without a single soldier, after such a long layoff Mugabe was again in Las Vegas to fight African-American bagpiper Dwayne Thomas for the vacant light middleweight title (released Thomas Hearns). Dwayne Thomas, 25-year-old is adamant Detroit native and one of the gym boxing in Detroit Kronk, which was led by Emmanuel Stewart coach (Thomas Hearns also trained in the gym Cronk), was relatively unknown, but hit a record of 28 wins and only one loss. The only loss (in 1982) was a knockout of a future world champion in track and IBF middleweight champion Buster Drayton. In the battle Dwayne was intimidated by Mugabe, but he carefully studied Mugabe and sought disclosure. Mugabe was far from ferocious beast during and before the fight Cholera. Thomas had hit Mr Mugabe in the eyes or finger, and Mugabe in agony turned away, as if in submission. Mugabe's Nest was dislocated; Mugabe was declared technically knocked out. Protests and requests for the manager "Mugabe" Mickey Dafa of about & # 39; appearance of a fight "no contest" were rejected. This time, Mugabe adpratsavavsya more than a year. The next fight was in January 1988 against Brian Grant. Grant was nakavtavany in the early rounds, and following 7 rivals were the next opportunity to Mugabe for the championship of the world.

Again, for the WBC light middleweight title, Mugabe in July 1989 in France will be able to confront the Frenchman Rene Jacquot, which is 5 months ago caused the title of honored Texans Donald Curry. Defeated by Kari was named the magazine Ring: "Violation of the year." Donald Curry in July 1988 put TKO over Italian Gianfranco Rossi, who had previously knocked out Duane Thomas to claim the title.

Championship fight Mugabe Rene Jacquot was a terrible, short-lived and controversial; and it can easily be declared a "no contest". Mugabe was declared the winner in the round TKO Renee after Zhakkot who retreated, slipped on the canvas and injured his ankle. Protests from Jaco camp did not help. Mugabe outside the box in the age of 28 became the world champion.

Mugabe would be twice defended his title in Europe, then it will be tough in the first round nakavtavany legendary Terry Norris in Thamel in Florida. Won two fights later, in November 1991, Mugabe in London will be knocked out in the first round Gerald Makklelenam for the vacant WBO (World Boxing group). After that Mugabe has gone on retirement, and again with the & # 39; appeared in Australia in 5 years in 1996. Сенсацыйны ўдар накаўтам знік, і выйгрышы, якія ён выйграў, былі ў асноўным рашэннем. Сюды ўваходзіў вакантны аўстралійскі суперзвышак, у выніку якога ён перамог Джэймі Уоллес у Квінслендзе.

Славутая кар'ера Джона "Звяра" Мугабі скончылася б пасля перамогі над Энтані Біджэні ў ліпені 1998 года ў Новай Зеландыі за лёгкаатлетычны тытул у лёгкай вазе "PABA". і ў студзені 1999 года, калі Мугабі быў пераможаны Гленам Келі ў Сіднеі ў заяўцы на аўстралійскі тытул у лёгкай вазе, які паралельна з тытулам лёгкай атлетыкі IBF Pan Pacific у лёгкай вазе.

Прафесійны рэкорд бокса Джона Мугабі складае ўражлівыя 42 перамогі (з 39 накаўтамі), 7 паражэнняў і 1 нічыя. Аўстралійцы любяць Мугабі. Мугабі жыве ў Аўстраліі, дзе быў жанаты і мае дзяцей, і з'яўляецца грамадзянінам краіны.

There may be benefits that are included in the foreign countries

One of the most common questions for entities wishing to join – "Where do I sign up?" In fact, the legal entity may choose any of the 50 states or the District of Columbia. Many sought inclusion in certain states which are known to have favorable laws for corporations. If sub & # 39; management object wants to turn away from their "home" state, the most common states, which included sub & # 39; facilities management, with the & # 39 are the Delaware and Nevada. However, even taking into account the favorable laws in certain states, "home" state (for example, a state in which the corporation holds the majority of its business) can often be the best state.

Largely due to their liberal laws of incorporation and a favorable tax policy, the most "friendly incorporation" states with the & # 39 are the Delaware and Nevada. Here's why …
Do I need to include in Delaware?

Advantages of the State of Delaware as a place of inclusion Var & # 39; iruyutstsa from the general law of the Corporation of Delaware to the flexibility built into the corporate formation process.

Inclusion in Delaware is generally not cheaper than in most other states. The initial fee for inclusion in Delaware may be only $ 89.00; annual tax deductible in many cases can be up to $ 65.00; and the cost of continuing operations also low. A lot of corporate income tax in Delaware for corporations that are formed in Delaware, as long as they do not conduct business in Delaware.

Another advantage of Delaware – wide and often easily sensible law of the State of Delaware. Delaware has a separate court Office (Business Court), which does not use a jury, and instead uses the judges, which are protected according to merit (not selected). Since the jury did not, decision kantslerskaga Court rendered in the form of written opinions, and thus, in the state of Delaware there are a lot of written legal precedents on which to draw.

Delaware law also provides version of a limited liability company "Serial LLC". Traditionally, Ltd. just enough to create and maintain. It is similar to the formation of individual enterprise or partnership, but also provides a level of protection (corporate shield) as a limitation of liability. Unlike conventional Ltd., Delaware LLC "series" can be considered different types of business separate from each other in terms of responsibility.
Turn on business or, create a limited liability company in the State of Delaware.

Come with tax time next year, you'll be pleased!

What about Nevada?
"Nevada" start corporate statutes based on Delaware, and continue creating a corporate structure that allows investors and corporate owners of "Nevada" to remain completely private. The Supreme Court of Nevada has consistently taken a very strong position in the field of corporate particular, even if the corporation does not adhere to basic corporate formalities.

Since the implementation of these regulations particularly in 1991 the number of new organizations in Nevada has exploded. Unlike most other states, Nevada does not require corporate theft disclose their information. In fact, the information is not stored in the state.

In addition, to ensure the confidentiality, Nevada allows its corporations to use the certificates for shares before the & # 39; Yavnik, it is virtually impossible to prove the ownership of the corporation "Nevada". Accordingly, owners or investors who use the shares before the & # 39; Yavnik can have full control and ownership while remaining anonymous.

Nevada also is not taxed on the profits of their corporations and citizens. State of Nevada Corporation and is not subject to any other hidden taxes, such as taxes on benefits, taxes on capital and taxes on inventory. Sales tax applies only to products that are sold within the state.
Turn on business or, create a limited liability company in Nevada.
Come to tax time next year, you'll be pleased!

Inclusion in your country may be the best!

For most small businesses may still be best to register in the state where your business is located. Many legal and business professionals are advised to turn you into a state in which your company is going to do most of their activities, and if you intend to do business only in one state, you should register in that state.

If you have registered in the state, which is traditionally considered "favorable to corporations," but then do business outside of your status, you may have to qualify to do business in the state in which you do business. Qualifications for business outside your state education called "foreign qualification" or "foreign qualification". Qualifications as foreign Corporation provides: (1) feeding the corresponding foreign documents corresponding qualifying Secretary of State; and (2) the payment of additional fees for filing and service. For some organizations, it may be worth the extra time and money associated with foreign qualifications, but for many corporations is simply creates an additional, unnecessary headache.

In determining the appropriate switching status should take into account the following considerations:
1. What are the tax implications / benefits of incorporating outside of your home?
2. What additional costs to include outside your home and where, where if you have foreign?
3. contribute to the corporate laws in one state for the type of sub & # 39 managing an object, and how they affect the liability of directors and / or shareholders of the corporation?

Despite the fact that the inclusion of "friendly" states of Delaware and Nevada promotes certain factors, including the part of the state may be more expensive and more complicated. For this reason, before making a final decision, it is important to consult with your attorney or accountant about the pros and cons of incorporating outside the state.

OSHA 10-hour construction course – Requires 7 states

OSHA (US Department of Labor Protection Administration) has developed a program to improve safety in the construction industry, standartyzavavshy set of requirements known as the OSHA 10-hour construction course. The course was so big and successful that many states require that employees take the course OSHA 10 before working to earn money, funded by the state. This training course is available online through OSHA accepted provider.

Summary of requirements for each state is as follows:

NY .

Every employee needs to pass certification, which took place on safety training OSHA 10 for projects of public works in the amount of 250 000 US dollars or more. The aim is to require all employees of public works contractors undergo such training "to carry out any work on the project."

Proof of completion may include a copy of the map at the end of the course. Online courses accredited provider acceptable.

The requirements entered into force July 18, 2008.


Each employee and supervisor need to get certified, which passed the safety course in the field of health. Working on the construction site for 60 days. Workers should be 10:00 Course construction.

The Charter provides for the imposition of fines and termination of activities to ensure compliance.

The law came into force on January 1, 2010.

Additional requirements for Nevada In addition to the requirement that workers have undergone OSHA construction 10 hours, managers need to pass the 30-hour course for OSHA. OSHA maps for Nevada expire after 5 years.


Every employee must undergo OSHA 10 course with a 60-day employment at a construction site of public works. Missouri defines it as a project of "public works", even if it is partly funded by local, state and public funds. There are a few small exceptions for railway crossings and utilities projects.

Online courses are acceptable from an accredited supplier.

The requirements entered into force on 28 August 2009.


All employees who work in the workplace must undergo 10:00 OSHA construction course before starting work in the workplace.

Any employee found on the work site, which is subject to this Division, without documentation of successful completion of a 10-hour course of the OSHA, is subject to immediate removal. Mass law specifically states that "At least 10 hours," so the 30-hour OSHA Construction Course will also allow the employee to fulfill these requirements.

Online courses are acceptable from an accredited supplier.

The law came into force in 2004.


All the staff on the ground, working on projects that are funded by the state (or local municipalities), at $ 100 000 or more must undergo construction OSHA 10 hours to get started. An employee who has not completed the program, to be removed from the place of work after 15 days, unless it is recognized impossible.

New Hampshire law provides for the employer penalty of up to $ 2,500 and a civil penalty of $ 100 per employee for non-compliance.

Online courses are acceptable from an accredited supplier.

The law came into force in 2007.


10-hour construction course is required for all employees of any public construction project, which is fully or partially paid for by public funding or any of its agencies, the total value of more than US $ 100 000.

Each contractor must provide evidence that all staff members have a 10-hour OSHA Construction Course within 30 days after awarding the contract. Employees who have not passed the course, to be removed from the workplace.

As in almost all situations, to verify compliance with required 10-hour OSHA course completion card or other proof, such as a certificate of completion.

The law came into force in 2007.

Special circumstances for Connecticut . 10:00 Construction Course OSHA need to reuse every 5 years. With this requirement, there are some exceptions, which include work on the ground, roads or bridges, railways, parking or underground water, sewerage or drainage systems, including pumps and other utility systems.


Rhode Island requires that all employees of municipal and state construction projects with a total value exceeding US $ 100 000, held a 10-hour OSHA Construction Course. This requirement is provided for workers on the site, including, builders, contractors, project developers, managers of sites and / or any other persons working on sites. Employees of law enforcement bodies and / or protection of the site are exempt, as well as all federal, state and municipal government inspectors. Fines for non-compliance range from 250 to 950 US dollars per violation per day.

This requirement began in 2004.

Local and other municipalities

Also, this standard has adopted a large number of small state institutions, including city, county and other local government agencies. This list is constantly growing. Even some state universities have done a 10-hour OSHA Construction Course requirement to work at the university. If you are working on any government project, check if they have any special requirements.

OSHA 10-hour construction course – state maintenance

10-hour OSHA Construction Course is required in the states of New York, Nevada, Missouri, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Connecticut and Rhode Island to work on projects that are funded by the state, a different amount. In addition, the states of Nevada and Connecticut require review the course every 5 years. In virtually all cases, the online version of the 10-hour OSHA course construction complies with these requirements and with the & # 39 is a fast, effective way to get the necessary training.

Changes in trends in the gambling casino

The ability of the Internet to blur boundaries and social acceptance of gambling and sports betting ultimately shed light on the inconsistencies and gaps of US law on gambling. With makeshift sports book stalls in Nevada, most team sports has changed the operation and use of cyberspace capabilities in the mid-1990s. Currently, there are many online gaming sites that offer betting on sports and gambling in casinos that operate in countries such as Jamaica, Costa Rica and Ireland.

In spite of the foreign operation, the lion's share of revenues and clients of these sites come from American states. In fact, recent studies show that these online gambling sites and games to bet on sports do more than legal casinos operating in Nevada. Profits from gambling and betting sites is estimated at $ 70 billion only in 2005. This staggering amount compared to reports in the casino "Nevada" for $ 2 billion. That's enough to pay three decade reign of Nevada casinos from the 60's to early 90's. Given that sports book sites and casino sites have been operating for less than two decades, they clearly pose a threat to the thriving Nevada gambling scene.

For decades, Las Vegas with the & # 39 is the only legal place for gambling. Atlantic City followed the example and made casino gambling legal; In subsequent decades, it was the spread of state lotteries, card clubs, gaming ships, Indian casinos and extracurricular salons for accommodation throughout the country. Yet such an event is not enough to compete with online gambling. Gambling industry in the Internet did not even falter adamant opposition to the legal American casinos. Gambling Act of the United States also does not help. They are very different from the various states. Most states have banned all forms of gambling, while some make exceptions. Such discrepancies in the Internet allow the operator to locate and use the gaps in the law. The American Gaming Association maintains a defensive position on online gambling. Association requires the adoption of federal laws on the regulation of online gambling. According to them, the unregulated nature of the online gambling – it is his advantage over traditional casinos; regulating it puts both camps on an equal footing.

But despite this stand, some Nevada casinos are the old standby: if you can not beat them, join them. In November 1998, it ushered in a new trend; traditional casinos started acquiring off-shore gambling casino companies to increase profits. Branch Hilton Hotels absorbed the Australian sports book Other casinos in Nevada followed and this cycle again spawned a new debate.

Contrary to the former hostility to the gambling industry in the Internet, the traditional casinos have increased the scope. Now they are putting pressure on Congress to pass a law that would legalize online gambling. This is done in an effort to reduce the cost of production; legalization means that they can move their activities in the United States. Harrah & # 39; s and MGM Mirage, the two leading casinos in Nevada and, of course, have their own sites, online gambling, casinos are a request for regulation of games on the Internet. Of course, this step, which requires regulation, no longer intends to put traditional casinos at par with online sites. Peraklyuchavsya contest between independent online sites and casino sites belonging to the State of Nevada. The move to regulate is a double profit for the casinos of Nevada.

Whatever came out of this new development in gambling in the casino, gamers are still assured of their gambling. Possibly, if the proposed rule is approved, there will be more security for the rates on the Internet, as it is now under US law. As before, casino gambling proves itself as a dynamic and constantly changing industry.

Turquoise Mine Gaubert – still producing beautiful gems

The state of Nevada has many old mines, which once produced beautiful turquoise gems. Unfortunately, few of them are working today, in spite of the new resurgence of the popularity of turquoise. For many years the United States has a historical tradition shallow mining production, and individuals or small groups of miners would spend part of the year working on the highest grade sections of old mines and sending a complete ore processing factories. or more of & # 39; sites. Those individual searchers who have made precious find, could earn a decent life for their claims – or, at least, it's nice supplement other income. In the 1940s and 1950s, this tradition began to fade, and left only a few hardy souls who work for their demands on a small scale and make a living.

However, there are exceptions. Turquoise Mine in Lander County Gaubert, Nevada, is still working part-time. He was also known as the Dry Creek Mine or Burnham, and is located north of Highway 50, approximately 30 miles east of Austin, in central Nevada. The mine is famous for very tough, high quality deep blue turquoise with a matrix of dark web. The current owners are working in the mine in the past 6 years and found a good number of high quality turquoise – the type of mine is famous for manufacturing.

Compared with the production of metals has some advantages for small mining-jobs that specialize in mining gemstones: small, competition from larger companies because of the "time-consuming" nature of mining of precious stones, is a growing demand for all "American" gemstones, NO the need to process ore with toxic chemicals and to send more than a ton, recyclable. Some gems can be recovered by simple gravity processes, others collected by the stone through a screen or conveyor. As with the advantages, there are also some disadvantages in mining gemstones: miner should make much more effort to market the mine construction, and precious stones are often the highest value only after cutting or manufacturing of finished jewelery.

Turquoise is gaining popularity in recent years, and good quality Nevada turquoise is in demand. American material generally brings a higher price than equivalent turquoise from other countries. The best varieties of turquoise – are those who are strong and solid, it does not require any special stabilizing and strengthening, because they can be used in jewelry. Much of the turquoise from the mine Gaubert belongs to this category and is considered as a sort of natural gemstones. Prices for better grades of Nevada turquoise usually range in price from $ 600 to $ 2,500 per pound. Carved stones made of natural material Nevada can sell 2.00 to $ 25.00 per carat, most turquoise Godber longer enters the top of this scale due to its high quality. In some rare cases, Turquoise can bring even higher prices than those that have just been mentioned, but this range is more typical. The price of ready-made gems depends on the quality of the material with a hardness, color, pattern matrices, place of origin and the quantity purchased. For several reasons, all of the current turquoise mining operations here in the United States are performed on a small scale.

The mine bulldozer is used to transfer large amounts of barren rock, or else, if it actually becomes turquoise and stone quarrying – is an intensive process of hand-made. To work on a smaller scale owner uses the ground – the jack as a tool for compressed air to clean barren piece of rock to expose the turquoise clay seams. Clay seams themselves are dug with a screwdriver so the turquoise itself is not damaged during production. Although miners sometimes use explosives – they seek to minimize their use as explosives can cause fractures in walked and make it unusable.

On Godber turquoise mine is found in both sides, argilizavanyh shales associated with clay seams, folds in apadkovyh rocks and in zones of constant rocks forming the clogging of any moves down decisions. Turquoise is found in several places in the mine. Virtually the entire turquoise occurs as bakteryoznyh "nuggets", but a small portion is also found in the form of cracks, the cracks in the rock falling. Compared to most other mines, a significantly higher percentage produced with turquoise & # 39 is hard and blue. The mine area is also cut young volcanic rocks.

This is a great property and require more than one term to fully work Gaubert – yes, the miners think that will be a long time. Although the hills is much smaller than the small miners than ever before Godber mine is still operating in the United States will still be active small scale mining.