Escape for the weekend in Malaga – Sierra Nevada

Located half an hour from Malaga, in the province of Granada offers excellent places to visit both in its architecture and the history and culture: it is possible to find small villages in this beautiful region that we offer a variety of options to spend an unforgettable weekend.

Here we find a specific place, such as Capileira, a small town in the gorge Pakeyra, Alpuzhara region; colorful house with a little more than five hundred people, is an ideal place for recreation and rural tourism.

Capileira The name means "high place", and that it is a place with heavy access, it was one of the last places that have won the first Arabs, and then the Christians, with the & # 39; being the scene of several battles.

Natural areas surrounding the city, ideal; Rock Pokeyra listed as the historical-artistic set, since he & # 39 is a fine example of conservation of traditional architecture.

Capileira is located at an altitude of 1,436 meters, with a & # 39 is the highest of the villages that make up the Lamb de Pakeyra, villages Bubion and Pampaneira complete this geography.

In addition, it is the gateway to the national park, as well as the way to the top of the Sierra Nevada, ideal places to enjoy a trip to the gorge Pakeyry lagoons, which are on top of the mountain.

Two of the most visited destinations in this region – Eros de Alder and Refuzhyo, which is 2,500 meters above sea level, the perfect place for excursions to the heights of Veleta and Malgahana.

In its urban area we find an architecture that represents a traditional style Alpuzharra, small house with a balcony decorated with colorful flowers. Divided into three zones, and areas with steep and narrow streets, you can see how people respect the environment and nature, making Capileira and surrounding villages the ideal place to visit.

There are several types, which overlooks the magnificent view; Among the most visited there are points of view of the Taj del diabetes in Pampaneira area point of view Perher and southern end points of the Junta de los Dos Rios, which provides breathtaking scenery.

Lovers of painting and photography will find more than enough inspiration for his art, amazing places and endless landscapes in both summer and winter, where each station will give the landscape a different hue.

There is an opportunity to ride on a mountain bike or hike on the specially designed and marked trails or go on new paths in different places, which are still intact. Paraglider with a & # 39 is one of the sports that can be practiced in this region due to the climatic conditions in the region, where there are areas with unique and perfect climate.

Excellent cuisine the region offers us tasty food but delicious hams.

Of course, we must not forget about the wonderful wine included in the culinary heritage of the region, and wonderful desserts to the influence of Arabic pastries.

Granada offers wonderful places such as Capileira to enchant us landscapes, history, culture, traditions and gastronomy, it is impossible not to enjoy every minute of this little paradise. From Malaga we quickly get to Alpuzharry less than two hours. This is a great trip around the Mediterranean and in the high mountains of the Sierra Nevada, excellent contrast and a great opportunity for a day trip.

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