Nevada welcomes intergalactic traveler

If you think of Nevada, what comes to mind? Reno? Las Vegas? Gambling? Entertainment? Extraterrestrial Highway?
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Extraterrestrial Highway? Yes. Government officials government officials in the State of Nevada 375, it was stated extraterrestrial highway for more than ten years ago, and all this promotion for the movie “Independence Day”.
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“Most people, when they look at the sky, see a friend or an enemy. Not me, I Nevadan. I see intergalactic tourists.”

Former Nevada Governor Robert Miller jokingly said that in 1996, on the highway called cutting ceremony bands.
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Declared “Extraterrestrial Highway” on 3-for-8-step road signs, Nevada, Highway 375 – a two-lane road 140 miles northwest of Las Vegas and to the north of the Nevada test site and the area 51. Area 51 – a secret military installation, which the government says does not exist.

Nevertheless, the region 51 were photographed and received quite a bit of press
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years that it was not. Some believe that the base is used to store exotic spacecraft and bodies of captured aliens. It is a place where later was taken to the infamous “meteorological balloon” that crashed in Roswell, New Mexico, July 4, 1947.
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Whether fact or fiction, the highway in Nevada focused on the aliens, the highway that had been laid 98 miles between Ash Springs and sources of heat. Here, miles can not be another living creature, a silent look. Muddy blue and purple mountains majestic.
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Along this road lies the town of Rachel, just a spot on the road map, known as the unofficial headquarters for UFO observers. One of Rachel meager enterprises – a small hotel A & # 39; Le (pronounced aliens), a bar and grill. It is across the street from the hotel planted the first sign “Extraterrestrial Highway”.
Almost 370 million years ago, the legal scholars believe that the area next to Rachel visited celestial body. This star is the core, triggering a wave of up to 1,000 feet in what was then the ocean. Ground zero for the collision of a comet with the earth, perhaps, about 20 miles from Rachel, not far from today’s Extraterrestrial Highway.
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Nevada, the majority of which with a & # 39 today is a barren desert, it was under sea water, when the comet hit. Its size was considered in two-thirds of a mile. Comet exploded in the seabed 120 miles wide crater. Few places on earth, so distant and God is left as Highway 375.
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Traveling on the route, it will not take long to realize how the road got its unofficial nickname – one of the loneliest roads in the world. The road stretches ahead, with a monochromatic desert and the only scene of the distant mountains. Tributaries of the mud, it seems are not going anywhere. Most people have no reason to go here.
Thus, it is not surprising that when here on earth is really aliens, they would like to go down, veryvshy that they will be noticed. Civil aircraft are not allowed to fly over the ground of Nevada, but it looks like the aliens can do it.
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Speculation of people from around the world is that Area 51 conceals aliens and other strange objects. Prevention continues to attract visitors to this area, hoping to look. By pressing government officials remain silent. Some will just smile a question mark with a wry smile.
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Test platform Nevada occupies 1350 square miles and is managed by the Ministry of Energy. As is well known to the local landfill, once it was a mission of the Cold War, which has undermined the nuclear weapon. Before starting the descent excess of 900 bombs were tested here. Recently a test site has taken a new emphasis. Here Research Laboratory for measuring global warming, the joint part of the Ministry of Health and the University of Nevada was established.
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The spirit and the opportunity to open in the desert are always there when you study Nevada. Now that you know that the government has dedicated highway E.T., whether to start learning the reality of UFO’s time? Who knows, you just might run into “intergalactic tourists.”
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getting there

Travel to US 93 north of Las Vegas by Ash Springs, and then to & # 39; to go on the road 375. This route is unreliable isolation, but the trip to Hancock summits and coyotes. After coming to Rachel signs “Extraterrestrial Highway” is easily seen.
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Hotel Little A & # 39; Le is well marked, and in the western part of the highway, with the remnants of a small business enterprise. In his casual atmosphere, the walls are decorated with aliens and other objects of cosmic memory.
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Do you think that you have seen an unidentified flying on the & # 39; an object? On this subject, written many books. A visit to your local library can bring to a definitive answer. Some of the names that you need to look, “UFOs: Government files”; “Day after Roswell”; “UFO’s Guide to the Millennium” and “there.”
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