Nevada welcomes intergalactic traveler

If you think of Nevada, what comes to mind? Reno? Las Vegas? Gambling? Entertainment? Extraterrestrial Highway?
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Extraterrestrial Highway? Yes. Government officials government officials in the State of Nevada 375, it was stated extraterrestrial highway for more than ten years ago, and all this promotion for the movie “Independence Day”.
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“Most people, when they look at the sky, see a friend or an enemy. Not me, I Nevadan. I see intergalactic tourists.”

Former Nevada Governor Robert Miller jokingly said that in 1996, on the highway called cutting ceremony bands.
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Declared “Extraterrestrial Highway” on 3-for-8-step road signs, Nevada, Highway 375 – a two-lane road 140 miles northwest of Las Vegas and to the north of the Nevada test site and the area 51. Area 51 – a secret military installation, which the government says does not exist.

Nevertheless, the region 51 were photographed and received quite a bit of press
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years that it was not. Some believe that the base is used to store exotic spacecraft and bodies of captured aliens. It is a place where later was taken to the infamous “meteorological balloon” that crashed in Roswell, New Mexico, July 4, 1947.
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Whether fact or fiction, the highway in Nevada focused on the aliens, the highway that had been laid 98 miles between Ash Springs and sources of heat. Here, miles can not be another living creature, a silent look. Muddy blue and purple mountains majestic.
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Along this road lies the town of Rachel, just a spot on the road map, known as the unofficial headquarters for UFO observers. One of Rachel meager enterprises – a small hotel A & # 39; Le (pronounced aliens), a bar and grill. It is across the street from the hotel planted the first sign “Extraterrestrial Highway”.
Almost 370 million years ago, the legal scholars believe that the area next to Rachel visited celestial body. This star is the core, triggering a wave of up to 1,000 feet in what was then the ocean. Ground zero for the collision of a comet with the earth, perhaps, about 20 miles from Rachel, not far from today’s Extraterrestrial Highway.
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Nevada, the majority of which with a & # 39 today is a barren desert, it was under sea water, when the comet hit. Its size was considered in two-thirds of a mile. Comet exploded in the seabed 120 miles wide crater. Few places on earth, so distant and God is left as Highway 375.
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Traveling on the route, it will not take long to realize how the road got its unofficial nickname – one of the loneliest roads in the world. The road stretches ahead, with a monochromatic desert and the only scene of the distant mountains. Tributaries of the mud, it seems are not going anywhere. Most people have no reason to go here.
Thus, it is not surprising that when here on earth is really aliens, they would like to go down, veryvshy that they will be noticed. Civil aircraft are not allowed to fly over the ground of Nevada, but it looks like the aliens can do it.
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Speculation of people from around the world is that Area 51 conceals aliens and other strange objects. Prevention continues to attract visitors to this area, hoping to look. By pressing government officials remain silent. Some will just smile a question mark with a wry smile.
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Test platform Nevada occupies 1350 square miles and is managed by the Ministry of Energy. As is well known to the local landfill, once it was a mission of the Cold War, which has undermined the nuclear weapon. Before starting the descent excess of 900 bombs were tested here. Recently a test site has taken a new emphasis. Here Research Laboratory for measuring global warming, the joint part of the Ministry of Health and the University of Nevada was established.
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The spirit and the opportunity to open in the desert are always there when you study Nevada. Now that you know that the government has dedicated highway E.T., whether to start learning the reality of UFO’s time? Who knows, you just might run into “intergalactic tourists.”
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getting there

Travel to US 93 north of Las Vegas by Ash Springs, and then to & # 39; to go on the road 375. This route is unreliable isolation, but the trip to Hancock summits and coyotes. After coming to Rachel signs “Extraterrestrial Highway” is easily seen.
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Hotel Little A & # 39; Le is well marked, and in the western part of the highway, with the remnants of a small business enterprise. In his casual atmosphere, the walls are decorated with aliens and other objects of cosmic memory.
For more information,

Do you think that you have seen an unidentified flying on the & # 39; an object? On this subject, written many books. A visit to your local library can bring to a definitive answer. Some of the names that you need to look, “UFOs: Government files”; “Day after Roswell”; “UFO’s Guide to the Millennium” and “there.”
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How to find cheap health insurance online in Nevada

Finding cheap health insurance online in Nevada – is a problem for many. Stay health insurance is absolutely incredible. In fact, according to government statistics, fully 25% of all residents of Nevada are not covered by any form of health insurance.
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Nevertheless, the health costs continue to rise, and the need for health insurance also increased.

So how can you find the cheapest health insurance on the Internet, if you live in Nevada?
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Let’s start with a few basics. There are several factors that contribute to high health insurance insurance, and keeping these factors under control, we can at least alleviate the health care costs.
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Smoking and obesity – are the two main factors for the increase of the loss of health insurance. There is no doubt that smoking and the use of the relevant tobacco products leads to a reduced service life and additional health care costs. These costs are passed to the smoker in the form of higher monthly premiums for health insurance.
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Obesity – is another major contribution to the increase in premiums for health insurance. Obesity may lead to many diseases, the most common of which is a 39 & # is diabetes.
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Lose weight and give up tobacco is not easy to take. However, if you really want to find cheap health insurance online here in Nevada, you need to recognize the need for this.
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If you are driving a sports car or engage in dangerous work, are two additional factors that increase health care costs.

Your deductible is probably a & # 39 is one of the biggest factors over which you have control and which may significantly change the cost of your health insurance. Your deductible – the amount that you will pay for health each year before insurance coverage begins. The bigger your deductible, the lower your monthly premium for medical help.
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Many no longer refers to the health insurance to pay for the usual visits to the doctor and other small health expenses. Instead, they get cheap health insurance with a high deductible and count on their insurance to provide catastrophic care in case of a major accident or illness. Without this kind of catastrophic rescue aid family & # 39; and can be destroyed by one accident or illness.
Once you have decided on the calculation and made every effort to reduce the cost of your premium, it is time to go online to find the cheapest health insurance in Nevada. There are several different websites that allow you to enter your information and compare policies and prices among several companies. But do not think that your job is done after viewing compared to only one site – each site has a different universe of insurance providers that they use for comparison, so you need to enter your information at least 3 different websites before you probably know where in fact the cheapest health insurance in Nevada – but once you find it, your savings will continue for years to come.
Bitcoin led the cryptocurrency market in a phenomenon recovery phase from the lows recorded in the last week of August. Bitcoin’s graceful correction above $10,700 revived investors’ hopes of seeing the oldest cryptocurrency above the psychological level at $11,000. However, BTC hit pause slightly below $10,800 and retreated to $10,500. At press time, Bitcoin price is teetering at $10,550 after a subtle 0.78% drop on the day.
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Although Bitcoin’s short-term trend paints a positive picture, a number of analysts with huge followings on Twitter are advising investors to continue with caution. For example, Johnny Moe says that Bitcoin’s downside if moving. The consolidation witnessed in the last two months suggests a potential massive drop to lows around $6,000.

When Hamas was trying to raise bitcoin by funneling it through a number of digital wallets, one start-up was able to see what was going on and warn its customers.
Based in London, Elliptic sells blockchain analytics tools to some of the world’s largest cryptocurrency platforms — including Binance and Circle — as well as banks. The company’s software is used to investigate criminal activity on bitcoin’s digital ledger and monitor transactions to prevent money laundering.

The spectacular gold nugget found in the county Maryposa, California

Recently a man from California dug spectacular gold nugget weighing 5.17 ounces per mother Maryposa region, California. Nobleman who discovered it, made their discovery using a metal detector to search for gold nuggets in an area that had previously worked 49ers. His seeker appreciated strange piece of gold at about $ 10 000 due to its excellent quality of the sample. Nugget was resting under one foot of soil and was restored at the end of April 2007. Several friends have worked in this region with excellent results, and has been made a large number of valuable finds. Only a few weeks before this last extraordinary finds another nugget weighing more than three ounces was delivered only about 50 feet from where the nugget was found five ounces. Location is privately owned and not open to the public. A place that contains a concentration of large nuggets like this, praspektaram known as "nugget patches", and the search for them – the goal of search engines everywhere.

Modern metal detectors are good for extracting large gold nuggets, so ancient searchers in their arsenal did not have any tools that would be close to him. Despite the fact that in order to find this kind of a large gold, there is work and special skills, experienced searchers in the US and Australia, the west have considerable success in finding rich homemade patches that passed the old-timers of the 1800s. The recent rise in gold prices, which now stands at around 700 dollars per ounce, aroused the interest of many people to the recreational pursuits of gold art search, and many are still sent to the hills, to see what they can find.

County Maryposa – a historic site in peradgor & # 39; pits mountain range of Sierra Nevada at the southern tip of California, in the region Mother Lode. City Maryposa – a popular tourist attraction, which is advertised as "the gateway to the valley Yosemitsi". In this region there are a number of other popular family attractions, including the State Museum of mining and mineral affairs California. The collection contains mining artifacts, rare specimens of crystalline gold in its various forms, as well as outstanding gemstones and mineral specimens from California and around the world. This includes the nugget Fricot, a 200-ounce crystalline gold from California, who was considered one of the most beautiful pieces of natural gold in the world. The city also allows gold breaded in Maryposa Creek, which runs through the city.

General crime in society

State of Nevada, as well as all other states in the country, it is illegal sur & # 39; oznym crime. In cases where people are subject to the state laws, a lawyer is often required in order to ensure their effective representation in court. The character of a lawyer, which is used will depend on the type of crime committed. People who are responsible or have been victims of violence in the family & # 39; and may need a lawyer in the family & # 39; and in Las Vegas. Admission to the lawyer working on domestic violence in Las Vegas ensures that people will be able to keep their citizen's rights in the State. Together with cases of domestic violence and other crimes have in common with the state. A few of these include.

o The charges related to drug use and its control: The use and trafficking in the state of Nevada is quite high. Therefore, it is hardly possible to know that the state is not frowned people who have been caught in violation of the law. In the case of drug-related criminal, a lawyer from inside the state would be required. The most serious & # 39; serious of these types of fees occur among persons who before the & # 39; revealed by the prosecution in the production and marketing of banned substances. Such cases can often lead to long-term imprisonment when the victim is convicted.

o Driving under the influence: driving while intoxicated with a & # 39 is one of the main causes of road accidents and fatalities in the state. Therefore JUI lawyers working overtime, introducing many of its citizens, who are accused of this serious crime. Most DUI charges inevitably leads to suspension of the driving license. If the accused is found guilty, he faces a possible variant of paying a fine, while in jail, community service or the execution of all three. The presence in person records convictions beliefs about violation of official duties and will be long for the damage to credit ratings and social human trust.

o cases related to violence: assault and battery is not only limited to the cases inside the house. They also are known to occur on the street. In the state of Nevada are cases where people accused of violent acts, require the attention of the criminal lawyer. These actions can be isolated and may be associated with other criminal charges, such as launching an attack during a robbery. Protection of persons accused of such crimes, with the & # 39 is particularly important as it makes the result will be a long way in determining the course of a person's life after that.

There are many other cases when you may need lawyers. In the end, it is important to hire only attorneys with a reliable experience, educational qualifications and history of customers? Although the cost of a lawyer often plays an important role in the decision that the lawyers eventually hire, it is vital that people are not sacrificing quality legal counsel for cheaper rates.

Crimes of marijuana

there are different laws regarding drug crimes in different states of the country. In particular, marijuana – one of the most controversial, illegal substance in the United States. Some states have legalized it for medicinal purposes, although most do not. Some states are based on the severity of the penalty on the amount of marijuana found criminal, while others are based on the age of the offender.

The state of Nevada has legalized marijuana for medical use, dekryminalizavala this matter and punish the offenders according to age, and not on how much cannabis they have a person, if they are caught.

possession of marijuana

The offender will be before the & # 39; revealed by the charge of possession of marijuana when he or she is caught law enforcement officers with the illegal substance and no medical evidence that it is prescribed treatment for physical illness.

Because Nevada punish offenders depending on their age, all criminals who have not reached 21 years of age will be charged with committing a class E offense, no matter how much marijuana they had when they were caught. They face sentences ranging from 1 to 4 years of imprisonment and a fine of $ 5,000.

Violators who are older than 21 years will be charged with a misdemeanor for first and second offenses. They face treatment program submission and a fine up to $ 1,000. Criminals for the third time will be charged with gross misconduct, and they face one year in prison and a fine of up to $ 2,000. Finally, for the fourth time offenders will be charged with a Class E crime, which provides for the imposition of terms of imprisonment for 1-4 years and a fine of up to $ 5,000.

Sale and cultivation of marijuana

Sale and cultivation of marijuana is punishable, depending on the number of convictions, the offender had previously, and the amount of substance for sale. All offenses relating to the sale and cultivation charged as crimes, but their sizes depend on each situation.

Sale of marijuana in less than 100 pounds will lead to 15 years in prison, depending on the number of previous offenses and a fine of $ 20 000. Sale of 100-2000 pounds submits to 5 years' imprisonment and a fine of 25,000 dollars. Finally, the sale of more than 2,000 pounds will be punished up to 20 years imprisonment and a fine of 50,000 dollars.

Sale of marijuana is considered a minor in Nevada very suras & # 39; oznym crime. First time offender faces up to 20 years in prison, and a second time offender will be assigned life imprisonment.

Contact us

If you pre & # 39; have revealed the prosecution of the crime of marijuana, you need a qualified lawyer in the criminal protection on your side. Good luck! Lawyers in the criminal case of Las Vegas Palmer & Associates, PC have the experience needed to protect you. To learn more, visit http://www.lasvegas-criminallawyer.com/ today.

United States – the potential for hotel jobs

US potential for everything, for everyone. This is one of the adults of the world, as well as the epicenter for employment and new job opportunities. US cities have great value for a wide scale in every area that we have to work. Every day more than 50-100 small to mid-sized companies open new collections at different positions. You can find a job in Las Vegas, the city that is well known for its casinos and glamor world. You can equally enjoy the nightlife.

If you want to enjoy the city that never sleeps, there are many jobs in New York, who can get great opportunities in finance, media and tourism. Such jobs in New York, you can get through newspapers and websites offering jobs. Works in New York City have a big salary, but depending on the position for which you qualify.

It does not matter which field you belong and to which the qualification you are doing, the US is ready to offer you a dream job. Throughout the country there are a large number of employment opportunities. You can get a job in Nevada, California, San Francisco job in various fields such as hospitality, marketing and many more. If you want to get somewhere in Los Angeles, working in Los Angeles, you can lock in on the & # 39; yavah and online. All you need to do is find a suitable job that matches your caliber. Moreover, you can get a job in the state of Nevada, Las Vegas, Nevada, Las Vegas, LA, who have a lot of opportunities in the field of IT-information technologies, medical and even in entertainment industry.

There are various opportunities that even government can offer you. If you want to work in the public service, you can also get it. Currently, you get great opportunities if you are medical or pavmedytsynski people. Nurses, for example, are in high demand to work in Sanfarnsiska in California, Georgia, California, in Los Angeles. However, in these cities, you also get great opportunities in management, accounts, information technologies, technicians, lab assistance and many more.

On this day there are no more of those who had applied for a job only if he or she was qualified, as well as globalization, which is a & # 39 is the most mature country, the United States and improve their employment opportunities, and now she has open doors for those for whom the work is nothing but surrender. Let it be doctors of science with the thesis of the doctor, or just working, willing to work on a certain stock.

US witness millions of people in a year as visitors and travelers, and thus, there are many opportunities in the hospitality and tourism industry, such as spas, hotels, resorts, museums, parks and many places which are famous landmarks. US well-paying large wedges, and it is home to all types of people who are in one or another direction from the & # 39 are the masters. However, to work in the United States need an employee to meet certain criteria and must pay the tax in accordance with government rules and regulations outlined in the constitution.

African-American relationship with the Black gave

Race, color, with all its complex layers of promiscuity and confusion, is part of the social fabric of America. More than two centuries we have fought in the meantime, to take it without skrupulov and condemn his cruelty. We used it to make a profit; laid on him the blame for our misfortunes; slaughtered each other for the right to transmit their oppressed and prejudices from generation to generation. It is so ingrained in our ethos that dew has become synonymous with the word "America". Even at the dawn of the XXI century, we can not let our racial relations.

This true story, "One day it gets dark," – not about America as it is seen from abroad, and about America from the inside – inside the child, who saw things differently.

It starts at the beginning of the 50s in San Francisco, before Fauna Hodel was born. 16-year-old daughter of the famous white Californian family & # 39; and pregnant, insisting that his father was "a nigger". Angered by the audacity daughter and stigma, child of a mixed race in their environment, where & # 39; I quickly organized, someone to take the adopted child, so as to remove it from the social traces that even the shadow disappeared.

Jimmy Lee Stokes, a simple black maid working in Nevada casinos, and her husband, according to the law, Grynvad Chris reluctantly agrees to become beneficiaries of this new life as "all the arrangements have been made." They quickly go to San Francisco to return the child from the hospital and learn that junk mulatto girl has a pink and white with blue eyes – not what they expected, as the descendants of African-American father and Caucasian mother. And yet, on the birth certificate clearly states that his father – Negro.

Chris convinces Jimmy to take this "angel from God." Soon, however, it is full of resentment and filled with problems of education of children in their white-skinned black community. Jimmy begins to drink heavily and quickly abandons her husband. Alone, poor and black, she is forced to perform tricks to ensure your child. Black and her white baby spend the next twenty years, struggling with extreme poverty, alcoholism, sexual abuse, pregnancy, marriage, and death, everything is connected and vuzlavanae insurmountable prejudices.

United fauna that knew growing up, was one in which she does not belong. She was white-skinned girl in a black light, only about her birth certificate confirmed the authenticity. Racism on both sides prevailed in her life but not her spirit. Her only salvation was to find the truth about the mixed dew of a single person who knew – her biological mother Tamara – a woman of her dreams.

Fauna sought to uncover the history that created this bizarre life and the reason that it gave. Her search ends abruptly call from Tamara informing fauna that her real father was not "Negro". After spending lives defending their African-American roots, Pan injured. Her life was a lie, and now she needs to know why.

Her journey leads her from Reno washing to the island of Oahu, where she finally meets Tamara, who explains his decision to give birth to their first child blacks. "In my own little world, I believed that black people are made of much finer things than white, I knew. I was embarrassed to be white."

Dissatisfied with such a simple answer, Faun looking on. Tamara reveals the secrets of her rich, powerful and darkly mysterious something & # 39; and and a story so incredible that makes history Fauna pale in comparison. She discovers that her grandfather was involved in a sensational trial of incest, which may have led to its birth and killing and maiming of many young women, including the infamous case of the Black gave

Meanwhile Jimmy deteriorating health; she can not let go of fauna – not to her real mother, or for a new husband. Forced to a choice, Pan back to Jimmy. In the last hours before the grandmother died, they both found that knots that bound them, grow from them and their hearts can not be lifted out of ignorance, prejudice and hatred.

One day she eclipse – is the story of the victory of conceit with unconditional love – a love that is boundless love, which is in color.

Senpai-praspektar – famous miner tenderfut

To the west in the 1860s and 70s there were many thousands myatushak scouts. Some come to get lucky, some have decided to avoid other problems in the east, and some just came to the adventure. Probably each of them had a story to tell, but one of those adventurous individuals was a young man named Sam Clemens, and this is his true story. In the early twenties, Sam fulfilled childhood dream of becoming a river boat captain and earned a very good salary, until the Civil War began. In fact, when he was captain of the river boat, he boasted that he made more money than the US Vice President. Unfortunately, the military blockade of the Civil War ended the lucrative river trade along the Mississippi River, and once wealthy Sam found himself without a job. Good things seem to have surfaced for Sam, and in the spring of 1861 older brother Sam Orion was appointed President Abe Lincoln's secretary of the governor of New Nevadskaga edge. Sam decided to designate themselves assistant Orion. Fortunately for us, Sam wrote letters to his family & # 39; and to the east and kept notes about his adventures – he later wrote a book about his years of life in the Wild West.

In those days, to admire the sunset – the railway has not yet reached the continent. Sam packed his bags and went to a few weeks in the carriage, heard stories about murderous despair, and seeing the sights and meeting the people that he had never before could have imagined.

Among the first things that Sam noticed after arriving in Carson City were beautiful horses and wonderful verhavodstva locals. Sam decided to buy his first horse. A few days later avktsyonist flew through the city on a powerful horse, which rushed into the eyes of all – he called it the authentic Mexican shutter. Sam decided to make bids, and won the horse, but later found out that he was only partially tamed and almost improvised. Sam said that within a year the horse held the speed record in Carson City and a half and three quarters, as he simply threw three quarters, and made only a mile – jumping fences, poles, scattering small children and generally throwing dust storms. Sam tried to ask for the horse, but people told him that on the west coast of the earthquake were fairly common, and they did not want to drive. Horse eating huge amounts of food, and hay was very expensive. Sam realized that he should get rid of the horse. Once found that he could not sell it, because everyone knew his horse, he finally gave it to the stranger the stranger who brought animals out of the city.

Sam read the local newspapers and was very interested in search engine reports, which reveal almost daily happiness throughout Nevada. The headlines screamed of wealth Nevada Mountains. It would be difficult to anyone resist this field, and Sam Michael was beaten by "fever". Not knowing much searching, Sam and a few friends were connected to the old search engine leaven with years of experience. One of the areas kvitnelyh state at that time was Humboldt County. The mine "Sheba" vypalvalasya silver worth millions of dollars, and regularly make new discoveries. They decided to start exploration in Unionville, right in the middle of the ridge Humboldt. Thus Sam and his associates traveled by wagon in the desert 40 miles to find a wealth of hills.

The two-week desert travel all that they could do – dream about the potential wealth that awaits them at the end of the path. And after the arrival of Sam vykravsya of his comrades at the first convenient opportunity and began to look around, first pretending to be just "go out for a smoke." After a short walk carefully studied every stone at his feet, a spark in a small drainage gullies left him in the eye. It was golden! He took the scales and looked at it carefully. Do not doubt this golden color! He looked back at the ravine and saw another golden scales. Then another and another – for half an hour, he took a small handful of golden treasure. He laughed at himself, that he and his friends looked a little silver, when here, in this small ravine was plenty of gold! What luck – he spent just over an hour in search of, and he has already found his fortune. Wild stories from the newspapers seemed to him too conservative! He spied on, to be sure, that he was no one was watching, but the coast was clear. His mind sailed on how he will spend his new found wealth. After a while, he decided to return to his comrades, and to share their exciting discovery. First he beat around the bush a little, but finally told his friends that he made an important discovery. He spread before them a handful of brilliant golden flakes and asked: "What do you think about that?" His friends looked sore throat and am excited by the shock. But old Mr. Bala, who has long been engaged in a search engine, to teach them to exploration, not been so impressed. Why do I think this? He said with disgust – it's just a lot of bad waste of mica, which is not worth 10 cents per acre. Sam was crushed! His brilliant "gold" flakes were only mica. It was there and then Sam discovers that the gold in kind will not shine and does not sparkle, and it made Mica.

Despite the lack of success in the future Gumbaldtse, Sam is still very much took up an abundance of Nevada mining and invested their savings and even some of the money his sister, hoping to strike it rich in mining. Gold and silver mining in the town of Aurora Esmereldy area at this time brought great wealth, and Sam decided to go to Aurora to learn about some of their investment. Some of the mining companies, at best, were shady, and one company has collected scores from their investors, to accommodate the 300-foot exploration Adyt in a small hill with a width of 25 feet (director of mine lived on the estimates and had no intention of completing the work). Sam felt that if a person check it out, he will be able to find out which companies are best to invest.

Sam learned that his investments in Esmereldu were negligible, and soon after his arrival in his bankroll ended. Once again he is looking for money for the source of their next meal. In desperation, he decided to go to work in one of the local quartz mills for $ 10 a week plus room and board. If Sam did not like the hard work of mining, he found that the crushing, washing and smelting silver is even worse! He wrote that if only Adam could get out of the Garden of Eden itself in a quartz mill, then he would have realized the full impact of his sentence! These mills are often mined only about two-thirds of the metal ores, and it was a conventional manner weed, and then again treating the ore. Sam said that, perhaps, the most terrible duty at the mill was a shovel and punching dry dusty tails in the hot sun nyavadskim. A week later, he no longer stand it, and Sam went to the foreman and asked for promotion. The foreman replied that Sam are paid a fair salary, but asked what he wants. Sam told him that I would like to ask for more, but $ 400,000 a week seemed a reasonable amount. He was immediately fired and ordered to take away the property!

He ended bankroll, he had no money and did not even have enough money to return to Carson City, where his brother lived. He refused to find work as a miner and mill operator. He hit the bottom of the stone, but it had to change. Sam was arrogant person, and for some time he occasionally wrote witty letters to the editor of the newspaper "Territorial Enterprise" in Virginia City, make its voice heard. Mr. Goodman, editor, acknowledged the quality of his writing and contacted Sam to offer him a job at $ 25 per week, and at that moment Sam needs money. It was only after he did not have elections without money and food, he took advantage of the other options to avoid begging and hungry. This was the final choice – he wanted to become a search master or mining investors, and never intended to become a writer. He still hoped to mining production, which he spent in Esmerelde, and hoped that there he will be able to apply the rich punch. In fact, it took him a few weeks to decide to leave their demands on Esmereldu behind, but Sam eventually accepted the job, and no other funds, he was forced to walk 130 miles from Esmereldy to Virginia City.

Sometimes fate works out something, and ultimately becoming a writer, he has worked pretty well for Sam. It took some time, but he was very successful, and even well-known as a writer, much better than ever before as a scout. To date, a good number of people still consider him the greatest writer that America has ever created. In those days it was popular author writing under the invented "name". One of the most famous writers of "Territorial Enterprise" at that time was a guy who chose a humorous name "pen" "Dan Dekyulya". Initial letter to the editor itself was written under the name of "Josh", but Sam chose a new one when he went to work as an employee. So what pen name chosen for himself, Sam? Oh, did I mention that Sam was the captain of the river boat on the Mississippi River before the Civil War, respected and dobraaplatnay work. Remembering those happy days, he chose the name of the pen, relating to the conditions of the river boats. In those days the river pilots urged to note the depth of water in sazhkah – it is important to avoid the shoals and sand bars where the river boats could sink. The minimum water depth was 2 fathoms, and if this depth has been reached, the pilot called "MARK TWAIN". Sam chose the pen name Mark Twain, and now you know (so they say) the rest of the story.

Sam very much enjoyed his time on the Territorial Enterprise, and often took the opportunity to visit the mine, when I had the opportunity. mine owners used to give him a share, to write articles about their shaft, and Sam turned trunk, much more than ever possessed when he was an investor! Its reserves are the gifts were so valuable that sometimes he did not even want to take a salary from the newspaper. Sam was very popular and soon became a leader among the reporters of the Territorial Enterprise. However, in time it caused trouble with the opinion of the editor, and Sam went to visit friends who were looking for gold pocket motherhood in the country – even after the author's work, he was still bitten by the gold rush. It was there that he wrote popularly known tale of the frog jump Calaveras. Tale has become known throughout the country. Sam became a reporter and traveled due to the wide fame of the writer in Hawaii, Europe and the Middle East, writes the daily humorous report on what he had seen. Although Sam married and settled in the eastern part of the United States, his experience in the unspoiled western part of the United States gave him material to write for a lifetime.

Death Valley National Park – the perfect place of rest in the United States

Death Valley National Park, located to the east of the panoramic mountain range Sierra Nevada in the north of the county of San Bernardino County and south of Ino in California, with the & # 39 is one of the driest of US national parks. A small portion of the mountain range extends to the south and south-western counties of Nevada. With a total area of ​​over 2662 square miles (13630 km 2) park best known around the world for its scenic beauty, picturesque mountain scenery, wildlife, fun, zabavalnymi towns and several unsolved mysteries. If you are looking for a retreat from everyday life, or shelter from the cold in the winter, this place is a & # 39 is the perfect place to relax for you.

Created in 1933, the park covers a large part of Panamint Valley, part of the Valley of Salina, the valley of death and a small part of many other mountain ranges. This national park – an area flawless beauty and extraordinary scenic wonders, different from that of the other national parks in the United States; is a region of extremes, which shows the extreme temperatures, extreme panorama, extreme geology and extraordinary history.

wildlife :

More than 400 unique species of birds live in the park, 36 species of reptiles, 56 species of mammals, as well as several species of amphibians and fish. If you are an animal lover, this park is certainly not miss.

recreational activities :

The most popular recreational activities in the park – hiking, mountain biking, horseback riding and camping. The park has 9 designated campgrounds, complete with all the necessary for & # 39 objects. Death Valley National Park is also very popular in the Star pistols, as it has one of the darkest night skies in the US

Ghost towns :

The area is also known as the home to several ghost towns date back to the 17th century. The Panamint City, founded by two notorious gangs – one of the most interesting ghost towns in the region.

tour :

The best time to visit the park – from October 15 to May 15. The tour can be done by car, mountain biking, hiking or cycling. In addition to breathtaking views and miles of hiking trails, the park has a large number of historical sights. For example, costumed living history tour of the wonderful Scotty castle – this is a mandatory activity & # 39; in the area.

Cabin Rentals Lake Tahoe – Search for cabins for rent at Lake Tahoe

Lake Tahoe is located along the border of California and Nevada. This is a large freshwater lake in the Sierra Nevada, and a & # 39 is one of the most beautiful places to visit in the United States. Instead of the usual stay, why not treat her something & # 39; nd on a trip, they are really impressive with cabin rentals on beautiful Lake Tahoe. Correct rental cottages easier to find than you think.

Cabins and vacation rentals come in all shapes and sizes. Choose rustic cabins, small cozy log cabins or kedrovavyya cabin, or choose a large luxury cabins or vacation homes. If you are looking for a small intimate cabin for two or something, which can fit dozens of family members & # 39; and or friends, right cabin is waiting for you.

Surrounded by the magnificent mountain scenery, with more than 70 miles of shoreline, Lake Tahoe – an ideal place for the subsequent rental cabins. Rental cabins – a great alternative to the usual stay at the hotel, and there are cabins for rent that corresponds to any budget. Distinctive rental salons and holiday homes – an excellent base for outdoor activities. Enjoy boating, fishing, hiking, golf, skiing and many other activities in this beautiful mountain setting.

Here are a few key resources to find cabins to rent or rent a holiday home at Lake Tahoe and around. Each of these sites offers a wide selection of rental salons, and other facilities.

Cabin Rentals Tahoe – offers a good selection of & # 39 rent of recreation facilities. Rest can be rented directly from the owners, to avoid some of the typical fees for the rental agency. Their site allows you to search rental salons in different areas and covers South Lake Tahoe, North Lake Tahoe and a larger pool of Lake Tahoe. Their website: http://www.TahoeCabinRentals.com.

Tahoe North Rentals – They list vacation rental and rental of skis along the North Shore and the West Shore of Lake Tahoe. Lists include more than 80 exclusive rental homes in Lake Tahoe that Var & # 39; iruyutstsa from secluded mountain paths to luxury on the & # 39 facilities located in front of the lake. They also include a rent holiday for pets and rental cabins economical vacation. Their website: http://www.tahoenorthrentals.com

Lake Tahoe Accommodations – Local ownership and operation of more than 30 years. They specialize in vacation rentals located throughout the territory of South Lake Tahoe in Nevada and California, near Heavenly Ski Resort. The list includes ski kandadony, private vacation homes, cabins and properties of animals. Their website is: http://www.lodginglaketahoe.com

Lake Tahoe – a favorite vacation spot for many people, and certainly one of the most beautiful areas for cabin rentals. I hope that some of these resources will help you find the perfect cabin rental or vacation rental. Take time to create lasting memories for you and your children. Make your next trip extra special by renting a cabin – you'll be glad you did it!

Looking for more information on Cabin Lake Tahoe ?

Report buyout in Florida

Redemption of the property in Florida fell in August for the fifth consecutive month, but the state, however, is among those who have the highest dimensions of foreclosures in the country.

Florida ranks second behind Nevada's share of property units that receive messages for redemption during the month, with one particular in each of the 155 & # 39; real property gets one – more than twice the nationwide, according to Irvine, California, a monthly survey of your property in the United States. market.

Two mega Florida – Cape Coral / Fort Myers (third) and Miami-Fort Loderdel-Pompano Beach (fifth) – are among the top 10 metro areas across the country in frequency to purchase the property in the past month.

At the national level of default notices, auctions and reposition financial institutions decreased by 5% since August 2009, but 4% higher than in July. Figure Director General James RealtyTrac Sakkacho explaining convergence of factors, including the strengthening of the fracture on the banks and a smaller amount of initial messages.

"At the front, SUR & # 39; ozna bad loans down from foreclosure unusually slow rate, while on the reverse side, the reduced supply of property that is already in the redemption proceeds to the (owner of the creditors) in a constant stream, not floods presumably to prevent further destruction of property, – said in a statement Sakachya.

Many states, including Florida, ratified the rules or to conclude voluntary agreements with financial institutions to increase the amount of time to which the mortgage loans rise to delayed, trying to offer the property owners as much care to preserve their own property as possible. Sluggish rates on housing and oversaturation of stocks on the market, despite this, continue to put pressure on some of the owners of housing loans, which manifest themselves "upside down" by paying housing loans for property worth much less than they paid for.

At the national level, Nevada continued to govern all states in the percentage of ownership in several acquisition procedures. One out of every 84 of the & # 39 objects Property in Nevada in August felt redemption, which is more than four times the national character. Augustus, who celebrated the 44th month in a row in Nevada held the dubious position, despite the decline in the purchase of assets by 25% compared to August 2009.

Arizona, California and Idaho akrugleli basic 5 states in the percentage of foreclosure homes. If we are talking about large numbers in August, California leads the National with about 69,143 & # 39 objects. In Florida, for the same period 56.877 households received notices.

In general, the 5 states – California, Florida, Michigan, Illinois and Arizona – accounted for more than half of your 338,836 homes in the US, which account for default.

Lake vacation at Lake Tahoe – North and South and holiday homes Lake Tahoe Guide

The lake and its surroundings, which is commonly called Tahoe, have a height of 6225 feet. Lake Tahoe is twenty-two miles and a width of 12 miles and a coastline that extends more than 71 miles. This beautiful lake shared by two US states, namely California, which covers 42 miles from the shore of Lake Tahoe line, and Nevada, which is 29 miles. Lake Tahoe offers a lot of holiday homes on the northern and on the southern coast, by the way, this is the largest alpine lake in North America, which is famous for its almost translucent waters that are known to evoke a sense of wonder and awe. In fact, when the famous American author Mark Twain for the first time looked at the lake during his visit to the area in the late 1860s, he described it as "the most fair picture, which represents the whole earth."

A number of unsurpassed beauty

The lake, which was created by volcanic activity, was first discovered by American George. On Fremont in 1844, but before that the lake and its forest area was the home of an Indian tribe Vasho, who called the lake the "big sky lake" in honor of his sparkling, blue and crystal clear waters. It has an average depth of 989 feet, and at the deepest point of the lake reaches a depth of 1645 feet. However, the lake is not too conducive to swim since the lake water are often very cold, even in the peak summer months. In addition, he also knew extremely strong and treacherous currents. Another interesting fact that this lake – is that this lake does not flow into the ocean, although it runs almost sixty-three streams, but rather flows into Pyramid Lake, located in the Nevada desert, the river path. Besides the beauty the lake, the area around it is also characterized by a fresh, clean air, lush forests and a lot of tranquility.

Pogozhev outward & # 39; e

The whole area is blessed by a pleasant outside & # 39; e, as a result of which it has now become an extremely popular year round for the Americans. Lake receives an average of 250 to 300 days of sunshine out & # 39; I have throughout the year. In the winter months it usually gets about 300-500 inches of snow, and this allowed him to become one of the main skiing places to ski in the country. In the Lake Tahoe area has many ski resorts, which offer a wealth of activities such as snowboarding, skiing and footwear for snow, snowmobile, sledding and skiing and skiing. During warmer months, people flock to Lake Tahoe to enjoy a variety of recreational activities such as boating and water sports, hiking, tennis, camping, balloons, golf, horseback riding, parasailing, jumps and a lot of banjo another.

getting there

by car

North and South Lake Tahoe are easily accessible by various modes of transport. Lake Tahoe is located on the border between California and Nevada. This popular resort area is located 200 miles east of the California city of San Francisco, while it is 30 miles west of Reno in Nevada. To the North Lake Tahoe, which is known for its ski resorts, can be reached by car on I-80 from San Francisco. South Lake Tahoe, which is populated by numerous hotels, restaurants and casino, located mainly in the state of Nevada and can be reached from Reno, United States using 395, and then 50. West.

by air

The nearest commercial airport – international airport Reno Tahoe in Nevada, where they can apply for a 40-minute drive from this popular year round destination. Another major commercial airport that serves this region – Sacramento International Airport in California, which is two hours away. Smaller airports like Airport South Lake Tahoe airport and truck-Tahoe, allow to obtain additional airline to Lake Tahoe.

by bus

In the winter ski months several bus lines operate at different ski resorts, such as the ski bus Bay Area and Ski NAC.

by train

By Lake Tahoe can be reached by train on the Amtrak California route, which makes a stop in the path.

Towns and villages on the coastline

The coastline of Lake Town, there are several towns and villages, each of which is known by its own character and many attractions. Lake Tahoe is divided into two separate parts of North Lake Tahoe, home to ski resorts and towns like Incline Village, which is a rich enclave in which they live at home, shops and restaurants with a million dollars. Other cities in North Lake Tahoe include the old railway town Tricks City Tahoe city at ski resorts in the Alpine meadows and Scuola Valley, where among others were the Winter Olympic Games 1960.

South Lake Tahoe – a large area, which is, in fact, directed to the development of tourism and is largely located in Nevada. In this difficult area for tourists home to several big-name casinos such as Harrah's, Harvey's, Mont Bleu and Garzion located in the town of Stateline, Nevada. These casinos are known not only as the gambling areas, but also considered the resorts that provide a lot of fun the whole family & # 39; and.

In addition to these towns and villages in the vicinity of the North and South Lake Tahoe also has a number of state parks such as Lake Tahoe State Park, Nevada, which offers several options for reducing the travelers and local residents. Sand Harbor with its sandy beaches – a predominant place in the park. It is located three miles west of the village Incline and has boats and picnic areas. Sand Harbor every July takes the popular Lake Lakes Shakespeare Festival. Other popular places in the park – Memorial point and Hidden Beach, Cave Rock, Lake Spooner, Marshmallow, which covers all the places for picnics, hiking, mountain bike, fishing, camping, hiking, etc.

Some state parks located on the Californian side include Bodie State Historic Park, which is well preserved ghost town and the Donner Memorial Park.


A trip on the historic paddle bike

You can get on the same lake, ride on board historical trohkalotnaga bicycle called MS Dixie II. It Veslova circle has replaced the original MS Dixie in 1994. This bicycle bike sailed from Zephyr Cove. These cruises also offers Tahoe Queen, which sails from Emerald Bay in South Lake Tahoe.

visit Vikingholm

Summer holiday home in Scandinavian style was built in 1929, worth 500 000 USD. Vikinggolm – a measure of Scandinavian architecture, which was built from local materials. Part of the house, even topped with sod roofs. Excursions in Vikingholm available from mid-June to Labor Day. This attractions, located on the coast of Emerald Bay, you can contact a scenic hike from the State Park Eagle Point, although it is also available on the machine.

Olympic valley

From this point of view out & # 39; I can be accessed by cable car, which runs more than 2,000 vertical feet and transport you to the village, where there are the Olympic Museum, ice rink, swimming pool, spa and restaurants.

Bars and restaurants.

Lake Tahoe – the main place in America, and it has plenty of bars and restaurants that strive to satisfy every taste. Bars and restaurants are found as the North Lake Tahoe and South Lake Tahoe. Some of the popular restaurants that are here include a café by Rosie & # 39; s and Old Post, which are located in California and a & # 39 are supporters of a place for lunch and breakfast. Other benevolent institutions include the Char Pit, a small restaurant located in the town of Kings Beach, which is famous for its hearty burgers and ribs of the child. River Ranch Lodge and restaurant, Le Bistro, Dragonfly, Fiamma – it's still other places to eat that are commitment to both the locals and for the fans who come on holiday to Lake Tahoe.


If you are planning a vacation in Lake Tahoe sometime soon, you'll be glad to know that you have a wide choice of accommodation options that Var & # 39; iruyutstsa from the usual hotels and resorts to magical houses and cabins and friendly, intelligent and family-friendly. rents. Usually you can find better deals on vacation rentals offered directly from the owners.

Vacation makes economic sense

Vacation rental, which is sometimes called rest homes, in fact, with the & # 39 is a popular choice for accommodation in Lake Tahoe, which is a & # 39 is completely family destination. Rental vacation rental in Lake Tahoe often makes economic sense for the family & # 39; and or a large group that wants to relax together, as this reduces the costs associated with booking individual rooms in hotels.

Several Web sites, as well as the well-known on the & # 39; waking offer holiday rental listings in Lake Tahoe.

What makes the best experience of booking when booking Tahoe Vacation Rental?

One of the latest ways to book a holiday home in the north of South Lake Tahoe and – simply book a house on the Internet, similar to the reservation at the hotel.