African-American relationship with the Black gave

Race, color, with all its complex layers of promiscuity and confusion, is part of the social fabric of America. More than two centuries we have fought in the meantime, to take it without skrupulov and condemn his cruelty. We used it to make a profit; laid on him the blame for our misfortunes; slaughtered each other for the right to transmit their oppressed and prejudices from generation to generation. It is so ingrained in our ethos that dew has become synonymous with the word "America". Even at the dawn of the XXI century, we can not let our racial relations.

This true story, "One day it gets dark," – not about America as it is seen from abroad, and about America from the inside – inside the child, who saw things differently.

It starts at the beginning of the 50s in San Francisco, before Fauna Hodel was born. 16-year-old daughter of the famous white Californian family & # 39; and pregnant, insisting that his father was "a nigger". Angered by the audacity daughter and stigma, child of a mixed race in their environment, where & # 39; I quickly organized, someone to take the adopted child, so as to remove it from the social traces that even the shadow disappeared.

Jimmy Lee Stokes, a simple black maid working in Nevada casinos, and her husband, according to the law, Grynvad Chris reluctantly agrees to become beneficiaries of this new life as "all the arrangements have been made." They quickly go to San Francisco to return the child from the hospital and learn that junk mulatto girl has a pink and white with blue eyes – not what they expected, as the descendants of African-American father and Caucasian mother. And yet, on the birth certificate clearly states that his father – Negro.

Chris convinces Jimmy to take this "angel from God." Soon, however, it is full of resentment and filled with problems of education of children in their white-skinned black community. Jimmy begins to drink heavily and quickly abandons her husband. Alone, poor and black, she is forced to perform tricks to ensure your child. Black and her white baby spend the next twenty years, struggling with extreme poverty, alcoholism, sexual abuse, pregnancy, marriage, and death, everything is connected and vuzlavanae insurmountable prejudices.

United fauna that knew growing up, was one in which she does not belong. She was white-skinned girl in a black light, only about her birth certificate confirmed the authenticity. Racism on both sides prevailed in her life but not her spirit. Her only salvation was to find the truth about the mixed dew of a single person who knew – her biological mother Tamara – a woman of her dreams.

Fauna sought to uncover the history that created this bizarre life and the reason that it gave. Her search ends abruptly call from Tamara informing fauna that her real father was not "Negro". After spending lives defending their African-American roots, Pan injured. Her life was a lie, and now she needs to know why.

Her journey leads her from Reno washing to the island of Oahu, where she finally meets Tamara, who explains his decision to give birth to their first child blacks. "In my own little world, I believed that black people are made of much finer things than white, I knew. I was embarrassed to be white."

Dissatisfied with such a simple answer, Faun looking on. Tamara reveals the secrets of her rich, powerful and darkly mysterious something & # 39; and and a story so incredible that makes history Fauna pale in comparison. She discovers that her grandfather was involved in a sensational trial of incest, which may have led to its birth and killing and maiming of many young women, including the infamous case of the Black gave

Meanwhile Jimmy deteriorating health; she can not let go of fauna – not to her real mother, or for a new husband. Forced to a choice, Pan back to Jimmy. In the last hours before the grandmother died, they both found that knots that bound them, grow from them and their hearts can not be lifted out of ignorance, prejudice and hatred.

One day she eclipse – is the story of the victory of conceit with unconditional love – a love that is boundless love, which is in color.

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