Report buyout in Florida

Redemption of the property in Florida fell in August for the fifth consecutive month, but the state, however, is among those who have the highest dimensions of foreclosures in the country.

Florida ranks second behind Nevada's share of property units that receive messages for redemption during the month, with one particular in each of the 155 & # 39; real property gets one – more than twice the nationwide, according to Irvine, California, a monthly survey of your property in the United States. market.

Two mega Florida – Cape Coral / Fort Myers (third) and Miami-Fort Loderdel-Pompano Beach (fifth) – are among the top 10 metro areas across the country in frequency to purchase the property in the past month.

At the national level of default notices, auctions and reposition financial institutions decreased by 5% since August 2009, but 4% higher than in July. Figure Director General James RealtyTrac Sakkacho explaining convergence of factors, including the strengthening of the fracture on the banks and a smaller amount of initial messages.

"At the front, SUR & # 39; ozna bad loans down from foreclosure unusually slow rate, while on the reverse side, the reduced supply of property that is already in the redemption proceeds to the (owner of the creditors) in a constant stream, not floods presumably to prevent further destruction of property, – said in a statement Sakachya.

Many states, including Florida, ratified the rules or to conclude voluntary agreements with financial institutions to increase the amount of time to which the mortgage loans rise to delayed, trying to offer the property owners as much care to preserve their own property as possible. Sluggish rates on housing and oversaturation of stocks on the market, despite this, continue to put pressure on some of the owners of housing loans, which manifest themselves "upside down" by paying housing loans for property worth much less than they paid for.

At the national level, Nevada continued to govern all states in the percentage of ownership in several acquisition procedures. One out of every 84 of the & # 39 objects Property in Nevada in August felt redemption, which is more than four times the national character. Augustus, who celebrated the 44th month in a row in Nevada held the dubious position, despite the decline in the purchase of assets by 25% compared to August 2009.

Arizona, California and Idaho akrugleli basic 5 states in the percentage of foreclosure homes. If we are talking about large numbers in August, California leads the National with about 69,143 & # 39 objects. In Florida, for the same period 56.877 households received notices.

In general, the 5 states – California, Florida, Michigan, Illinois and Arizona – accounted for more than half of your 338,836 homes in the US, which account for default.

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