The Importance Of An Essential Oil Nebulizer Diffuser For Your Health


To get the most out of essential oils, using the best aromatic oil diffuser you can get your hands on will help you maximize the extraction of all purities within the oils that are beneficial to your health.

By simply spreading high quality essential oils, you release the essential oil vapors into the air around you which you then inhale through your nose. The molecules that you inhale move from the nose into the lungs and end up supporting respiratory health. From there, the essential oily compounds that have been inhaled are dispersed in different pathways in your body that affect different parts of your body system.

Organic essential oils have been shown to work on all levels, including mental, physical, emotional and spiritual. This very profound impact that essential oils have on your emotions helps to determine your behavior and mood, both of which are fundamental for your daily life.

With the sense of smell that is one of our five senses, it is often overlooked as one of the main ones we rely heavily on. Associated with a primordial state, our sense of smell is so precise for the memory ability to be able to identify perfume molecules up to 70 years old. This is thanks to the limbic brain that processes the sense of smell and allows an efficacy up to 10,000 times more powerful than the senses on sight or sound. In fact, your sense of smell travels through your brain faster than sight or sound.

Once the aroma of organic essential oils is inhaled, the odor molecules travel from our nose to the olfactory bulb and therefore into our nervous system. The scent signals travel through the olfactory neurons and end up in the amygdala where memories are stored.

And the most effective way to preserve our memories is through the sense of smell, which is why this side of the brain is often referred to as the emotional side of our brain. Since the amygdala serves as a function to identify the threat or challenge, thus providing us with the well-known reaction to the stress of struggle or flight, the amygdala is constantly seeking emotional and physical security with a sense of routine and familiarity.

The sense of smell affects our behavior due to the hypothalamus that regulates our body in balance. With this huge effect related to our fight and flight response based on our stress levels, the hypothalamus associates odor as an important factor in the reaction. Check your heart rate, blood pressure, hormone balances and stress levels. Our brain then causes the release of hormones along with neurochemical substances that help change the way our body behaves.

Consequently, of this strong connection and effect, biological essential oils have such a profound psychological and physiological effect on our mind, body and soul.

To truly maximize your health in all aspects of your life, be sure to integrate aromatherapy into your home, office and during your transportation efforts. For example, using an aromatherapy diffuser for car travel can help you relieve stress and anxiety while regulating mood and health. After all, with most of us traveling from about 40 minutes to an hour a day in a vehicle, it is good to know that we are improving our health in every possible way. Also, the anger and stress of the street could have some relief!

We advise you to buy organic essential oils when you are looking for a high quality source to help you improve your health and general well-being. For those looking for the best aromatherapy oil diffuser on the market, be sure to invest in glass diffusers such as an essential oil nebulizer diffuser as they do not contain dangerous plastics that will adversely affect your well-being.