The book gives a new model of leadership in the XXI century

Jim Nevada, executive consultant, coach and entrepreneur, setting fire to a targeted management purpose of ignition, believes that a key element of many leaders is not enough, and successful leaders to distinguish from the rest – a sense of purpose. In his book, he reveals how leaders can be focused on your goal and your organization, as well as find the right people who can achieve this goal.

Much more than just another book of business and personal development, "the ignition of purposeful leadership," littered with studies about leadership, successful business and philosophy of the world's leading companies and their executives. Extensive notes and pointers show that Nevada was engaged in his studies, and the tone and content of the book reflect that he not only did it well, but made it digestible, providing entertaining and informative reading for anyone who wants to be the best. conductor.

Many successful companies are involved in the target ignition control, including Google, Amazon, and Southwest Airlines. Nevada shows that from the beginning the founders of Google always runs his business with a goal in mind. Others, such as Southwest Airlines, realize that the people should be the foundation of their business. Nevada states: "The future of the company lies in the creative mind and hands of its people." Thus, creativity – is a core skill and goals for the business that wants to succeed in the fact that Nevada calls "the era of human capital."

One moment Nevada emphasizes that I am particularly grateful to this the need to focus on abundance rather than scarcity mentality. So many times we hear people talk about how hard it is to find good help, but the truth is that there are many skilled and capable people, and often the problem is that companies do not use the full potential of their employees. Nevada offers: "If our goal – to get the maximum level of energy and creativity of our people, we must abandon our restrictive beliefs and realize the unlimited potential in each From there, we can be more effective in changing from a deficit to a wealth mentality.". Nevada encourages hiring people, even when we are not sure what role they can play, if they are a good fit for the company and creative. Such targeted recruitment will lead to employees who are committed to the goals of the company and will take pleasure in their work. It is a way to move away from short-term thinking, which focuses on the initial results, but instead act on a long-term approach based on people first. At the same time, do not hire the wrong people. Nevada recommends that you "do not take the time and incur expenses to ensure that your new employees to fit properly, even depriving the business of highly artists just because they are not aligned."

And once you have these people in place, treat them very well. I give couvade Nevada for his comments about how some companies do not relate well to staff and even customers. For example, Wal-Mart, which in the past was apladiravany for being well handled by employees, gets a black mark for that Black Friday sales were that led to infinity and even death and injury. He notes that some companies are closing their doors on Black Friday, as well as provide customers with higher prices all year round. The very debate was worth the cost of this book, and I hope that the options that describes Nevada, will be part of the future of retail.

All of these examples reflect purposeful thinking, as it describes Nevada, but they can also be described as thinking, future-oriented. Nevada notes how successful managers and companies not only solve existing problems but also solve problems that do not yet exist, because they can provide for them, and then come up with creative solutions for them. One of my favorite quotes in the book illustrates this point. Henry Ford once said: "If I had asked people what they want, they would probably say the horses." Nevada stands for targeted and purposeful future thinking, which anticipates that people will want before you do know about it.

Finally – and of this book, I can say a lot, but it is better for you to read the rest on their own – I loved when Nevada discussed how managers and companies operating as intended, not to be afraid to revise your goals and yourself. For example, I think that if he were alive today, Henry Ford proud could be found that the company that he founded a century ago, has recently unveiled that it no longer considers himself a car company. Rather, it is a company focused on "improving mobility solutions around the world." Nevada says, "this is a big step change for one of the largest manufacturers in the world. It requires that Ford has not only invented, as it presents itself in the foreign market, but also how it works in the domestic market."

The time has come to new enterprises were in the footsteps of Ford, Southwest Airlines, Google and other leading companies that have clearly defined goals and recognize your employees. As an example, we often hear how Millennials do not have the work ethic of previous generations, but Nevada argues that evidence suggests that almost 90 percent of Millennials want to increase the opportunities for professional development and greater responsibility, but only a third felt their organization's total least use their skills and experience. What's wrong with this picture. Fortunately, the tools and information provided to the trust management, can help change that.

This book can be put on the shelf next to other modern business classics such as Jim Collins' Good to Great. " But before you put it on the shelf, read it! And then you're likely to repeatedly remove it from the shelf. It is purposeful.

Nine buried in Nevada Red Army Viking

Giant mummy with a red head

If you are reading this article, you should not believe them and do not believe. Go to the Network and find out yourself.

There is so much information and artifacts that confirm that the Vikings were here in 1000 BC, that you wonder why it is hidden from us. Go find out. All I can do is point you in the right direction.

Legends pro-piutav Indians from the North-West of Nevada were recorded in 1883 in the "Life among pitutav" Vinemukki Sarah Hopkins. Legends about giants and ryzhatskiya runic mysteries inscribed on the rocks.

The Museum of the American Indian Pooh testified testimony. Piece of evidence: the skeleton of 9 meters in height, found in a cave at Lake Pyramid. One and a half feet in line with the Humboldt lake. One foot seven inches Friedman ranch. One and a half or perhaps ten feet in the lake at Troy.

They can not be giants, but they are definitely the Vikings. Dogs Viking mate with alpha females to create a giant-sized warriors. They traveled and explored in small groups of about thirty soldiers. They used their own narrow dragon boats to travel along rivers inland. Thirty men were enough to carry his ship on land. That is why we find only a skeleton while exploring the Vikings.

By the way, the hair of mummies, which are found in Reed's collection, have a reddish-brown color. There is a clear lack of interest in establishing the facts of the ore giants.

In Louka Museum of Anthropology in Berkeley, California, giant mummies, which are discussed in this article were shipped and disappeared. The exhibition presents only three mothers, all under six feet. What happened to Chyrvananogimi giants? What's going on?

Become a stripper in Las Vegas

Plan to arrive in Las Vegas Monday to Friday, because you will not be able to make the necessary documents for the weekend. Also start early in the morning, although it is Vegas, these government offices are only open during normal business hours.

If you come to Las Vegas, make sure you have with you 2 forms of ID (driver's license, certificate of the issuing state, social security card, military ID, DD214, US passport, certificate of naturalization, baptismal certificate and a certificate alien face) If you are under 25 years, is also required state birth certificate. This is not negotiable, without it you will not get the card sheriffs. If you were not born in the US, you need to bring one of the following: certificate of naturalization; US passport, US birth certificate; or alien ID Map.

Research clubs on the Internet and make a list of places that you would like to work. If you are over 21 years old, you can work in any club in Las Vegas. If you are aged 18-20, do not despair! You can still work, but you are limited to full bare thighs that do not consume alcohol.

If you come to Las Vegas, you will need to go to any club and get a signed certificate. You will need this certificate to obtain what is called a map of the Sheriff of Las Vegas. Basically it's just a state issued identification card for people working in the casino and entertainment industries. Club where you get a direction should not be where you want to work; you just need paperwork. Just go and tell them that you are a dancer, who is looking for a job, and you need a sheet with a map sheriff. They hear it often, and in some places even where there is a package ready to give you all the information. Do not worry if the first club does not give you the documents. Strippers in Las Vegas a dime a dozen, and often the person whom you ask for documents, just lazy to get up and look for him. Just go to the next club. Allow an hour or two if you are not familiar with the city of Las Vegas and place club arrangement to drive and get the referrals.

Keep in mind that it is not important which club you get abstracts. You do not need to work there! Once you have the sheriff's card, you can audition in any club you want. Over the years, Cheetah was known that the easiest club, get referrals. At the door of the girl he had a stack, and they handed out hundreds a day. Over time, it is too well known that the Cheetah distribute receptors … so all first went there, and then did not return there! As a result, they stopped handing out the direction of the door, and now you have to talk to the manager.

Take two forms of ID, birth certificate / naturalization, if necessary, a letter written on the direction and the $ 45 fingerprinting department of the Moscow police department in Las Vegas. It is located in the suburbs to the west of Mandalay Bay near Russell Road from 8 am to 4 pm, Monday-Friday. Address: 5880 Cameron St Las Vegas, NV (702) 828-3271

Bring a book or magazine and get ready to wait at least half an hour for the fingerprinting and background checks. If you have an outstanding warrant or extensive criminal history, understood your card is likely to be denied. If you approve, you will not have to do this process again for another five years.

Now you have a working card, you need a license for the business. State business license in Nevada, you can get in the Department of Taxation.

Two locations:

Grant Sawyer Office building 555 E. Washington Ave Suite 1300 Las Vegas, Nevada


2550 Paseo Verde Suite 180 Henderson, Nevada 89074

You can go to any place. business license fee of $ 200 and is valid for one year. You will be given a temporary license, which can be used immediately, and a permanent copy will be sent to you by mail.

Take a working card and a temporary business license to a club, where you want to work. Most strip clubs in Las Vegas runs twenty-four hours. Major changes in the night starts at 21 o'clock in the evening, so go to the club at this time to take on the job. Because every day there are so many girls to accept them on the job, many clubs do not force you to change from street clothes to the audition. Rather, they appreciate you, based on the appearance of your street clothes, so look sexy! Most clubs have their own rules regarding the dress code, and they will let you know what the rules. Some – a negligent clubs, others – you can dress up any outfit that you like.

The club will make a copy of a license for your business and will want to see a map of your sheriff. You will need to show the card Sheriff's every time you are with & # 39; a job. Some clubs will add a sticker with a bar code on the reverse side of the card, the other clubs use software for fingerprint recognition to identify you when you go to the club. You should also keep a copy of the business license in his wallet, just in case. Be sure to extend the business license every year. You will receive the documents by mail, which remind you of this.

Removal Las Vegas – quite a different impression than trimming in other capital cities. Supply and demand of the industry in Vegas is somewhat unique. As clubs more and more employees, which means that you have more bad dancers. It's just the Pareto principle (80/20 rule), shown in greater numbers. It is more difficult to see the consequences of this in the club with 20 dancers, but the club of 250, it is more obvious. That's why you have guys who refuse to turn away from the dancers or back to the rail. That's because the club with 200 dancers in their 160, which do not have a clue what to do correctly, so that customers wanted to buy. As a result, you have to & # 39 were children who received the icon of seven or eight girls, "Do you want to dance" before a & # 39 appears. As a result, they tend to be picky and sometimes more obscene to find the right girl to spend their money.

Unlike your home club, you can not choose the music for the theatrical scene. In fact, many are choosing zabavlyalniki surcharge that it was not necessary to go on stage. There are different philosophies, why it can be useful. In some clubs, a lot of girls, which is not a lot of customers are looking at the scene. For each song, you're on stage, you can sell lapda. In other clubs turning point in the scene is very good; so you should be in the rotation. Use a better view.

Many clubs have a schedule conventions in wardrobe. You can get access to this schedule on the internet. Some of the biggest convention of the year – consumer electronics show and a network for adults in January, the world of concrete and MagicOnline in February, March Madness & # 39; yatstva and ConExpo every 3 years in March, the NAB in April, the ICS in May, the ICS in May, gentlemen's club Expo in August and SEMA in November.

In addition, cross-cost hotel rooms for the casino to higher prices, such as the Bellagio, Wynn and the Venetian. Every time there is a wrong jump room rates, this reflects the high demand for hotel rooms.

Login: Discover pets Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas is certainly the largest and probably the best value in the games today. Luxury hotels, which previously housed 300.00 dollars per night, are now offering rooms for a third of that price. If you stand on a budget, rooms are available in a very nice hotel for only $ 30.00 per night.

Hotels in Las Vegas are so large and complex, such that it is difficult to imagine. Hotels with 3,000 rooms, waterfalls, circus clown who fly overhead, tigers roam in the cells, all of this and more can be found in Las Vegas. Did you know that here are the 17 largest hotels in the US?

In Las Vegas, there are more than their fabulous hotels. The real attraction of the city lights from the & # 39 is a gamble at the casino the size of football fields. Hotels in the city center provide players with the best odds, and some casinos pay 90% of the money collected.

While your pet is not welcome on the casino floor, he will certainly be welcome, not only in your room, but walking along the boulevard of Las Vegas or dine at one of the restaurants on the outdoor / patio.

Dining in Las Vegas Var & # 39; iruetstsa from free in some hotels to gourmet dishes in the upper part of one of the world famous hotels. Although the dining room of the hotel can not place your pet, there are many restaurants, which are located outdoors, where your pet will be welcome.

Show your morning coffee and bagels with your pet to protect the brothers Einstein or Starbucks Coffee, located right on the strip. Slightly higher with the & # 39 is a dinner on the courtyard of the TGI Fridays on Sahara Avenue near the Hotel Sahara.

In addition to hundreds of shops selling tourist items, you will find that every luxury retailer in the world has a shop in one of the hotels or upscale shopping malls in Las Vegas. Here you will find the brand Gucci, Burberry, Versace, Prada and Hermes.

Your small pet is welcome in almost all of these stores, you may encounter a famous movie star, which carries a poodle dog with a diamond collar from Tiffany.

If you are in Las Vegas during the month of November, be sure to visit Roll your barrel which is held in the park dog fans. This round the clock to deal with a long list of dog competitions, dozens of suppliers of products related to pets, services, care for pets, demonstrations, theater dog, agility courses, games, personal care, adoption and more.

Some of our favorite hotels in Las Vegas:

  • Atlantis casino
  • Red Rock Casino Resort & Spa
  • Hotel and Casino New Frontier
  • Hotels, Casinos and Resorts Westin Casuarina

If you are tired of the bright lights, you can take a short trip of about 30 miles to Lake Mead and Hoover Dam giant. On the lake you and your pet can rent a house for a day or week and explore over 550 miles of coastline, raising red rock and countless creeks and beaches.

Cottages are fully equipped and some come with a small reflection for skiing and fishing, and even on board a hot bath.

If you need to leave your pet for a few hours, in Las Vegas, there are quite unusual and special guesthouse. He called Pets Bed & Breakfast. Each pet is provided their own suite, some have a private yard with an area of ​​2500 square feet, a TV in the apartment, purified water, and even marsh pool.

Or you can throw your pet per day to Camp Bow Wow, where there is 24-hour staff that entertains your pet. You can even view your pet having fun on a webcam.

If you need to leave your pet for a few hours, in Las Vegas, there are quite unusual and special guesthouse. He called Pets Bed & Breakfast. Each pet is provided their own suite, some have a private yard with an area of ​​2500 square feet, a TV in the apartment, purified water, and even marsh pool.

Or you can throw your pet per day to Camp Bow Wow, where there is 24-hour staff that entertains your pet. You can even view your pet having fun on a webcam.

In Las Vegas, there are a few dozen dog parks, some of them allow you to play on a leash. Here are a few dogs in Las Vegas:

  • All American Park West Road
  • Barkin Basin Park on Alexander Road
  • Woofter Park on Vegas Drive

When it's time to get rid of it all, pack pet and fly to a place like no other, Las Vegas. Both you and your pet are waiting for a holiday with pets, of which you will not soon forget.

Nevada welcomes intergalactic traveler

If you think of Nevada, what comes to mind? Reno? Las Vegas? Gambling? Entertainment? Extraterrestrial Highway?
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Extraterrestrial Highway? Yes. Government officials government officials in the State of Nevada 375, it was stated extraterrestrial highway for more than ten years ago, and all this promotion for the movie “Independence Day”.
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“Most people, when they look at the sky, see a friend or an enemy. Not me, I Nevadan. I see intergalactic tourists.”

Former Nevada Governor Robert Miller jokingly said that in 1996, on the highway called cutting ceremony bands.
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Declared “Extraterrestrial Highway” on 3-for-8-step road signs, Nevada, Highway 375 – a two-lane road 140 miles northwest of Las Vegas and to the north of the Nevada test site and the area 51. Area 51 – a secret military installation, which the government says does not exist.

Nevertheless, the region 51 were photographed and received quite a bit of press
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years that it was not. Some believe that the base is used to store exotic spacecraft and bodies of captured aliens. It is a place where later was taken to the infamous “meteorological balloon” that crashed in Roswell, New Mexico, July 4, 1947.
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Whether fact or fiction, the highway in Nevada focused on the aliens, the highway that had been laid 98 miles between Ash Springs and sources of heat. Here, miles can not be another living creature, a silent look. Muddy blue and purple mountains majestic.
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Along this road lies the town of Rachel, just a spot on the road map, known as the unofficial headquarters for UFO observers. One of Rachel meager enterprises – a small hotel A & # 39; Le (pronounced aliens), a bar and grill. It is across the street from the hotel planted the first sign “Extraterrestrial Highway”.
Almost 370 million years ago, the legal scholars believe that the area next to Rachel visited celestial body. This star is the core, triggering a wave of up to 1,000 feet in what was then the ocean. Ground zero for the collision of a comet with the earth, perhaps, about 20 miles from Rachel, not far from today’s Extraterrestrial Highway.
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Nevada, the majority of which with a & # 39 today is a barren desert, it was under sea water, when the comet hit. Its size was considered in two-thirds of a mile. Comet exploded in the seabed 120 miles wide crater. Few places on earth, so distant and God is left as Highway 375.
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Traveling on the route, it will not take long to realize how the road got its unofficial nickname – one of the loneliest roads in the world. The road stretches ahead, with a monochromatic desert and the only scene of the distant mountains. Tributaries of the mud, it seems are not going anywhere. Most people have no reason to go here.
Thus, it is not surprising that when here on earth is really aliens, they would like to go down, veryvshy that they will be noticed. Civil aircraft are not allowed to fly over the ground of Nevada, but it looks like the aliens can do it.
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Speculation of people from around the world is that Area 51 conceals aliens and other strange objects. Prevention continues to attract visitors to this area, hoping to look. By pressing government officials remain silent. Some will just smile a question mark with a wry smile.
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Test platform Nevada occupies 1350 square miles and is managed by the Ministry of Energy. As is well known to the local landfill, once it was a mission of the Cold War, which has undermined the nuclear weapon. Before starting the descent excess of 900 bombs were tested here. Recently a test site has taken a new emphasis. Here Research Laboratory for measuring global warming, the joint part of the Ministry of Health and the University of Nevada was established.
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The spirit and the opportunity to open in the desert are always there when you study Nevada. Now that you know that the government has dedicated highway E.T., whether to start learning the reality of UFO’s time? Who knows, you just might run into “intergalactic tourists.”
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getting there

Travel to US 93 north of Las Vegas by Ash Springs, and then to & # 39; to go on the road 375. This route is unreliable isolation, but the trip to Hancock summits and coyotes. After coming to Rachel signs “Extraterrestrial Highway” is easily seen.
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Hotel Little A & # 39; Le is well marked, and in the western part of the highway, with the remnants of a small business enterprise. In his casual atmosphere, the walls are decorated with aliens and other objects of cosmic memory.
For more information,

Do you think that you have seen an unidentified flying on the & # 39; an object? On this subject, written many books. A visit to your local library can bring to a definitive answer. Some of the names that you need to look, “UFOs: Government files”; “Day after Roswell”; “UFO’s Guide to the Millennium” and “there.”
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Pony Express Territory, Nevada

Open ground, the endless views of the valley with a carpet of sagebrush and colorful mining town, a few places experience delight Nevada, as well as the territory of the Pony Express. The territory covers the Nevada Center, seeping US Highway 50. Its name reflects the fact that the US Highway 50 parallel to the historic Pony Express route, which stretched from St. Joseph, Missouri, to Sacramento, California in the early 1860s.

This region, one foot firmly planted in the 19th century, and the second – in the 21st century. Only a few small towns strung along the highway, which was indicated Life magazine as "the loneliest road in America." And perhaps it is. Motorists who experience loneliness, if it is not surrounded by buildings and traffic, can feel isolated. But the rest will find rest in perfect solitude.

Pony Express Territory – is a land of unsurpassed natural wonders and magical city of mountains, which still look like and more than a century ago. Traveling on the east to the west, your first stop on US Highway 50 to be in a national park and large swimming pool, where the ancient pines shchatsinnika live. These rigid giants that grow only at altitudes above 10,000 feet, can live up to 4,000 years. The park also has hiking trails leading to alpine lakes and majestic peaks, including the 13,063-foot Wheeler Peak, the second highest point in the state of Nevada.

Lehman Caves, passing through the center of the park for visitors, offering a fantastic exhibition of stalactites and stalagmites, developed over hundreds of years. The small town of Baker, located five miles east of the park, offers restaurants, a motel and a gas station.

About an hour north-west of the park is Elie, a former copper mining town, which serves as a great base for trips to the regions many recreation areas and historic sites. The town has many restaurants, hotels and inshamarketav and murals that embody the city's history to life.

Northern Railway in Ely Nevada Museum includes a rail yard, shops and lively interior Nevada Northern Railway – short line, which operated from 1906 until the beginning of the 1980s.

The refurbished station East Ely is a small museum and gift shop. But the main point to stop & # 39 is a trip on the "Ghost Train of Old Ely." During weekends and selected times by train excursions are offered to the train historic number 40, Baldwin locomotive 1910 album his sister engine number 93, the US consolidated in 1909, the steam engine. Train enthusiasts can even become engineers and actually control the steam or diesel locomotive on a journey of 14 miles in a narrow mountain canyon.

Seventy-eight miles west of Ely Eureka is one of the best-preserved mining towns of the 19th century in the state of Nevada. Founded in 1864, Eureka boasts many original buildings, some of which have been carefully restored. The most impressive courthouse of Eureka, which opened in 1880. After the road is the Eureka Opera House, built in 1880, which has been renovated into a modern conference center and a performing arts center. The well-preserved museum Eureka Sentynel offers show the history of the area and in many press equipment used for the production of the city newspaper, published in the period from 1870 to 1960.

Next comes the Austin, one of the most successful mining camps of Nevada. Silver was discovered here in 1862 and for several years, Austin has become the second largest company in the state. Special attention deserve the three historic churches in the city: Catholic Church of St. Augustine, built in 1866; Metodystskaya church built in 1866; Episcopal Church of St. George, built in 1878. Austin and the surrounding mountain ranges Toyabe, Tokima and Hot Creek & # 39 a popular destination for mountain bikers, who aspire to a bright blue sky, impassable terrain and the lack of crowds.

Between Austin and Fallon, Sand Mountain – a unique two versts sand dune 600 feet high, that appeals to fans of sand buggies, dirt bikers and skiers with sand. Express Station Sand Sand Pony, found south of the dunes, with a & # 39 is one of the best preserved examples of the type of raw rock enclosures used by riders Pony Express.

West on US Highway 50 – archaeological site eaves. Explanatory signs guide visitors along the trail, hung with petroglyphs on rock drawings made by local people who have lived in the area between 5000 BC and 1500 AD

Twelve miles west of Fallon is known for cantaloupe and fighters. Fallon "Awards Hearts O" Golden melon – one of the best products of this rich farmland. It is also the headquarters of the US Navy flight school "Best Gun". Fighter aircraft are often found with maneuvers in the sky above society. While in Fallon, visitors can also enjoy the Churchill County Museum, which contains exhibits from the description of the regional Native Americans, the path of immigrants and rural life at the turn of the century. There – excellent fishing and camping at the reservoir Lahontan, just 17 miles west of Felon. Campers are also welcome in the near Fort Churchill, army post of 1860, supported in a state of arrest. Both areas – public parks.

Near National haven for wildlife Stsilavot – an important habitat for a variety of water birds, including pelicans, swans, ducks and ibises.

Pony Express Territory – is a place of history, natural beauty and unsurpassed recreational opportunities. Therefore, go to the "most lonely road in America" ​​and discover the region, which has been called the heart and soul of the Silver State.

Unique wedding sites in Nevada

A large number of the bride and groom are looking for unusual places to get married in order to improve their memories of special occasions. Northern Nevada offers a variety of places that are not from the & # 39 are common, but three in particular stand out noticeably in comparison. Hotel Gold Hill, Saint Mary in the mountains and the House of orchard produce a visible novel, each of which has its own fascinating historical origins, giving couples an incomparable impression in a very special day in their lives.

Hotel Gold Hill

This ancient hotel dates back to the days of boom in Virginia City, which began the silver strike Costa Lode 1859. Gold Hill has been a great discovery of gold, and the hotel was very important during the busy mining days, especially in the Great Strike of Bonanza height in the 1870s, which was the peak of silver mining, which is commonly referred to as the Mother Lode.

Gold Hill hotel is located near State Route 342, south of the city of Virginia, with views of the Gold Canyon. Construction of the hotel was about 1859, and although some of the buildings destroyed in the past few years, these areas have been completely restored.

One of several different wedding venues in the hotel & # 39 is a large room. The large room is very attractive and consists of furniture, typical of the Victorian era, the outstanding wood flooring, attractive fireplace and the aging of the winding stairway that allows you to make a grand entrance for the bride. After the ceremony Large room goes into the reception toasting and dancing.

There is also available the second option locations for a wedding outdoors. Garden furniture, which is located next to the brewery is located a few minutes from the hotel. This is an attractive environment, consisting of beautifully landscaped property with scenic views of the mountain range Sierra Nevada. Location gazebo serves as a ceremonial site, and reception and can accept large parties.

St. Mary in the mountains

Along the slopes of Mount Davidson, the legendary ghost town of Virginia City is the oldest Catholic Church in Nevada and one of the most beautiful buildings, which can be arranged at the wedding. The church was built in 1876 on the ruins of the old church structure that was destroyed "big fire" in 1875.

This magnificent cathedral is really great with its 140-foot spire, inter & # 39; EPAM in the Gothic style, as evidenced by the pointed arch windows and doors, choir and horizons, big beautiful altar and a church bell in 2264 pounds. Bell was part of the former church, but survived the catastrophic fire of Virginia City and rang for the first time in 1870, when the original building was opened for service.

Although it more than a hundred years, this obscure church still emits great beauty. With an extremely elegance and located in the city, which covers an unusually dressing story "Old West", St. John, "Mary in the mountains" offers an attractive setting for a wonderful wedding experience sanctified.

fruity house

Located in the heart of Serasa in Genoa, garden-house, bed and breakfast, located in the heart of the oldest village of Nevada. Genoa – quaint and sparsely populated town, whose origin dates back to 1855 as a time of "Nevada". Originally, the area was simply prahozhana researchers, but if the trading post, he soon became a permanent settlement was established in 1851.

Garden House devotes several acres of garden and lawn for ceremonies and receptions. Fruit trees that line the century, along with an attractive outdoor garden and beautiful landscaping. Due to the wide spaces of this area, which is mainly devoted to weddings, it not only allows large parties up to 400 guests, but also for a horse and carriage for the crew at the bride and groom if they want to make a grand entrance.

Opening of wedding and wedding adventure involves a lot of steam and are often looking for brides and grooms who want to marry more unconventional way. Also equally contribute to the wedding of an unusual nature or those that are movable historical story. Because Nevada has a history rich in tradition "Old West" and contains many intriguing western settlements established in 1800, has many desirable places to select couples who seek an emergency. Hotel Gold Hill, Orchard House, and Augustine Maria in the mountains – just a few of the fact that Nevada offers, but no doubt relate to the three sites that will satisfy all your expectations, whenever you want and experience the unique atmosphere of the wedding day.

Nevada frame beds with beds for guests – the best guest beds of all time

Home is always ideal to communicate with people at any time of the day, and there are times when you get along just a party or organize small meetings in your home, some guests stay overnight to rest and to prolong the pleasure. In this case, the need for an extra bedroom to occupy them, does not arise. Just an extra bed as Nevada Frame with beds for guests.

There is a wide range of guest beds, which can be purchased if you are working with a low budget. Nevada framework with beds for guests can be of different types and shapes to choose from. Types with a fold are great for storage, and a double bed for guests can be used for couples who visit your home. Sofa available in almost every home, and this option as a place to sleep, but have you ever slept on the couch? This can be useful, but most likely, it's either not very long or wide enough. If you have a sleeping sofa, one that can be converted into a bed, the comfort level is better.

Frame Nevada with Guest is also available with a futon or folding bed, a great option for a guest bed. They can be converted into a chair, if you spend an event in your home. These types of beds are very comfortable, low, and they can be placed in areas with little space. If you do not use them, you can make and to deprive them of the way, this is an excellent choice for areas with a dual purpose. Futon in these days much more comfortable than previous models. It is offering a multitude of frame styles, such as wood or frame, so you can easily find the best model that is suitable for your room, and then the mattress of your choice and a coating that matches your home decor.

In addition to the futon, you can look into the box with prayer Nevada bed. Such a bed can significantly exceed the convenience of spring rolls, which may consist in the preparation of middle.

The frame of gastsyanymi beds with mattresses are also great for tight spaces. It is inflatable, which can be folded and compressed for storage and packaging. You can also try out the mattress is raised to the height was similar to the standard bed size.

How to find cheap health insurance online in Nevada

Finding cheap health insurance online in Nevada – is a problem for many. Stay health insurance is absolutely incredible. In fact, according to government statistics, fully 25% of all residents of Nevada are not covered by any form of health insurance.
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Nevertheless, the health costs continue to rise, and the need for health insurance also increased.

So how can you find the cheapest health insurance on the Internet, if you live in Nevada?
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Let’s start with a few basics. There are several factors that contribute to high health insurance insurance, and keeping these factors under control, we can at least alleviate the health care costs.
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Smoking and obesity – are the two main factors for the increase of the loss of health insurance. There is no doubt that smoking and the use of the relevant tobacco products leads to a reduced service life and additional health care costs. These costs are passed to the smoker in the form of higher monthly premiums for health insurance.
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Obesity – is another major contribution to the increase in premiums for health insurance. Obesity may lead to many diseases, the most common of which is a 39 & # is diabetes.
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Lose weight and give up tobacco is not easy to take. However, if you really want to find cheap health insurance online here in Nevada, you need to recognize the need for this.
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If you are driving a sports car or engage in dangerous work, are two additional factors that increase health care costs.

Your deductible is probably a & # 39 is one of the biggest factors over which you have control and which may significantly change the cost of your health insurance. Your deductible – the amount that you will pay for health each year before insurance coverage begins. The bigger your deductible, the lower your monthly premium for medical help.
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Many no longer refers to the health insurance to pay for the usual visits to the doctor and other small health expenses. Instead, they get cheap health insurance with a high deductible and count on their insurance to provide catastrophic care in case of a major accident or illness. Without this kind of catastrophic rescue aid family & # 39; and can be destroyed by one accident or illness.
Once you have decided on the calculation and made every effort to reduce the cost of your premium, it is time to go online to find the cheapest health insurance in Nevada. There are several different websites that allow you to enter your information and compare policies and prices among several companies. But do not think that your job is done after viewing compared to only one site – each site has a different universe of insurance providers that they use for comparison, so you need to enter your information at least 3 different websites before you probably know where in fact the cheapest health insurance in Nevada – but once you find it, your savings will continue for years to come.
Bitcoin led the cryptocurrency market in a phenomenon recovery phase from the lows recorded in the last week of August. Bitcoin’s graceful correction above $10,700 revived investors’ hopes of seeing the oldest cryptocurrency above the psychological level at $11,000. However, BTC hit pause slightly below $10,800 and retreated to $10,500. At press time, Bitcoin price is teetering at $10,550 after a subtle 0.78% drop on the day.
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Although Bitcoin’s short-term trend paints a positive picture, a number of analysts with huge followings on Twitter are advising investors to continue with caution. For example, Johnny Moe says that Bitcoin’s downside if moving. The consolidation witnessed in the last two months suggests a potential massive drop to lows around $6,000.

When Hamas was trying to raise bitcoin by funneling it through a number of digital wallets, one start-up was able to see what was going on and warn its customers.
Based in London, Elliptic sells blockchain analytics tools to some of the world’s largest cryptocurrency platforms — including Binance and Circle — as well as banks. The company’s software is used to investigate criminal activity on bitcoin’s digital ledger and monitor transactions to prevent money laundering.

Henderson, Nevada – City for the family & # 39; and

The city of Henderson is home to nearly 250,000 residents and is located in Southern Nevada – just seven miles from the Las Vegas strip. Henderson – a beautiful city for family & # 39; and, with a lot of parks, trails and amenities. If you are thinking about moving back to the valley of Las Vegas with his family & # 39; it, Henderson could be just the place for you.

One of the most appealing aspects of Henderson with & # 39 is how it is suitable for both children and adults who enjoy outdoor recreation. Horse lovers really like the city, as in this area a lot of horse riding trails. There are also 15 golf playgrounds and 30 parks in the vicinity of the city.

In Henderson has acres of green space, ideal for walking or for quiet contemplation, as well as child-friendly features, including basketball courts, playgrounds, tennis courts and a swimming area. For more water fun, Lake Mead is just thirty minutes and is perfect for swimming, fishing and water skiing on hot summer days. Lake Mead has over 500 miles of pristine coastline that offers the perfect place for a family picnic or play frisbee.

Parents who are considering Henderson as its new home, can feel good about their decision. There are centers of active operations and special programs that provide children and youth a safe place to visit before and after school. For example, there Safekey program pursued by the Department of the city's parks and recreation city of Henderson. This program, which operates in all primary schools in the district and is designed to provide an entertaining and educational activities for children of working parents. Time of crafts, homework assistance, and healthy snacks – only a few policy proposals.

For older children there is a program "Teen Scene", which is a program for youth paslyashkolnuyu 6, 7 and 8. class. Snacks are provided, and teenagers are involved in art projects, sports competitions and drive rare excursions. . Programs such as Teen Scene and Safekey, provide a safe, fun and educational environment for children and Henderson can give working parents peace of mind a lot.

In Henderson is also an innovative leisure center, which is called Genesanski multygeneratsyyny center / water complex. With wall climbing, two swimming pools and jogging track, on the & # 39; facility was built to bring people of all ages who like to exercise. Due to dance, fitness and games the whole family will enjoy the exceptional quality time in multygeneratsyynym center.

In emergency situations, children can find help quickly in Henderson using McGruff Truck program. Employees parks and recreation departments Henderson trained to help children in distress. Participants of the program "The park and recreation park", equipped with the city's logo and label "McGruff Truck". If a child who needs to see a vehicle with these characters, they waved both hands in the air, which helps the driver to stop and call the emergency services. Through active participation in programs such as McGruff Truck, Henderson argues that a society that truly cares about its youth.

Thanks to the excellent system of education, many parks, festivals and events, children Henderson enjoyed a high quality of life. It is a warm and attractive city, which will provide you and your family & # 39; and stimulating and pleasant place to live all year round. If you again & # 39; yavitsesya on the market of new homes in the Las Vegas Valley, think Henderson.