American Express vacation discovers the value of the mountains east of the Sierra Nevada

Due to the growing popularity of the resort wilderness travelers who are looking for the beauty of the great outdoors, a number of proposals available for American Express tours. But with the growth of consumer demand, there is a need for travel agents so that they can recommend specific sights, resorts and activities to offer value to their customers. A new study has revealed some amazing resorts, with varying degrees of luxury and value in an area called Cherven lake loop, located in Mono County, California.

For lasting Traveler

Down the path of US 395, approximately 70 miles from the small city Bishop, American Express Vacations
tells us travelers see the most beautiful by far the scenic cycle: Cherven lake. This green and rich forest area is home to four large lakes. This beautiful region includes the June Lake, which is noted for its rich cobalt blues and aquamarine, veins, lake seagull, known for its population of gulls in California Gull, Silver Lake, known for its glass and silver, and Lake Grant is also the largest lake in the most barren part of the area . Loop has six campgrounds, three listed for June Lake, Gull Lake and Sliver: Oh! Hrebet inverted Creek and Walker Lake. Camping sites are of great value, cost only $ 12 per day and are ideal for travelers wishing to experience the Eastern Sierra in the most natural and durable conditions. Reservations are recommended, but not required.

For more reserved traveler

Not all travelers are sleeping on the ground under the stars. But CzerwieĹ„sk lake has a number of resorts located in private, that offer various levels of comfort and value. Travelers wishing to experience the beauty of the surrounding nature with some of the amenities that modern travelers are allowed, American Express Travel recommends its clients check resort Silver Lake. Originally this resort was established in 1916 and offers private one-bedroom cabin with a bed, bathroom, kitchen kitchen, and in some cases, and a TV with cable. Cabins start at about $ 125 a night and range to $ 230 per night. Smaller cabins sleep two and large – in the eighth.

For luxury travelers

The June lake loop flourished in the angry years and is now beginning to attract visitors with a taste for luxury. A number of private houses and apartments arose, and some can be rented on a weekly basis. For visitors who want to experience nature at luxury, try the resort Double and Eagle Resort and Spa. Cabins "Deluxe" with two bedrooms have wood-burning fireplace, fully equipped kitchen, furniture, living room, TV / VCR, telephones, a king or queen in at least one bedroom, outside deck with furniture and a barbecue. All cabins are breathtaking, overlooking the peak of Carson. A spa with full service and a fitness center is also located in the hotel. For guests are also available a few classes, including horseback riding, hiking, boat trips on the nature and climbing.

There are many options for travelers who want to experience the mountains of the Eastern Sierra Nevada. From camping to resorts, there is room for all types of travelers. A number of American Express Exclusives offers to all who are interested in staying on the non-state resort in the June Lake loop. This place is becoming a hot spot for travelers around the world who want to experience near Mammoth Mountain National Park or Yosemitsi.

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