Henderson, Nevada – City for the family & # 39; and

The city of Henderson is home to nearly 250,000 residents and is located in Southern Nevada – just seven miles from the Las Vegas strip. Henderson – a beautiful city for family & # 39; and, with a lot of parks, trails and amenities. If you are thinking about moving back to the valley of Las Vegas with his family & # 39; it, Henderson could be just the place for you.

One of the most appealing aspects of Henderson with & # 39 is how it is suitable for both children and adults who enjoy outdoor recreation. Horse lovers really like the city, as in this area a lot of horse riding trails. There are also 15 golf playgrounds and 30 parks in the vicinity of the city.

In Henderson has acres of green space, ideal for walking or for quiet contemplation, as well as child-friendly features, including basketball courts, playgrounds, tennis courts and a swimming area. For more water fun, Lake Mead is just thirty minutes and is perfect for swimming, fishing and water skiing on hot summer days. Lake Mead has over 500 miles of pristine coastline that offers the perfect place for a family picnic or play frisbee.

Parents who are considering Henderson as its new home, can feel good about their decision. There are centers of active operations and special programs that provide children and youth a safe place to visit before and after school. For example, there Safekey program pursued by the Department of the city's parks and recreation city of Henderson. This program, which operates in all primary schools in the district and is designed to provide an entertaining and educational activities for children of working parents. Time of crafts, homework assistance, and healthy snacks – only a few policy proposals.

For older children there is a program "Teen Scene", which is a program for youth paslyashkolnuyu 6, 7 and 8. class. Snacks are provided, and teenagers are involved in art projects, sports competitions and drive rare excursions. . Programs such as Teen Scene and Safekey, provide a safe, fun and educational environment for children and Henderson can give working parents peace of mind a lot.

In Henderson is also an innovative leisure center, which is called Genesanski multygeneratsyyny center / water complex. With wall climbing, two swimming pools and jogging track, on the & # 39; facility was built to bring people of all ages who like to exercise. Due to dance, fitness and games the whole family will enjoy the exceptional quality time in multygeneratsyynym center.

In emergency situations, children can find help quickly in Henderson using McGruff Truck program. Employees parks and recreation departments Henderson trained to help children in distress. Participants of the program "The park and recreation park", equipped with the city's logo and label "McGruff Truck". If a child who needs to see a vehicle with these characters, they waved both hands in the air, which helps the driver to stop and call the emergency services. Through active participation in programs such as McGruff Truck, Henderson argues that a society that truly cares about its youth.

Thanks to the excellent system of education, many parks, festivals and events, children Henderson enjoyed a high quality of life. It is a warm and attractive city, which will provide you and your family & # 39; and stimulating and pleasant place to live all year round. If you again & # 39; yavitsesya on the market of new homes in the Las Vegas Valley, think Henderson.

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