Great knowledge Reno

Consider the nickname "great little city in the world" Renault could not be more appropriate. Although he is small, tourists can offer so much that tourists often spoil choice. In addition, that & # 39 is the perfect place to test the success of a lady, Reno and a & # 39 is the perfect place if you want to take part in such adventure sports like skiing. While art fans can enter in one of its several galleries to check out some masterpieces, nature lovers can visit the wildlife park to admire the local biodiversity.

Another such an underrated aspect of Renault – its large number of museums, which allow us to understand the rich heritage of the country. That's a lot of wonderful amenities that you will be able to go there with family & # 39; and her friends for fun. If you are planning to book cheap flights to Reno, then check out this list of museums that you can visit to make your stay even more enjoyable.

The peak of the US automotive heritage

If you are still looking for reasons to book flights to Reno, hunting ends with the National Car Museum. What else can you say about a place that is considered one of the greatest automotive exhibits in the country? His large collection of more than 200 four-wheel vehicles include everything from 100-year-old racing cars to vintage cars that once traveled like Frank Sinatra, the JFK, John Wayne, and the king of rock 'n' roll, Elvis Presley. If this site does not factor "wow", what should I do?

For the love of art

If you are in Reno, and even consider yourself to fans of art, you can not miss a visit to the Museum of Art Nevada. Its permanent collection of thousands of works of art related to the changed landscape photography, the art of the Great West, contemporary art and the work ethic. There is so much to admire, the whole day may seem too short.

All under one roof

Simply called The Discovery, the discovery Terry Lee Wells Museum, Nevada – an institution dedicated to training throughout life in the fields of science, mathematics and the arts. It covers an area of ​​about 65,000 square feet. If you are traveling with children and want them to be admired with excitement and learning at the same time, this is one place that you can not miss. On the site there are many adults who can go to the exhibition Under the Stars and the nature of the experience in the best forces with the latest technology.

Nevada – a true legacy

If Renault is one place that embraces the heritage of the state of Nevada and its people, it is a museum WM Keck. He talks about mining in the early Nevada through an intriguing collection of minerals, fossils, ores and many other artifacts. The exhibit of more than 15 000 pieces and includes an impressive collection of sophisticated collection Mackay silver.

Statistics foreclosures in Maryland

Throughout the country, the improvement of the level of foreclosure occurs. Of course, it depends on the government guidelines. In fact, most people are surprised to learn, in what state the highest rate of loss of foreclosures. Currently Maryland has the highest foreclosure rate in the whole country, there will be an average assumption.

Most people associate the size of the highest foreclosure states such as Florida and Nevada, and maybe New Jersey. All three are in the top five, along with the Delaware, but Maryland, which is ahead of them all in the wrong direction.

All statistics have been conducted since RealtyTrac and reflect the latest available data for April 2016. According to these data, the rate Maryland one out of every 535 houses stored in redemption. In general, in the country, this figure in every 1,212 houses, so that the level of Maryland more than twice the national average – 19% 19% suprats.08.

As already mentioned, for the MD is Delaware, one in 579 homes in New Jersey, in every 662 homes in Nevada, in every 702 homes, and in Florida, in every 727 homes.

In Maryland, of course, there is a large discrepancy between rates of redemption payments for different cities and counties. Five of the highest county rates within the state – the city of Baltimore, with every 287 homes, the county of Prince George, every 357 homes, district Charles, every 395 homes, Washington County, with one in every 457 homes and the District of Calvert, one in every 459 homes.

Meanwhile, Montgomery County has only every 1,359 homes are excluded. Moreover, less than half of Maryland rates in general, but it is also better than the national rate. And yet, going into the city statistics, there are some town in Montgomery County, which have a much worse rate of foreclosures, such as Barnesvil, every 89 home foreclosure or Garraty Park every 324 house. The same level of imbalance to be seen also in other districts.

For home owners who are faced with the redemption, there are many different potential ways of action. You can file bankruptcy before the buy-back auction completion. In this case, it may be possible to stop foreclosure and even save at home. Be sure to consult with an experienced lawyer on bankruptcy and foreclosure property in your area who will be able to inform you about what is possible and provide you with the help you need.

The water – charge of environmental issues

You have heard the saying that water and oil do not mix. But do not be surprised if they play a role of vital assets in the same sandbox.

Look at our neighbors in the western United States, particularly in Las Vegas, Nevada, to measure the importance of water in this moment.

Water? The same status of a valuable natural assets, like oil? Who would have thought that this might be so?

In fact, a century ago, President Theodore Teddy Roosevelt did. "Nation behave well, if we treat its natural resources as assets which it must pass to the next generation increased, and not impaired.

This famous quotation of President Roosevelt in 1907, was one of many examples of the oracle in the United States Congress, which leads the individual industrial and bad habits of their own generation. His speech provided an intellectual understanding of conservation and surveillance of the environment. He was completely motivator.

Paddle forward 100 years and assess signs of increased water lift their heads and look in your wallet.

Depending on what area of ​​the US you peravernetsesya on tap is determined, it is a good or not so good thing.

Let's Let us bad side of this issue. One example is not a good thing can be a letter, which arrived yesterday in my mailbox from Central Florida homeowner affected by the fact that their water bill this month, jumped to $ 314.12.

It's more than I paid for refueling his car with gasoline in the last three months.

Case in point: Jack Daniels and Las Vegas

An overview of the local and national news sources, and you will see many indicators in the US water shortages.

Tennessee with a low level of water threatens Jack Daniel Distillery, where water conservation is in full swing.

Further west, in the sandy desert of Nevada, Hoover Platinum is located on 107 feet below its traditional level. According to Bob Walsh, a member of the foreign policy department of the Ministry of Land Reclamation United States at the lower Colorado residents the highest population in Colorado call an ambulance the world recovery in the 1950s, 1970s, 1980s and 1990s. The Bureau manages the dam, which includes services in southern Nevada, southern California and Arizona – constituencies River Lower Colorado.

Nevada, Arizona, Southern California; I picture the sandbox. It's in the desert. What did they expect?

And maybe it's sand scenario, why they are ahead of the curve permutation of how cavalier selects the end user, and how much of this valuable natural value they consume. Do you believe that a popular option with & # 39 is no lawn turf? Can you imagine?

giving herbs

Bob Walsh transformed from its previous home "small" amount of grass in the house with "no grass" in Nevada. During the discussion of our very different cultures, Bob reminded me that in the United States is a typical summer residence for the family household & # 39; and using at least 30 percent of the water in the open air for irrigation according to the EPA.

Some experts estimate that over 50 percent of landscape use of water goes to waste due to evaporation or drain caused by excessive fuel in accordance with the EPA.

In the landscape, which has turf coverings, far from the topic of the book of Michael Polanyi's "second nature" (Dell Publishing 1991), where the "democratic system can cope with someone who does not work", it is much easier than the democratic landscape. "A popular way to save water, which Bob Walsh described for the western region, was significantly different model than I witnessed in the far south-east.

Politics at the local, state and federal level can be developed. But how do we really motivate the change in the user's end? Reward or punish?

Show me the money

Las Vegas rewards homeowners cash for removing grass from its landscape. The site County Las Vegas Vater Valley provides information on several discounts and coupons for their patrons. Update existing grass to the new water wise landscape, participants receive a discount of $ 2 per square foot for the first 1,500 square feet of grass converted to xeriscape. An area of ​​over 1,500 square feet receive $ 1 per square foot.

Cha-ching. There is a fine line between manipulation and motivation. Nevada gave us a perfect example to follow.

Wherever you live, it's time to pay attention to the importance of water for you and your landscape. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, there is a reason that water has become a national priority. The last government survey showed that at least 36 states expect local, regional or national water shortage in 2013. But by using water more efficiently, we can help preserve water supplies for future generations, save money and protect the environment.

How do you attract people who have not felt the impact of this resource?

Answer: cash.

Depending on where you live, this may indicate the presence of money in a very contemporary environmental problem.

Dirt million

You probably remember the great California Gold Rush in 1849; but did you know that in Nevada took another gold rush of?

Gold was found at the head of Shestsimilyavaga canyon in Nevada in 1859, two miners named Pat McLaughlin and Peter O & # 39; Reilly. Another miner, Henry Kampast found their claim and convinced them that it was actually him! So history remembers "Lad Kostoka".

Unlike the California miners, those who work in the state of Nevada, has been a real problem. There was a sticky blue-gray mud that clung to everything, including the picks and shovels.

They cursed sticky muck as they dug her a valuable gold. Tons terrible dirt pushed to one side and high, like hungry miners pushed deeper into the hills and mountains.

Then one day someone was curious about what was made from dirt, and he decided to analyze it. Well, it turned out that it was silver ore, valued at over $ 2,000 per tonne. One report states that it has reached $ 3,000 per ton! It was in the 1850s, when $ 1.00 had nearly the same purchasing power as $ 25.00 today!

Word quickly spread about the banana in Nevada – the richest silver deposit in the United States. But it took a hundred years before a real "Bonanza" was found when the legend of "blue sticky mud" from the & # 39; was a TV series with the same name. The television series lasted 14 seasons and brought millions of revenue!

There will be times when life "takes work," unexpected weights – your shipping department is late, your orders are lost, to work the road is blocked; and it's the perfect time to take a good look at the problems that you face, and find out if they have a "silver lining."

Not one innovative corporate executive went to look for the problem and found that the problems that he found made him company.

Bishop, CA

Bishop, California, is a town with 3,500 inhabitants on the eastern edge of the Sierra Nevada Mountains. At an altitude of 4147 feet, Bishop is in the Owens Valley near the Nevada border. From the Sierra Nevada to the west rising to nearly 14,000 feet, and the White Mountains in the east, the highest point is a & # 39 is the peak of the White Mountains at an altitude of 1424 feet, it has a spectacular setting. Bishop, California, with a & # 39 is the central hub for many of the most popular places in California, including: Canyon Osemit King, Cancun, Sequoia, and Death Valley National Park.

Bishop – an extremely popular holiday destination and serves as a gateway for activities such as hiking, climbing, skiing, hunting and fishing. Owens River flows through the eastern outskirts of the city and is well known for fishing. Bishop is located on US Highway 395, located in forty-two miles southeast of Mammoth ski resort, one of the most popular ski destinations in California. Sitting in the rain shadow of the east of the Sierra Nevada, Bishop has a dry climate. Its low height, compared to the surrounding mountain regions, does not allow a lot of snow in the winter (the average is nine inches per year). Conversely, quite warm in summer with an average temperature in the upper 90's.

Every year in the bishop take two big events: the celebration days Mulla, which occurs in the Memorial Day weekend, and the three-county fair for county Ino, Alpine, and Mono, on the day of the weekend. During a busy day, the city of Bishop will attract more than 30,000 visitors to various events and recreation. Bishop – a great place to visit or stay!

Driving the US Natural Wonders

The United States has many natural wonders that are all over the country in various states. Usually to get to any of them very easily using the excellent road and highway. Car hire is also very cheap these days, so you can go for a week or two, to visit one of the most beautiful natural wonders of America.

Death Valley, California, and Nevada

Death Valley – the lowest, including the hottest desert in North America, and it is in Eastern California. Death Valley National Park is located near the border of California and Nevada, east of the Sierra Nevada Mountains. It is below sea level. Death Valley has many beautiful natural features, such as salt vessels, which have developed from ancient seas.

Denali National Park, Alaska

A trip to Alaska is always a gamble, and very catchy. You start in the state of Washington and, as a rule, drive north through British Columbia, Canada. If you come to the border with Alaska, you can stay in Ankorizhy to get acquainted with domestic cafes and restaurants and then go in the dead of the desert. In Alaska, there are many small and friendly community, and the best way to get acquainted with the state – to stay with one of them in the tavern for a few weeks. Denali National Park for a beautiful view and some have small towns where you can stop. Alaska is famous for wildlife and unspoiled natural environment and pristine beauty.

Everglades, Florida

Everglades in Florida – one of the largest natural freshwater wetlands in the world. It is home to many unique animals and plants that have several different types of alligators, mangrove fish, fish and other small animals. Many animals and plants in the Everglades are endangered, and they are cared for very carefully. You can take boat trips on Everglayde and even stay in nearby villages for traditional Cajun hospitality.

Grand Canyon, Arizona

No trip to the United States, to see the famous attractions and national parks, would be complete without a visit to the Grand Canyon. Grand Canyon – one of the world's largest canyons. He rivers length of 277 miles, 18 miles wide and one mile deep. Grand Canyon – it is not only natural beauty, but also is home to many archaeological treasures that left the local native tribes. Around the Grand Canyon, you can find a lot of interesting buildings, such as the Shrine of the Ages and watchtowers in the wilderness.

Niagara Falls, New York

Niagara Falls – an iconic symbol of the United States and North America as a whole. Without a visit to Niagara Falls, no road by car to the states would not be complete. The performances will be on the verge of Canada and the United States, Ontario and New York State. Niagara Falls is the most powerful in North America and a height of 167 feet. Presentation can be viewed from walkways in Prospect Point Park, on the island of Kozlov, or even on the Canadian side. Also available are excursions by boat and there are many places such as aquariums, where visitors can experience even more.

Statistics of marriage section

Unfortunately, the separation of marriage poorly understood and is being studied. Scientists attribute this to too many complex factors that need to learn to create a static, for example:

– How old were the spouses?

– It was their first marriage?

– In a couple have children?

And the most important factor:

– Or a couple reconciled after their separation (separation), or they are divorced?

One of the few statistics available now claims that about 10% of all couples in the US are now reconciled and parted. However, even some statistics show that about 44% of divorced couples broke up and reconciled them to divorce.

These rooms apparent discrepancy. This is 10% or 44%? After spending a bit of research myself, I began to decline around 44%. However, none of the data does not provide sufficient information about whether it was the sudden separation in marriage, planned separation or what were the reasons for separation, etc.

All marital statistics show that the level of marriage and divorce rates are falling at a similar rate.
for example:

In 1990, Pennsylvania was 7,1 marriage (the lowest in the states) and 99.0 marriages in Nevada (the highest number of states), per 1,000 people.

And in 2004 in Pennsylvania was 5.9 marriage (one of the lowest in the number of states) and 62.4 marriages in Nevada (the highest number of states), per 1,000 people.

It indicates the average fall in marriages in these two states by 27% from 1990 to 2004.

In 1990, Pennsylvania was 3.3 divorce (one of the lowest in the states) and 11.4 a divorce in Nevada (the highest number of states), per 1,000 people.

And in 2004 in Pennsylvania was 3.0 divorce (one of the lowest in the states), and 6.4 a divorce in Nevada (the highest number of states), per 1,000 people.

It indicates the average fall of divorces in these two states by 27.5% from 1990 to 2004.

I see on the clothes that you're a cowboy, you bukkara?

We hired nekvanskaga melting. I have been studying the differences between them buckwheat and Texas, Oklahoma and Arizona cowboys Usually we work on our ranch. And there is a lot of difference! These are some of my observations, and certainly not consistent throughout. Many cowboys took over some of the trends in the game and vice versa. Clearly, a country dictate what devices are also used. But this is what I see here on the ranch.


Cowboys wear traditional cowboy hats, known to anyone who has ever looked for in a Western on TV.

The Cowboys will likely bear cub or drabavitskiya shots – often bukkaru are bizarre, long studs dressing called weapons.

Cowboys can wear a belt or suspenders – usually belts – while Coopers prefer suspenders.

Cowboys usually wear long-sleeved shirts with zip and regular collars. Bukkarosy wear T-shirts with long sleeves, no pockets, collars veiled, they button up until the end.

The Cowboys can use short and tall boots – bakarusy seem to prefer high boots.


Western saddles, bridles, etc., as a rule, with & # 39 are basic and functional, good quality, but did not elaborate. Buckaroo outfit as good quality, but has a lot more flash – a lot of silver, tools, etc. Some bridles Buckaroo – absolutely a work of art – but still put on a horse's head and use for hours.

Cowboy tapadery usually normal skin. They may have two pairs. One – a sheepskin coat for winter cranes and one – for summer use. Some of them are made of raw leather. Crane Buckaroo fancy the long sides, almost like a ceremonial seat.

Cowboys, as a rule, are shorter rope than in Rabat, and their military bag less likely to be braided by hand.

Western bits starting with the pads with the main pryglushanastsyu and run to different curbs pieces – usually simple. Buckaroo pieces also begin with Bosal and include hakamara, snefte and a piece of "bridle". Their horses' bridles pieces can be decorated with a silver spade. A good piece of bridle undergrowth – an expensive thing – can cost a horse or even thousands of dollars.

Cowboys often go on sticks. Bakarua prefer pulp or frame reins.

All these differences are easy to spot.


There seems to be a bit of a different philosophy between cowboys and adolescents. Cowboys appreciate their horses and care for them. This is the equivalent of a good carpenter saw and hammer – a tool that should be used and care. Buckaroos come from the old school of Spanish equestrian sport. They also appreciate their horses as the tools – but they go a little further. Yesterday told me a new Boukari, cowboy is an animal for the job. Bakarua work with cattle for training horses. He said that if a person is able to make one or two good horse in his lifetime, he achieved success and made something of value. Now it is the philosophy of the rider!

Virginia City – the historic ghost town and gold mining days past

Declared a National Historic Landmark in 1961, the city of Virginia with a & # 39 is one of the oldest institutions in the state of Nevada. In 1859, Silver Coast-Lode strike led that Virginia City has become a rock boom, which eventually grew into a thriving metropolis. By the end of the nineteenth century a large part of the mining has been dissolved, and the population declined rapidly, resulting in the flourishing city declined and predestined to become a mining boom town city. Although its boom days are over, the historic city remains as it was in its original state at peak Mining 1870s. With this preservation and enrichment of the history of Virginia City now with the & # 39 is a tourist attraction that attracts over two million visitors each year.

Although the brothers Grosh and Henry Kamstok all involved in the lawsuit, the credit for opening in Gold Canyon contested, and legend has it that the discoverer Caston Lode was James Fenimore, also known as James "Old Virga" Feeney silver strike in 1859, which was the first significant the unleashing of silver ore in the United States. After gold and silver hit was made public, the search engines have gone far and wide on the eastern slope of Mount Davidson, hurrying to put their demands. Mount Davidson – the highest peak in the range of Virginia and Virginia forms the background.

Located along a path 341 in northwest Nevada, Virginia is located to the east of Lake Tahoe, and is in close proximity to the state capital of Carson City, Nevada. At one time the city's population had increased to as much as 30 000 people, including small towns surrounding Gold Hill and Silver City. This growth occurred during the height of the "Big Bonanza," Mother Lode 1870s, when millions of dollars of gold and silver ore extracted from the mine shafts at depths greater than 3,000 feet.

In 1875, a large part of the city was destroyed by Virginia "Great Fire". However, due to the abundance of mining city it was quickly restored in about half a year, and hotels, opera houses, banks and other trading companies once again been restored and put into operation.

Instant wealth was acquired by many residents during the mad gold and silver mining in the town, but when the era of Custody-Lode dissipated in the second half of the nineteenth century, the population declined sharply, indicating the age of the boom once-thriving city. come to an end. By the mid 1950s the population of Virginia City was reduced to approximately 500 people.

Currently, the population has increased to about 1,200 people, and although mining activity is minimal, the economic base of this historic city has moved on tourism, increasing more than two million visitors annually. Preservation of buildings and artifacts provide visitors unregistered experience the Victorian era, and with today's great interest to tourists, it allowed Virginia City flourish again, as it was during the explosive days in 1800; s.

Due to the large peak, which was reached in the noisy years silver strike Kastok-Lode, Virginia was named the "richest place on earth." Although the presence of gold and silver fell in the hills of the famous ghost town, Virginia City is still rich in history and folklore. Modern historical interiors, underground mines, royal mansions and offer a glimpse of the cemetery to the glorious past of the city. With such fame and magnetism, this historic landmark attracts visitors unlike any other, showing that Virginia City rightly earned its place in history.

The real estate market in Las Vegas softens

The housing situation is complicated, fragile and constantly changing. Because many American jobs are exported overseas, some people believe the relocation. Real estate market in Las Vegas is softened: the price of single family housing fell to $ 7,000 (3.2%) per month. Since January, home prices have fallen by $ 21,900 (9.2%), which means that the house in Las Vegas for sale are not suitable for home flippers.

However, if you are looking for the move to Nevada over a long distance, maybe you are lucky. Users who purchased their homes in 2003, is still experiencing a modest income. The average price in June for another 52,865 dollars higher (32%) than they were five years ago. As of June, there were 23,388 listings for homes for families & # 39; and that indicates a buyer's market.

Property south and north-west of Las Vegas & # 39 is hot to the buyer at the moment. In southern Nevada has 25 divisions that sell adnadomnyya home in less than 200 thousand dollars. Boulder River in the south-east of Las Vegas and Silverado Ranch in the south have a wide range of homes for single families who make less than $ 200 000. According to "Salestraq", Company in Las Vegas with the lowest price – Sapphire Springs by Richmond US offering a house with 1136 square feet, two bedrooms and 2.5 baths in the northern valley of Las Vegas for $ 153,990 (less than $ 198.990 in February 2007).

The second best proposal from the & # 39 is Encantos by Storybook Homes, located in the East Valley, which offers 1271 square foot, two-room house, 1.5 baths for 169 965 dollars (compared to $ 199,240 in February 2007). The next best adnasemeynyya neighborhoods include: Villas in Cambridge, CB House in North-West Valley ($ 174.990), William Lyon Entrata in Pahrumpe ($ 177,000) and pamphlets on the tapestry from Astoria in the Northwest Valley ($ 179.990). Check in, to learn about the wonderful lists the lowest prices in Nevada.

Some people come to Nevada for lifestyle rather than affordable housing. According to The Las Vegas Review Journal, the north-west (west of 95 freeway) to the & # 39 is the richest environment for real estate in the area, followed by Summerlin, the southwest segment near the Spanish village club Trail and Henderson West (South eastern part of this area of ​​the Valley). For people who want to live in a hotel style, there are plenty of private areas that offer country-style club with private golf course, swimming and sports and recreation bases, tennis courts and zero maintenance, such as the Red County County Club, Anthem Country Club , Southern Highlands, Canyon Gate country club, Spanish Trail country club, Las Vegas country club, lake Las Vegas, Kvinsryzh, tournament hills, Eagle hills, Scotch 80s (about the band) country club -pagorki Canyon Fervaeys and painted desert. It is said that Summerlin and deserted beaches with & # 39 are the most desirable neighborhoods to live in, because they are quiet and wealthy hiding just a few steps from all the excitement and glamor of the Las Vegas Strypta.

Buying at the wrong time, it was particularly expensive for some real estate investors in the area. Users who purchased in 2004, noted gains, and those who bought in 2005-2007 during the real estate boom in Nevada, decreased by 34%. Seventy percent of people who have acquired over the years, seeing the negative equity in their homes, according to "Zillow" in the study of the company.

If you are considering moving to the area, then read on & # 39; to make known the real estate fair purchases. Also, check out these websites to see descriptions of the different areas: "Las Vegas of the neighborhood" or "Moving Guide NN".