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Outdoor activities in Lake Tahoe and the Carson Valley endless. From the shores of South Lake Tahoe to the top of the Peak of Job, this area is made to travel outdoors. Two words that relate to the many outdoor activities available in the area, – "world class". From kayaking on the powerful rivers tract and Carson to engage in prison in the High Sierras, outdoor enthusiasts will find this wonderland complex, enjoyable and rejuvenating. Four different seasons combined with the unique geography provides year-round outdoor recreation.

Road cyclists will enjoy the challenging and personal sports riding mountains. The Alpine County held a tour of the California Alps (also known as "Journey of Death"), one of the most difficult day of bicycles in the country. Mountain biking in the valley of Carson offers some of the most complex and colorful trails in the US, check out the Flume trail, overlooking Lake Tahoe.

The area has many opportunities for hiking. Some of the best hiking on the day include:

* Mt. rose

* Mt. Cleanup

* Job's Peak

* Paths to Lake Tahoe

Lake Tahoe is perhaps best known for its fantastic option of skiing and snowboarding. However, Tahoe is also an ideal place to meet water sports. Boating, sailing and fishing – a few options that you like. Lotavaya fishing and kayaking – are other popular outdoor activities in Lake Tahoe.

Visit the Department of Parks and Recreation Douglas County and discover the many local activities both indoor and outdoor activities for adults, teenagers and young adults.

More information about outdoor life

* Velasportny Club Alta Alpina

* Lake Recreation in Lake Tahoe

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