Senpai-praspektar – famous miner tenderfut

To the west in the 1860s and 70s there were many thousands myatushak scouts. Some come to get lucky, some have decided to avoid other problems in the east, and some just came to the adventure. Probably each of them had a story to tell, but one of those adventurous individuals was a young man named Sam Clemens, and this is his true story. In the early twenties, Sam fulfilled childhood dream of becoming a river boat captain and earned a very good salary, until the Civil War began. In fact, when he was captain of the river boat, he boasted that he made more money than the US Vice President. Unfortunately, the military blockade of the Civil War ended the lucrative river trade along the Mississippi River, and once wealthy Sam found himself without a job. Good things seem to have surfaced for Sam, and in the spring of 1861 older brother Sam Orion was appointed President Abe Lincoln's secretary of the governor of New Nevadskaga edge. Sam decided to designate themselves assistant Orion. Fortunately for us, Sam wrote letters to his family & # 39; and to the east and kept notes about his adventures – he later wrote a book about his years of life in the Wild West.

In those days, to admire the sunset – the railway has not yet reached the continent. Sam packed his bags and went to a few weeks in the carriage, heard stories about murderous despair, and seeing the sights and meeting the people that he had never before could have imagined.

Among the first things that Sam noticed after arriving in Carson City were beautiful horses and wonderful verhavodstva locals. Sam decided to buy his first horse. A few days later avktsyonist flew through the city on a powerful horse, which rushed into the eyes of all – he called it the authentic Mexican shutter. Sam decided to make bids, and won the horse, but later found out that he was only partially tamed and almost improvised. Sam said that within a year the horse held the speed record in Carson City and a half and three quarters, as he simply threw three quarters, and made only a mile – jumping fences, poles, scattering small children and generally throwing dust storms. Sam tried to ask for the horse, but people told him that on the west coast of the earthquake were fairly common, and they did not want to drive. Horse eating huge amounts of food, and hay was very expensive. Sam realized that he should get rid of the horse. Once found that he could not sell it, because everyone knew his horse, he finally gave it to the stranger the stranger who brought animals out of the city.

Sam read the local newspapers and was very interested in search engine reports, which reveal almost daily happiness throughout Nevada. The headlines screamed of wealth Nevada Mountains. It would be difficult to anyone resist this field, and Sam Michael was beaten by "fever". Not knowing much searching, Sam and a few friends were connected to the old search engine leaven with years of experience. One of the areas kvitnelyh state at that time was Humboldt County. The mine "Sheba" vypalvalasya silver worth millions of dollars, and regularly make new discoveries. They decided to start exploration in Unionville, right in the middle of the ridge Humboldt. Thus Sam and his associates traveled by wagon in the desert 40 miles to find a wealth of hills.

The two-week desert travel all that they could do – dream about the potential wealth that awaits them at the end of the path. And after the arrival of Sam vykravsya of his comrades at the first convenient opportunity and began to look around, first pretending to be just "go out for a smoke." After a short walk carefully studied every stone at his feet, a spark in a small drainage gullies left him in the eye. It was golden! He took the scales and looked at it carefully. Do not doubt this golden color! He looked back at the ravine and saw another golden scales. Then another and another – for half an hour, he took a small handful of golden treasure. He laughed at himself, that he and his friends looked a little silver, when here, in this small ravine was plenty of gold! What luck – he spent just over an hour in search of, and he has already found his fortune. Wild stories from the newspapers seemed to him too conservative! He spied on, to be sure, that he was no one was watching, but the coast was clear. His mind sailed on how he will spend his new found wealth. After a while, he decided to return to his comrades, and to share their exciting discovery. First he beat around the bush a little, but finally told his friends that he made an important discovery. He spread before them a handful of brilliant golden flakes and asked: "What do you think about that?" His friends looked sore throat and am excited by the shock. But old Mr. Bala, who has long been engaged in a search engine, to teach them to exploration, not been so impressed. Why do I think this? He said with disgust – it's just a lot of bad waste of mica, which is not worth 10 cents per acre. Sam was crushed! His brilliant "gold" flakes were only mica. It was there and then Sam discovers that the gold in kind will not shine and does not sparkle, and it made Mica.

Despite the lack of success in the future Gumbaldtse, Sam is still very much took up an abundance of Nevada mining and invested their savings and even some of the money his sister, hoping to strike it rich in mining. Gold and silver mining in the town of Aurora Esmereldy area at this time brought great wealth, and Sam decided to go to Aurora to learn about some of their investment. Some of the mining companies, at best, were shady, and one company has collected scores from their investors, to accommodate the 300-foot exploration Adyt in a small hill with a width of 25 feet (director of mine lived on the estimates and had no intention of completing the work). Sam felt that if a person check it out, he will be able to find out which companies are best to invest.

Sam learned that his investments in Esmereldu were negligible, and soon after his arrival in his bankroll ended. Once again he is looking for money for the source of their next meal. In desperation, he decided to go to work in one of the local quartz mills for $ 10 a week plus room and board. If Sam did not like the hard work of mining, he found that the crushing, washing and smelting silver is even worse! He wrote that if only Adam could get out of the Garden of Eden itself in a quartz mill, then he would have realized the full impact of his sentence! These mills are often mined only about two-thirds of the metal ores, and it was a conventional manner weed, and then again treating the ore. Sam said that, perhaps, the most terrible duty at the mill was a shovel and punching dry dusty tails in the hot sun nyavadskim. A week later, he no longer stand it, and Sam went to the foreman and asked for promotion. The foreman replied that Sam are paid a fair salary, but asked what he wants. Sam told him that I would like to ask for more, but $ 400,000 a week seemed a reasonable amount. He was immediately fired and ordered to take away the property!

He ended bankroll, he had no money and did not even have enough money to return to Carson City, where his brother lived. He refused to find work as a miner and mill operator. He hit the bottom of the stone, but it had to change. Sam was arrogant person, and for some time he occasionally wrote witty letters to the editor of the newspaper "Territorial Enterprise" in Virginia City, make its voice heard. Mr. Goodman, editor, acknowledged the quality of his writing and contacted Sam to offer him a job at $ 25 per week, and at that moment Sam needs money. It was only after he did not have elections without money and food, he took advantage of the other options to avoid begging and hungry. This was the final choice – he wanted to become a search master or mining investors, and never intended to become a writer. He still hoped to mining production, which he spent in Esmerelde, and hoped that there he will be able to apply the rich punch. In fact, it took him a few weeks to decide to leave their demands on Esmereldu behind, but Sam eventually accepted the job, and no other funds, he was forced to walk 130 miles from Esmereldy to Virginia City.

Sometimes fate works out something, and ultimately becoming a writer, he has worked pretty well for Sam. It took some time, but he was very successful, and even well-known as a writer, much better than ever before as a scout. To date, a good number of people still consider him the greatest writer that America has ever created. In those days it was popular author writing under the invented "name". One of the most famous writers of "Territorial Enterprise" at that time was a guy who chose a humorous name "pen" "Dan Dekyulya". Initial letter to the editor itself was written under the name of "Josh", but Sam chose a new one when he went to work as an employee. So what pen name chosen for himself, Sam? Oh, did I mention that Sam was the captain of the river boat on the Mississippi River before the Civil War, respected and dobraaplatnay work. Remembering those happy days, he chose the name of the pen, relating to the conditions of the river boats. In those days the river pilots urged to note the depth of water in sazhkah – it is important to avoid the shoals and sand bars where the river boats could sink. The minimum water depth was 2 fathoms, and if this depth has been reached, the pilot called "MARK TWAIN". Sam chose the pen name Mark Twain, and now you know (so they say) the rest of the story.

Sam very much enjoyed his time on the Territorial Enterprise, and often took the opportunity to visit the mine, when I had the opportunity. mine owners used to give him a share, to write articles about their shaft, and Sam turned trunk, much more than ever possessed when he was an investor! Its reserves are the gifts were so valuable that sometimes he did not even want to take a salary from the newspaper. Sam was very popular and soon became a leader among the reporters of the Territorial Enterprise. However, in time it caused trouble with the opinion of the editor, and Sam went to visit friends who were looking for gold pocket motherhood in the country – even after the author's work, he was still bitten by the gold rush. It was there that he wrote popularly known tale of the frog jump Calaveras. Tale has become known throughout the country. Sam became a reporter and traveled due to the wide fame of the writer in Hawaii, Europe and the Middle East, writes the daily humorous report on what he had seen. Although Sam married and settled in the eastern part of the United States, his experience in the unspoiled western part of the United States gave him material to write for a lifetime.

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