Nevada welcomes intergalactic traveler

If you think of Nevada, what comes to mind? Reno? Las Vegas? Gambling? Entertainment? Extraterrestrial Highway?
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Extraterrestrial Highway? Yes. Government officials government officials in the State of Nevada 375, it was stated extraterrestrial highway for more than ten years ago, and all this promotion for the movie “Independence Day”.
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“Most people, when they look at the sky, see a friend or an enemy. Not me, I Nevadan. I see intergalactic tourists.”

Former Nevada Governor Robert Miller jokingly said that in 1996, on the highway called cutting ceremony bands.
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Declared “Extraterrestrial Highway” on 3-for-8-step road signs, Nevada, Highway 375 – a two-lane road 140 miles northwest of Las Vegas and to the north of the Nevada test site and the area 51. Area 51 – a secret military installation, which the government says does not exist.

Nevertheless, the region 51 were photographed and received quite a bit of press
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years that it was not. Some believe that the base is used to store exotic spacecraft and bodies of captured aliens. It is a place where later was taken to the infamous “meteorological balloon” that crashed in Roswell, New Mexico, July 4, 1947.
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Whether fact or fiction, the highway in Nevada focused on the aliens, the highway that had been laid 98 miles between Ash Springs and sources of heat. Here, miles can not be another living creature, a silent look. Muddy blue and purple mountains majestic.
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Along this road lies the town of Rachel, just a spot on the road map, known as the unofficial headquarters for UFO observers. One of Rachel meager enterprises – a small hotel A & # 39; Le (pronounced aliens), a bar and grill. It is across the street from the hotel planted the first sign “Extraterrestrial Highway”.
Almost 370 million years ago, the legal scholars believe that the area next to Rachel visited celestial body. This star is the core, triggering a wave of up to 1,000 feet in what was then the ocean. Ground zero for the collision of a comet with the earth, perhaps, about 20 miles from Rachel, not far from today’s Extraterrestrial Highway.
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Nevada, the majority of which with a & # 39 today is a barren desert, it was under sea water, when the comet hit. Its size was considered in two-thirds of a mile. Comet exploded in the seabed 120 miles wide crater. Few places on earth, so distant and God is left as Highway 375.
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Traveling on the route, it will not take long to realize how the road got its unofficial nickname – one of the loneliest roads in the world. The road stretches ahead, with a monochromatic desert and the only scene of the distant mountains. Tributaries of the mud, it seems are not going anywhere. Most people have no reason to go here.
Thus, it is not surprising that when here on earth is really aliens, they would like to go down, veryvshy that they will be noticed. Civil aircraft are not allowed to fly over the ground of Nevada, but it looks like the aliens can do it.
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Speculation of people from around the world is that Area 51 conceals aliens and other strange objects. Prevention continues to attract visitors to this area, hoping to look. By pressing government officials remain silent. Some will just smile a question mark with a wry smile.
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Test platform Nevada occupies 1350 square miles and is managed by the Ministry of Energy. As is well known to the local landfill, once it was a mission of the Cold War, which has undermined the nuclear weapon. Before starting the descent excess of 900 bombs were tested here. Recently a test site has taken a new emphasis. Here Research Laboratory for measuring global warming, the joint part of the Ministry of Health and the University of Nevada was established.
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The spirit and the opportunity to open in the desert are always there when you study Nevada. Now that you know that the government has dedicated highway E.T., whether to start learning the reality of UFO’s time? Who knows, you just might run into “intergalactic tourists.”
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getting there

Travel to US 93 north of Las Vegas by Ash Springs, and then to & # 39; to go on the road 375. This route is unreliable isolation, but the trip to Hancock summits and coyotes. After coming to Rachel signs “Extraterrestrial Highway” is easily seen.
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Hotel Little A & # 39; Le is well marked, and in the western part of the highway, with the remnants of a small business enterprise. In his casual atmosphere, the walls are decorated with aliens and other objects of cosmic memory.
For more information,

Do you think that you have seen an unidentified flying on the & # 39; an object? On this subject, written many books. A visit to your local library can bring to a definitive answer. Some of the names that you need to look, “UFOs: Government files”; “Day after Roswell”; “UFO’s Guide to the Millennium” and “there.”
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How to find cheap health insurance online in Nevada

Finding cheap health insurance online in Nevada – is a problem for many. Stay health insurance is absolutely incredible. In fact, according to government statistics, fully 25% of all residents of Nevada are not covered by any form of health insurance.
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Nevertheless, the health costs continue to rise, and the need for health insurance also increased.

So how can you find the cheapest health insurance on the Internet, if you live in Nevada?
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Let’s start with a few basics. There are several factors that contribute to high health insurance insurance, and keeping these factors under control, we can at least alleviate the health care costs.
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Smoking and obesity – are the two main factors for the increase of the loss of health insurance. There is no doubt that smoking and the use of the relevant tobacco products leads to a reduced service life and additional health care costs. These costs are passed to the smoker in the form of higher monthly premiums for health insurance.
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Obesity – is another major contribution to the increase in premiums for health insurance. Obesity may lead to many diseases, the most common of which is a 39 & # is diabetes.
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Lose weight and give up tobacco is not easy to take. However, if you really want to find cheap health insurance online here in Nevada, you need to recognize the need for this.
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If you are driving a sports car or engage in dangerous work, are two additional factors that increase health care costs.

Your deductible is probably a & # 39 is one of the biggest factors over which you have control and which may significantly change the cost of your health insurance. Your deductible – the amount that you will pay for health each year before insurance coverage begins. The bigger your deductible, the lower your monthly premium for medical help.
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Many no longer refers to the health insurance to pay for the usual visits to the doctor and other small health expenses. Instead, they get cheap health insurance with a high deductible and count on their insurance to provide catastrophic care in case of a major accident or illness. Without this kind of catastrophic rescue aid family & # 39; and can be destroyed by one accident or illness.
Once you have decided on the calculation and made every effort to reduce the cost of your premium, it is time to go online to find the cheapest health insurance in Nevada. There are several different websites that allow you to enter your information and compare policies and prices among several companies. But do not think that your job is done after viewing compared to only one site – each site has a different universe of insurance providers that they use for comparison, so you need to enter your information at least 3 different websites before you probably know where in fact the cheapest health insurance in Nevada – but once you find it, your savings will continue for years to come.
Bitcoin led the cryptocurrency market in a phenomenon recovery phase from the lows recorded in the last week of August. Bitcoin’s graceful correction above $10,700 revived investors’ hopes of seeing the oldest cryptocurrency above the psychological level at $11,000. However, BTC hit pause slightly below $10,800 and retreated to $10,500. At press time, Bitcoin price is teetering at $10,550 after a subtle 0.78% drop on the day.
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Although Bitcoin’s short-term trend paints a positive picture, a number of analysts with huge followings on Twitter are advising investors to continue with caution. For example, Johnny Moe says that Bitcoin’s downside if moving. The consolidation witnessed in the last two months suggests a potential massive drop to lows around $6,000.

When Hamas was trying to raise bitcoin by funneling it through a number of digital wallets, one start-up was able to see what was going on and warn its customers.
Based in London, Elliptic sells blockchain analytics tools to some of the world’s largest cryptocurrency platforms — including Binance and Circle — as well as banks. The company’s software is used to investigate criminal activity on bitcoin’s digital ledger and monitor transactions to prevent money laundering.

Escape for the weekend in Malaga – Sierra Nevada

Located half an hour from Malaga, in the province of Granada offers excellent places to visit both in its architecture and the history and culture: it is possible to find small villages in this beautiful region that we offer a variety of options to spend an unforgettable weekend.

Here we find a specific place, such as Capileira, a small town in the gorge Pakeyra, Alpuzhara region; colorful house with a little more than five hundred people, is an ideal place for recreation and rural tourism.

Capileira The name means "high place", and that it is a place with heavy access, it was one of the last places that have won the first Arabs, and then the Christians, with the & # 39; being the scene of several battles.

Natural areas surrounding the city, ideal; Rock Pokeyra listed as the historical-artistic set, since he & # 39 is a fine example of conservation of traditional architecture.

Capileira is located at an altitude of 1,436 meters, with a & # 39 is the highest of the villages that make up the Lamb de Pakeyra, villages Bubion and Pampaneira complete this geography.

In addition, it is the gateway to the national park, as well as the way to the top of the Sierra Nevada, ideal places to enjoy a trip to the gorge Pakeyry lagoons, which are on top of the mountain.

Two of the most visited destinations in this region – Eros de Alder and Refuzhyo, which is 2,500 meters above sea level, the perfect place for excursions to the heights of Veleta and Malgahana.

In its urban area we find an architecture that represents a traditional style Alpuzharra, small house with a balcony decorated with colorful flowers. Divided into three zones, and areas with steep and narrow streets, you can see how people respect the environment and nature, making Capileira and surrounding villages the ideal place to visit.

There are several types, which overlooks the magnificent view; Among the most visited there are points of view of the Taj del diabetes in Pampaneira area point of view Perher and southern end points of the Junta de los Dos Rios, which provides breathtaking scenery.

Lovers of painting and photography will find more than enough inspiration for his art, amazing places and endless landscapes in both summer and winter, where each station will give the landscape a different hue.

There is an opportunity to ride on a mountain bike or hike on the specially designed and marked trails or go on new paths in different places, which are still intact. Paraglider with a & # 39 is one of the sports that can be practiced in this region due to the climatic conditions in the region, where there are areas with unique and perfect climate.

Excellent cuisine the region offers us tasty food but delicious hams.

Of course, we must not forget about the wonderful wine included in the culinary heritage of the region, and wonderful desserts to the influence of Arabic pastries.

Granada offers wonderful places such as Capileira to enchant us landscapes, history, culture, traditions and gastronomy, it is impossible not to enjoy every minute of this little paradise. From Malaga we quickly get to Alpuzharry less than two hours. This is a great trip around the Mediterranean and in the high mountains of the Sierra Nevada, excellent contrast and a great opportunity for a day trip.

Real Estate Carson Valley – Outdoor Living in the Sierra Nevada

Outdoor activities in Lake Tahoe and the Carson Valley endless. From the shores of South Lake Tahoe to the top of the Peak of Job, this area is made to travel outdoors. Two words that relate to the many outdoor activities available in the area, – "world class". From kayaking on the powerful rivers tract and Carson to engage in prison in the High Sierras, outdoor enthusiasts will find this wonderland complex, enjoyable and rejuvenating. Four different seasons combined with the unique geography provides year-round outdoor recreation.

Road cyclists will enjoy the challenging and personal sports riding mountains. The Alpine County held a tour of the California Alps (also known as "Journey of Death"), one of the most difficult day of bicycles in the country. Mountain biking in the valley of Carson offers some of the most complex and colorful trails in the US, check out the Flume trail, overlooking Lake Tahoe.

The area has many opportunities for hiking. Some of the best hiking on the day include:

* Mt. rose

* Mt. Cleanup

* Job's Peak

* Paths to Lake Tahoe

Lake Tahoe is perhaps best known for its fantastic option of skiing and snowboarding. However, Tahoe is also an ideal place to meet water sports. Boating, sailing and fishing – a few options that you like. Lotavaya fishing and kayaking – are other popular outdoor activities in Lake Tahoe.

Visit the Department of Parks and Recreation Douglas County and discover the many local activities both indoor and outdoor activities for adults, teenagers and young adults.

More information about outdoor life

* Velasportny Club Alta Alpina

* Lake Recreation in Lake Tahoe

Relax on the Tahoe and Entertainment

Enter Nevada in the class in 1965 in lease Austin Healey

In Las Vegas can be a lot of things to do, you can gamble and watch the adult entertainment, you can watch the fountains Bellazhyo and Gallery of Fine Arts, and you can see a replica of the Eiffel Tower. But here's a wild one thing that can give you another experience in Las Vegas. What is it? Car Rental in Las Vegas. Car Rental in Las Vegas offers a lot of luxury, classic, exotic and sports cars that you really like. They offer a lot of great options that bring down your mind, trying to decide what kind of car you rent. Thus, you have to prepare for it. I made this article, therefore, at this early point in time, you can start to think about your choice.

One of the most remarkable cars to choose from cheap car rental in Las Vegas – a 2008 Chrysler 300C Luxury Luxury. This is the car that won the Forbes Auto & # 39; s & # 39; super car in the segment of luxury almost; led by other vehicles such as the Audi A4, BMW 3 Series, Lexus IS, Cadillac CTS and Mercedes-Benz C Class. This is a car that has been declared "the best car, which goes back to glory."

Chrysler in 2008, doubtless impressive car. He acquired a distinctive style, a large inter & # 39; er and power of execution. He has a powerful 6,1 HEMI engine, full navigation, moon roof on and the stereo "kicker" to 322 watts. This is definitely one of the wonderful car rentals in Las Vegas.

But if you think you have decided, car rental in Las Vegas offers a convertible Jaguar XKR 2006 "Supercharged V8". If Chrysler was an impressive car, this – a great car. In 2006, Jaguar has a V8 engine with 400 horsepower and appearance similar to type E 1960. This gorgeous car has comfort, safety and functionality features, which should have a premium sports-luxury car, which is to rent a man like you.

And just when you think that everything is solved, we will make it even more difficult. At this time, car rental in Las Vegas offers Austin-Healey 1965. In 1965 Austin Healey is a series of Austin-Healey 3000, which was produced from 1959 to 1968. In 1965 Austin Healey – a responsive, competitive and exciting machine. It was the most powerful and luxurious series Austin-Healey 3000. It was corded veneer with nuts, closed windows and an impressive engine power of 150 hp In 1965, Austin-Healey got all the power, luxury and appearance. What else can you ask for in a car.

So you have made your selection, or still think? See you in Las Vegas, enjoy!

American Express vacation discovers the value of the mountains east of the Sierra Nevada

Due to the growing popularity of the resort wilderness travelers who are looking for the beauty of the great outdoors, a number of proposals available for American Express tours. But with the growth of consumer demand, there is a need for travel agents so that they can recommend specific sights, resorts and activities to offer value to their customers. A new study has revealed some amazing resorts, with varying degrees of luxury and value in an area called Cherven lake loop, located in Mono County, California.

For lasting Traveler

Down the path of US 395, approximately 70 miles from the small city Bishop, American Express Vacations
tells us travelers see the most beautiful by far the scenic cycle: Cherven lake. This green and rich forest area is home to four large lakes. This beautiful region includes the June Lake, which is noted for its rich cobalt blues and aquamarine, veins, lake seagull, known for its population of gulls in California Gull, Silver Lake, known for its glass and silver, and Lake Grant is also the largest lake in the most barren part of the area . Loop has six campgrounds, three listed for June Lake, Gull Lake and Sliver: Oh! Hrebet inverted Creek and Walker Lake. Camping sites are of great value, cost only $ 12 per day and are ideal for travelers wishing to experience the Eastern Sierra in the most natural and durable conditions. Reservations are recommended, but not required.

For more reserved traveler

Not all travelers are sleeping on the ground under the stars. But Czerwieńsk lake has a number of resorts located in private, that offer various levels of comfort and value. Travelers wishing to experience the beauty of the surrounding nature with some of the amenities that modern travelers are allowed, American Express Travel recommends its clients check resort Silver Lake. Originally this resort was established in 1916 and offers private one-bedroom cabin with a bed, bathroom, kitchen kitchen, and in some cases, and a TV with cable. Cabins start at about $ 125 a night and range to $ 230 per night. Smaller cabins sleep two and large – in the eighth.

For luxury travelers

The June lake loop flourished in the angry years and is now beginning to attract visitors with a taste for luxury. A number of private houses and apartments arose, and some can be rented on a weekly basis. For visitors who want to experience nature at luxury, try the resort Double and Eagle Resort and Spa. Cabins "Deluxe" with two bedrooms have wood-burning fireplace, fully equipped kitchen, furniture, living room, TV / VCR, telephones, a king or queen in at least one bedroom, outside deck with furniture and a barbecue. All cabins are breathtaking, overlooking the peak of Carson. A spa with full service and a fitness center is also located in the hotel. For guests are also available a few classes, including horseback riding, hiking, boat trips on the nature and climbing.

There are many options for travelers who want to experience the mountains of the Eastern Sierra Nevada. From camping to resorts, there is room for all types of travelers. A number of American Express Exclusives offers to all who are interested in staying on the non-state resort in the June Lake loop. This place is becoming a hot spot for travelers around the world who want to experience near Mammoth Mountain National Park or Yosemitsi.

Interesting facts Las Vegas

Many spent their days of glory in Nevada. But these three step out from the crowd, when they gave the name of the game.

Frank Rosenthal

He's the best sports gandlyaryst in the history of Las Vegas. He was called "King of Vegas", "Guru", or the fact that he is certain: a genius. He opened the first sports and race book in the Stardust Hotel & Casino. Every casino in Las Vegas copied his invention afterwards. In the 1970s and early 1980s, he led by four casino: Stardust, Fremont, Hacienda and Marina.

Frank "Lefty" Rosenthal inspired one of the leading book and movie "Casino" of heroes (played by Robert De Niro), though the story does not speak the whole truth, he says. You can find Frank at his own web page,

Steve Vine

In part, he studied with Frank Rosenthal. Finally, it is his "detroniravav". Now he & # 39; is the chairman of Mirage Resorts, which includes the largest MGM Grand hotel in the world. Part of his success is due to the name of Thomas E. Couples, known as the only banker at the time in a city that lent money to build a casino. Rosenthal himself describes him as "a very skilled mind".

George Wingfield

Two "kings" was preceded by George Wingfield, a major figure in the history of Nevada, since 1912. He was characterized as "owner and manager of Nevada." Two companies have extracted him the glory: mining and gambling. He moved to Nevada in the early 20th century. As an active politician he struggled to legalize gambling and divorce. In the same year it was approved by the famous six-weeks divorce law of gambling in Nevada. Ironically, now in Las Vegas every day issued 230 marriage licenses.

Gold mine of America

After South Africa Nevada to & # 39; is the largest gold producer in the world. Hotel Golden Nugget represented the largest gold nugget in the world, which weighs 61 pounds.

The most famous mine owner in the history of Nevada was George Wingfield. He also owned every bank in the state. Company Goldfield Consolidated Mines, which he ran together with senator (at that time) George S. Nixon, made them abodvumamilonerami.

The second "gold mine" of Nevada – gambling, since gaming activities were legalized in 1931. In 2003, gross revenue from gaming in Las Vegas was 7,673,489,000 dollars.

This "gold mine" closed its doors only one time in history: November 25, 1963, during a national mourning for the slain president George Kennedy. History does not repeat itself in the first days after September 11th. Indeed, the Americans in the polls on the subject saw Las Vegas as a place to escape the stress.

Loan for refinancing of Nevada – If you need to refinance your weapons?

Homeowners with adjustable rate mortgages Nevada seems to suffer from fever cases, refinancing – and for good reason. Monthly cost index funds (IGF) for the 11th District, which includes the state of Nevada, fell from 2,757 a year ago to 4177. This increase was very large for homeowners whose interest rates follow this index and the like. High growth rates caused a significant increase in mortgage payments, many borrowers who use ARM, seeking a way out.

Why refinance?

If mortgage payments already seem inaccessible, and you are afraid that everything will only get worse, refinancing to a more robust loan with a fixed interest rate can take some of the pressure. Despite the fact that in Nevada interest rates reached four-year high, block it is now better than risking an increase in extra bets later. If you want to keep the loan with an adjustable interest rate, you may want to consider refinancing into a hybrid loan or another attractive option ARM.

If your loan tort

If your weapon is already linked the trouble with you, the first thing you need to do is to contact your lender. Most likely, your lender will be willing to help you get back in order. Payments can be deferred, and other options can be used to get you. The next step is out of the weapons before the loan damage your credit history.

Pitfalls refinancing

Sometimes the owners of homes with guns there too soon to panic and to refinance. You can avoid this common convulsive refinancing, taking his time and weighing all your options. Spend a little bit of research, squash room and talk to several lenders. If you get a tougher information, you can determine whether or not a loan is suitable for refinancing in Nevada.

The new solar farm near Prima, Nevada

With more than 20 million inhabitants or one area of ​​the country does not have many nutritional needs with limited water resources than Southern California. Southern California – with a lot of natural light and access to land in the center of the solar movements. Solar energy – a green energy, and President Barack Obama and California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger with & # 39 are supporters of solar energy.

Currently, there are eleven large solar thermal farms that are licensing process at the California Energy Commission. There is a rush to approve the planned industrial projects as federal stimulus funds, which can contribute up to 30% of the projects & # 39; costs expires at the end of 2010. The funds will be made only in the event that construction will begin before the end of the year. If all these projects are broken, the amount of the federal contribution to the expense of their costs could be around ten billion dollars.

Balancing energy needs, economic benefits and environmental problems – a difficult task. This period created considerable coordination between different interest groups, and a billion dollars at stake. Environmentalists want to protect these areas and all projects comply with the legislation on the environment. However, some believe that some sort of destruction of habitats guard significant economic and energy benefits of these projects.

Ten of the eleven proposed solar farms with a & # 39 are desert areas, one of which is in the southern San Joaquin Valley. One of the eleven proposed sites called farm "Ivanpa". It is located just 4.5 km south-west of Prima, Nevada, on dry bottom Ivanpy. The project will bring significant economic impact on host, because the project would require hundreds of construction workers. In the long run the farm will require more than 50 employees.

If it was built, Ivanpa solar farm will generate electricity for more than half a million California homes. It would also give a big boost California utility companies, as until 2020 under a federal mandate, they have to produce 33% of its energy from renewable resources. California has strict environmental regulations that must be met in order for projects going forward. In addition, several projects are on federal land, which require approval of the US Bureau of Land Management, and local districts are also involved in the permitting process.

The California Energy Commission approves usually about 7 major energy projects in the year in the state, as a rule, natural gas or other energy sources. These planned industrial-sized power farm in such a hard period of federal stimulus funds to create an agency requirements, which did not exist before. While the government of California faces a budget crisis of displacement, and many other state workers face irritation Energy Commission had to take on more staff in the light of the requirements of these projects. The Commission is stretched to the limit.

In an attempt to fulfill the environmental laws of the solar farm project Ivanpa was cut by 12% to 3,500 hectares, in order to reduce damage to the desert tortoise and rare plant habitat environment. Due to the tight deadlines, project developers hope that the deadline for receipt of stimulants will be extended. The legislation was proposed by Senator Diane Feinstein of California. However, no warranty extension of time there, so it is necessary to seek approval of these projects on solar farms until the end of the year.

Sierra Nevada Mountains

If you are looking for anywhere else in Spain, to visit in the winter, there no place better than the breathtaking mountain Sierra Neva. Sierra Nevada – Spanish word that means snowy areas. Spain is the highest point on top of the sea level. Mountain and ski resort – one of the most popular resorts in Europe and the world. It is located inside Penibetyka, thirty-two kilometers from Granada. The snow here is breathtaking, and you can also enjoy night skiing, when the weather & # 39; e acceptable.

For those who are not engaged in skiing, there are various seating areas, restaurants with delicious cuisine, and other options that can be enjoyed. The maximum height allowed skiing is 3.3 km and the minimum height of 2.1 kilometers. Inside the resort you can be sure that all your needs are met and all the services will be provided. Facilities include various restaurants, lessons for beginners and advanced ski equipment, medical services, highly equipped for & # 39; lift for more than 40,000 skiers per hour, as well as carefully constructed artificial snow. If you want to leave the resort, do not worry; Around the resort there are plenty of options. Options include a variety of restaurants, shops for photos, souvenir shops, a modern ski equipment for borrowing or purchase, beauty salons, hospitals, banks and hotels. Be sure to visit the gift shop and pick out something to remind ourselves of this great place. Do not forget that you can also visit Granada, which is not too far away. Inside, the resort is located 34 minutes from 4883 beds and 21,780 beds in 381 accommodation units in the surrounding area.

There are 15 ski schools with more than 400 highly qualified professionals that will teach you everything you need to know about skiing, and help you with any questions. Var Rates & # 39; iruyutstsa between children and adults, depending on how many days did you decide to stay. Two days of adult price will be worth eighty-five euros, and a children's ticket – fifty one euro. The five-day travel card ski pass will cost around two hundred euros, and a children's ticket – about a hundred. There are two ski runs, a snow park and a competition course. You can also find distinctive and distinctive slopes. Make sure that you visit these spectacular mountains, if traveling to Spain; is an experience that you will never forget.

Goldfield Hotel in Nevada, said that with the & # 39 is a portal to the other side

After gold was discovered on the nearby mountain of Columbia in 1902, the town of Goldfield, NV, is one of the biggest and brightest mining towns in the west. In 1906 the Minsk city mine gold boom of 11 million dollars. A year later, in 1907, the mines brought about $ 10 000.00 per day.

As a result of the earthquake, four-story, 154-room Goldfield Hotel was built on an abandoned gold mine in 1908 for US $ 500 000,00. Being the best accommodation between Denver and San Francisco, the hotel was known as the "Jewel in the desert".

When it opened in 1908, the hotel boasted Otis elevator, which was considered the most modern lift of this kind west of the Mississippi. Crystal chandeliers at the Goldfield Hotel, an elegant lobby, registration, mahogany with black leather upholstery, gold leaf ceilings and gilded columns rivaled the best hotels in San Francisco.

In an era when few homes and businesses had telephones or carpets, in an extravagant hotel were perfect switches and telephone in every room. Meals were "exquisite European cuisine," which were oysters, quail and squid. Patrons come for dinner garnished in formal wear – black tie and tails and ball gowns

Once the largest city in Nevada, Goldfield was connected with the rest of the United States five railways and Goldfield mines gave a peak of more than 10 000,00 dollars a day, the city flourished five banks. The Goldfield even had several mayningovyh exchanges and three newspapers. As the city prospered, its leaders considered the possibility of a wheelchair lift, to run through the city center.

But, as the mines dried up, the city lost the character, and once beautiful hotel Goldfield ceased its operation in 1920. During the Second World War the military captured him and completed several perfection grill to accommodate the Army and Air Force wives whose husbands were stationed and trained in neighboring remote desert.

At the end of the war Goldfield Hotel was once again abandoned and killed. Then in the 1980s a wealthy new owner began to pour millions of dollars into upgrading the hotel. His dream is to open the former "Stone in the desert" in all its original splendor broke to completion. He had lost everything right on property taxes. Vandals carried most of the newly installed bathroom and light fixtures, as a result of taking everything but the bare walls.

Today in the town of Goldfield is home to less than 300 residents, though still with a & # 39 Esmeralda County is a place in which there are less than 1,000 inhabitants – the most sparsely populated county of Nevada. There is no gas station, no bank or grocery store, and even fewer newspapers, and away from when the city was known as the "Queen of the camps", more than 25 000 people for him.

Flournoy Elizabeth Hans

Because of its glorious past, the ill-fated hotel remains the most striking symbol of the former glory of Goldfield. But contributions to his ghostly mood – much of the original luxurious wooden drama was destroyed by vandals. All the old fixtures were taken during the years of the modern seekers of gold and sold.

Before the hotel was purchased by a private auction at auction for back taxes in August 2003, the Goldfield Historical Society several times a year, opened the hotel for special "ghost" tours. Bringing the glory of one of the "terrible places on earth" if Fox network filmed an episode of the same Halloween, which was aired in October 2001.

During filming, crew members noticed ghostly stay in the halls. Feeling unsettled, one crewmember from the & # 39; riding and refused to go back. Later orbs (foggy ghostly objects) were seen in several photographs taken inside, including in my own photographs.

Approximately 1910 Room 109 was considered haunted. Legend has it that this room is haunted by a prostitute named Elizabeth, who was pregnant at the time chained to a radiator in the room of the original owner of the hotel, George Winfield.

Winfield was so angry when he found out that Elizabeth was pregnant; he denied her freedom to leave. As soon as her baby is born, his torn from the arms and thrown away. Thrown into Mila abandoned gold mine, on which the hotel was built.

With the order of the child Elizabeth Winfield left the young woman to die and cried all day long at the mercy of. Salvation did not come, she was alone and abandoned. Fearing Winfield's authority, hotel employees were afraid to come to the aid of Elizabeth, and the guests could not hear her because of the isolation room and wall thickness.

Psychics who have visited number 109, say Elizabeth or left there, or died. Her spirit is captured in a modest room, which looks onto a brick wall at the side. In recent dark night hears babies crying passersby and nearby residents.

On the ground floor near the stairs of the lobby felt the presence of George Winfield. People who are visiting the hotel periodically detected the smell of cigar smoke and ash. Electrical worker found fresh ashes in boxes with fuses, which has not been open for more than 50 years. Ghostbusters on the third floor and found a high mental energy.

Many who enters the room 109, feels cooler than other rooms, and feels the presence in the room. Change the color of age on the wall, where there is a radiator, is an outline of the human form. Cameras are known to work correctly in this room.

Reportedly, the other ghosts were observed in the halls and on the stairs of the lobby. sometimes the door slam and mysterious odors linger. Yasnavtsy who came to inspect the building, say the Goldfield Hotel is among several portals or gateways to the afterlife.

During the annual Esmeralda County auction in August 2003, the Goldfield Hotel was sold for 360 thousand dollars. It said that the new owner plans to renovate the two lower floors of a four-hotel and open them to the public. As of today, the hotel remains empty and boarded up.

Goldfield is a corridor between Las Vegas and Reno, Nevada, on US Highway 95.

Whiskey Pete Hotel and Casino – ed, Nevada

Whiskey Pete hotel and casino – one of the three major hotels / casinos in primo, Nevada. Primm – border community of California, forty miles south-west of Las Vegas on of Interstate-15. It soon playing in Nevada for most people in Southern California.

Hotel & Casino Whiskey Pete opened in 1977. It is the theme of mining town of the 1800s, with 777 rooms and two towers of the castle. Whiskey Pete offers luxury rooms, mini-suites and Jacuzzi. All rooms have dryers, ironing boards, available high-speed and wireless Internet access, and in-room movies. Basic rooms usually cost about $ 20 on weekdays and $ 50 on weekends, depending on the season. The hotel is designed for the two stars. The hotel is, as a rule, the most accessible of the three major hotels in omens.

Hotel rooms at about 310 square feet and can ask for either a coral bed or two beds princess. Mini-suites have two private bath with oval cosmic jets and an area of ​​over 600 square feet. Jacuzzi suite has an oversized bathroom and is 725 square feet. The hotel also has more than 36 000 square feet of space for a casino with slot games, keno, table games, books on racing and sport. There are also several dining options, including Steakhouse Silver Spur, salon with entertainment titles and a large outdoor swimming pool with a slide.

Name Whiskey Pete comes from the western region of the primary owner Pete McIntyre. During the 1920s, in addition to his shop, Pete Makintyr also being downloaded. Thus, it became known as "Whiskey Pete" and a & # 39 is a popular figure in the history of Prima. Hotel – the perfect choice for budget-seven & # 39; ads.