Think about investing in a Regional Center EB-5 in Nevada

If living in the United States, the south-western region is similar to what you like, think to check the Regional Center EB-5, located in the state of Nevada. Nevada Regional Economic Development [NREDC] center interested in the potential of immigrants from other countries who would like to open a new business in the region. If you have $ 500 000 and a business plan, it may be the place for you.

NREDC – one of about 40 regional centers approved by the US or the USCIS Citizenship and Immigration. If you want to help target employment, known for its high rate of unemployment, this center should interest you. It offers you the opportunity to become the owner of the business in the US with an investment of $ 500 000 in the area where you can make a difference.

Regional Center EB-5 is ideal if you have no investment in the $ 1 million needed to obtain an ordinary visa EB-fifth Investments reduced by half because the area designated as such, require your help more than anywhere else. This particular center is always busy Las Vegas, which is teeming with tourists, locals and those that can be done around the clock. Potential in the hospitality industry are high, especially in areas that are engaged in the service industry and transport. This is probably due to the huge number of tourists, as visited by about 40 million people in 2008.

Other growing industries in Las Vegas include infrastructure construction and waste management, which also indirectly deal with the travel franchise. Investors in this center will have a choice as to which projects they participate. As long as their investments are helping to create more than ten jobs for US citizens, even indirectly, they will perform the main objectives included in the visa EB-fifths

Specific planned projects in NREDC total more than $ 400 million, with a new hotel is allocated about $ 60 million. It is planned to have about 600 rooms, and while many may wonder why the new hotel is needed to complete their city, responding to the fact that Las Vegas is always growing and there are many places for buildings relating to hospitality. Other plans include a new medical centers and businesses serving the technology industry, both of which, obviously, the industry that will grow indefinitely.

In NREDC plans may be, but the center is always in need of new investors to help implement the plans. Anyone who wants to come to the US legally with their seven & # 39; families in the next six months, should look into the visa EB-fifths Those who have limited investment, which can not achieve the necessary million dollars for this kind of typical visa must pay 500 thousand dollars in the Regional Center EB-fifths A chance to change the situation and to live in the south-west south-western city, which can be done for many years, is worth many immigrant investors.

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