Dirt million

You probably remember the great California Gold Rush in 1849; but did you know that in Nevada took another gold rush of? Gold was found at the head of Shestsimilyavaga canyon in Nevada in 1859, two miners named Pat McLaughlin and Peter O & # 39; Reilly. Another miner, Henry Kampast found their claim and […]

Bishop, CA

Bishop, California, is a town with 3,500 inhabitants on the eastern edge of the Sierra Nevada Mountains. At an altitude of 4147 feet, Bishop is in the Owens Valley near the Nevada border. From the Sierra Nevada to the west rising to nearly 14,000 feet, and the White Mountains in the east, the highest point […]

I see on the clothes that you're a cowboy, you bukkara?

We hired nekvanskaga melting. I have been studying the differences between them buckwheat and Texas, Oklahoma and Arizona cowboys Usually we work on our ranch. And there is a lot of difference! These are some of my observations, and certainly not consistent throughout. Many cowboys took over some of the trends in the game and […]

Virginia City – the historic ghost town and gold mining days past

Declared a National Historic Landmark in 1961, the city of Virginia with a & # 39 is one of the oldest institutions in the state of Nevada. In 1859, Silver Coast-Lode strike led that Virginia City has become a rock boom, which eventually grew into a thriving metropolis. By the end of the nineteenth century […]

The real estate market in Las Vegas softens

The housing situation is complicated, fragile and constantly changing. Because many American jobs are exported overseas, some people believe the relocation. Real estate market in Las Vegas is softened: the price of single family housing fell to $ 7,000 (3.2%) per month. Since January, home prices have fallen by $ 21,900 (9.2%), which means that […]